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Where Do Extreme Couponers Get Coupons

Turn Couponing Into A Cottage Industry

How to start EXTREME COUPONING – Beginning Couponing

So now you have your incoming stream of coupons and you have a handle on how to interpret them. Next step? Get organized! An extreme coupon-cutter never lets sweet deals expire because his or her coupons are sitting in a heap on the kitchen counter. One expert recommends using baseball card holders or sheet protectors in a binder. It’s a flexible solution that can help you keep tabs on which products should be added to your shopping list, and you can take it with you each time you’re ready to hit the aisles in case an unexpected sale pops up.

You can organize your collection any number of ways, such as by expiration date or by product category. Both have pros and cons. Organizing by category, for example, will take more time upfront, but your coupons will be easier to find when you come across a deeply discounted product begging for a $1.00/1 or B2G1 coupon to defray the cost down to a only a few cents.

Extreme Couponing Stopped Making New Episodes In 2012 But People Still Watch Reruns

Though TLC’s Extreme Couponing is pretty popular and has quite a wide audience, it actually hasn’t released any new episodes in years. Yes, you might still catch episodes airing on TLC, but they aren’t new. Whether that’s because of poor ratings or poor audience reaction, the exact reason is unknown. What is known is that Extreme Couponing was pretty short-lived.

While the show premiered in 2011 and technically lasted four seasons, the most recent episodes came out in 2012, so it was only around for about a year and a half. Still, like any show that hasn’t been on the air for a while, people still watch reruns of Extreme Couponing regularly. Specifically, as the Leaf Chronicle pointed out, many times people will see a rerun of Extreme Couponing and, having never seen the show before, are shocked at the savings depicted. But of course, those savings aren’t always real.

Acquire Advanced Couponing Techniques

You might think simple Sunday morning coupon-cutting sessions get you most of the good deals out there, but there are more aggressive ways to go about collecting coupons if you want to get extreme savings.

Don’t settle for one newspaper. Get weekend subscriptions to several . You can also ask friends and coworkers to give you any ad inserts they aren’t planning to use. Local businesses might let you have any unsold Sunday papers they have leftover come Monday. Multiple copies mean multiple coupons.

Don’t forget online resources, either. Lots of Web sites have printable coupons, so surf those sites regularly. You can also look for promo codes to use during online transactions, and you can sign up for daily deal alerts from a variety of Internet sources.

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Despite What You May See On Extreme Couponing Not All Stores Will Double Coupons

On just about every episode of Extreme Couponing, you will hear a couponer talk about “doubling” or “stacking” their coupons as a way to multiply their savings. But as intriguing as that looks on television, it’s not entirely realistic, as not all stores will double coupons for you.

According to a CBS News article published in 2011, the same year TLC’s Extreme Couponing premiered, at least two major stores altered their coupon policies to prohibit customers from trying to get the kind of savings seen on the show. Specifically, Rite Aid stopped allowing customers to combine multiple buy-one-get-one-free coupons and limited the number of identical coupons a shopper could use to four if there’s enough stock. On their part, Target started to prohibit “stacking” coupons, in which customers would use both a store and manufacturer coupon to get two items for free.

Clearly, Extreme Couponing sent more couponers to stores to try to take advantage of savings, but these deals don’t really exist outside of reality television.

Guide To Extreme Couponing

Do you want to be an Extreme Couponer like on TLC

One routine that my family had when growing up was the weekly trip to the grocery store. It was something that we did every Saturday morning. And, even though I was young, I was shocked at how much it costs to feed the family for the week.

Today, I know first-hand how expensive it is to go shopping. Of course, that varies on where you live and the size of your household. But, the average household grocery ranges from $314 to $516 a month. And, considering that the cost of groceries has been rising at the fastest pace in decades because if the coronavirus pandemic, learning how to save you hard-earned money is more important then ever.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to save on groceries. Sticking to a budget, figuring sales cycles, trying out different stores, freezing and storing food, and buying generic are all proven strategies.

You could also try growing your own veggies or paying with cash. More recently, Ive resisted spontaneous purchases by shopping online and picking my order up at the store.

But, there is another tried and true technique. And, thats good old couponing.

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Extreme Couponers Arrested In $318 Million Fraud Scheme

by Dana Daly

1 month ago

Diligent, meticulous couponing can exponentially cut away at a grocerybill, reducing some hundred dollars into single digits, sometimes even pennies. Or it could foreshadow involvement in a multi-million dollar fraudscheme, such as what a couple enabled with some dedicated forgery.

Virginia Beach couple Lori Ann Talens and Pacifico Talens, Jr. had fake coupons in every crevice of their house, according to new reports by the FBI documenting the elaborate social media-driven scheme Lori Ann ran. Together, they face a combined sentence of 20 years. Heres how the plot unfolded.

Stores Have Regretted Filming Extreme Couponing

Because TLC’s Extreme Couponing filmed at different areas all over the United States, it showed a variety of grocery stores at which couponers shopped. While in the real world each store might have different coupon policies, in the Extreme Couponing world, it seemed as if there were no policies at any stores, something those stores have mostly come to regret.

According to the Leaf Chronicle, one store seen on the show, Lowes Foods, actually put out a response to the confusion from shoppers about their coupon policies. “While we cannot undo our participation in the taping of Extreme Couponing what we can do is share with you … some of what appears in the clip you saw was staged by the production company,” the statement read, noting, “We definitely made a poor decision by participating in the show.” Clearly, stores struggled with the aftermath of appearing on the series, and that couldn’t have helped with ratings or a possible renewal for the show.

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Before Searching Through Coupon Websites

First things first, before searching through coupon websites, youll want to take a few preliminary steps. Just like with anything else, preparing beforehand will ensure that you score the best deals and only buy what you actually need.

If youve never used coupons before, youll want to read up on how to start couponing. Getting the basics down will ensure couponing becomes a part of your regular routine. Before you know it, youll be saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on purchases you were already planning to make.

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Combine Buy One Get One Free Deals With Coupons

How to become an extreme couponer part 3

Using coupons alongside Buy One Get One Free deals is such an easy way to maximize your coupon savings.

For example, theres a tube of Colgate toothpaste that costs about $3 regularly, and the store has a BOGO deal on for that toothpaste. You have a coupon for $2 off the same toothpaste.

You pay just $1 for the tube and you get another one for free.

Instead of paying $6 for two tubes, youve paid $1.

Youve saved more than 80%!

Thats a really amazing saving!

And, theres a simple way to save even more.

Remember we said above that you can use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on one item?

Well, you can also do that on sale items.

Pick up an item from the clearance section. When you get to the checkout, use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon, and youll save a lot of money.

You could end up getting both items for free.

For example, if we take the example of the Colgate toothpaste above, and add a manufacturer coupon worth a dollar to the mix, then you get both tubes for free!

Thats a saving of 100%.

Not all stores will allow you to do this, but many, like CVS, will.

Each store has its own coupon policy basically rules for what you can and cannot do with coupons and deals.

Well talk more about coupon policies below, and give you links to where you can read the policies of a variety of different stores.

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Know Where To Find Coupons

You cant coupon unless you have, well, have coupons. Luckily, they are readily available.

  • Inserts within your local Sunday paper or weekly flyers.
  • Magazines, such as Better Homes & Garden Magazine, are known for containing coupons.
  • Websites like, The Krazy Coupon Lady, Groupon, Ibotta, and Rakuten. They offer either printable or digital coupons, while others provide cashback or rewards.
  • Blinkies are coupons located in the blinking machines at the grocery store.
  • Catalinas the coupons that are printed out with your receipt.
  • Peelies are products that have a coupon attached to the product.
  • Tearpads are found on special displays at the store.
  • Apps, such as your preferred grocery stores, have exclusive deals and rewards for your loyalty.
  • Tools like Instacart, Price Cruncher, and Basket Savings can be used to compare grocery store prices.

If you clip or print out physical coupons, make sure that you have the right tools like scissors and a printer. You also need an organizing system like a coupon binder or envelopes.

What Is The Trick To Couponing

The first tip that extreme couponers do is collect as many coupons as possible. Getting multiples of the same coupon for one item allows you to stack them together and buy in bulk to save for later. This is one of the most important principles of extreme couponing never be content to buy one when you could buy 10.

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Storing Your Finds On A Budget

When you start extreme couponing, you begin to stockpile merchandise quickly. You get the best savings when you take advantage of deals when theyre available rather than waiting until you need something. So you need space to store everything.

But purchasing a bunch of high-priced shelving units and stylish Crate & Barrel bins starts to add up fast. And that says nothing of the purchases you need to make to store scores of meat and other freezable foods you get on sale.

Several affordable storage ideas you can consider include:

If your house begins to resemble a grocery store and youre constantly forgetting what products are in your stash, take a step back from extreme couponing and get your organization down to a science.

Savings only matter if products see use, so dont coupon just for the sake of couponing without an organization system in place.

How Do You Get Into Extreme Couponing

The Extreme Secrets of Extreme Couponers

How-to: Become an extreme couponer

  • Step 1: Start collecting coupons. There are many places to find coupons.
  • Step 2: Buy a binder and get organized. Organization is key to becoming an extreme couponer.
  • Step 3: Research store policies.
  • Step 4: Learn how coupons work.
  • Step 5: Look for the deals.
  • Step 6: Start saving money.
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    How To Extreme Coupon

    • Store Loyalty Cards
    • Gather Additional Coupons


    Only you know what stores are in your area and closest to your home. Once you see how much you can save, youll be on a Shopping High! You might want to scoop up every deal at every store, every week. Uh uh uh Slow your roll, cowpoke! It cant be done. Many of us in the beginning have tried and failed. It would consume your life to try and do this at 3 Grocery Stores and 3 Drug Stores. You must limit yourself to one Grocery Store and 1 Drug Store and master those first. Then you can branch out. Pick ones that youre comfortable in, near your home, where the staff is not too harsh about couponers. After a few trips to different stores, youll find the right ones. Ive narrowed mine down to Walmart Publix CVS and Dollar Tree . I confess that I would shop at Target more often, but they are not close to my home.


    • Find out if your store has a written Coupon Policy. Check our listing to see if your store has a written Coupon Policy. If it is not listed, visit their website. If they do not have one, send an email or letter similar to the one shown at the bottom of this page asking specific questions regarding their policy.
    • Find out if the store has a Price Match policy.
    • Ask if they accept competitor’s coupons, and if so, which stores.


    How to Extreme Coupon


    Learn How To Start Couponing

    Dont just settle for a single paper. Many other content advertisements get weekend subscriptions. You should even remind friends and employers to send you some ad inserts they dont intend on using. Dont forget online couponing, as well. There are lots of extreme couponing websites with , so frequently visit those pages.

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    Is Extreme Couponing Dead

    Remember when Extreme Couponing was all the rage? And everyone was talking about it and/or trying it, even people who normally hate talking about money? )

    A reader recently unloaded a whole bunch of thoughts on it which well get to in a bit, but a quick search of my own E.C. postings definitely points to the fad no longer being a fad anymore

    Here are all the articles weve published on extreme couponing:

    It all came full circle, haha And my friend Debbie here seems to be over it too.

    Here are some comments mashed together from her, which can pretty much be summed up with this line here coupons were almost a narcotic to me.

    Sounds about right 🙂

    Oh Debbie 🙂 But rest assured, I guarantee youre not alone here. I bet if we polled everyone reading this right now, at least 10% would admit to extreme couponing in some fashion or another! I would have too if I werent so lazy! Haha

    But it really was such a craze I remember reading Predictably Irrational over the summer by Dan Ariely , and a big part of it was how everyone goes gaga for FREE anything as if it were in our genes and we couldnt control it, haha But then if the cost changed from $0.00 to $0.10 or even $0.01, the excitement dropped sharply! Even though were talking about literal pennies!

    We are a crazy race, let me tell you And I fully admit to falling for this FREE trick over the years too.

  • Stay out of stores! See less, buy less, spend less!
  • *******

    Extreme Couponing Doesn’t Address How Long It Takes To Become A Couponing Pro

    How to Become an Extreme Couponer Part 4!

    When you watch an episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC, you usually meet a person or two who have practically become professionals in the art of getting a good deal at the grocery store. But while they might have entire binders of coupons they’ve collected and they may talk about the research they conduct each week to find the best coupons before heading to the store, they don’t really talk about how long it takes to learn how to become an efficient extreme couponer.

    If you’ve never couponed before, and even if you have, getting used to couponing and compiling enough to actually save the kind of money you see on TLC takes time. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the actual process of couponing typically takes a very long time to organize and understand before you actually start to see any significant savings. In fact, extreme couponer Stacy Fout told the publication that she had only recently reduced her prep time to between four and six hours per week after clipping coupons for six years. “If you’re not strategic in planning it, you can spend more gas than it’s worth,” she said of planning what coupons you’ll use before going to the store.

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    Congratulationsyou Have Completed The Majority Of The Couponing For Beginners Course And You Are Well On Your Way To Couponing

    Here is how to proceed next:

    Your next section should be our “Couponing Resources” section .

    Some sections, like the “Coupon Insert Schedule” and “Sunday Coupon Preview” are simply for glancing at , and will take you no time at all – they are for your later use, but you need to know what they are, and that they are there. Many couponers find them useful – especially extreme couponers.

    In the”Grocery Loyalty Programs” tab, you will check to see if any of your local Grocery Store’s offer Loyalty programs, and if they do, you will use the link provided to sign up.

    In the “Store Coupon Policies” section, you will use the links provided to print the Coupon Policies of all of the stores that you intend to regularly coupon shop at.

    If you’re interested in using Cash Back coupons, and I highly suggest that you do also in the Learn How to Coupon section are “How To” pages for several Cash Back Coupon programs. Learn to use these on your computer and/or cell phone, and you’ll save much more money!

    When you’ve completed the series, you can go to the “Free Grocery Coupons” section and get free printable grocery coupons, eCoupons and Cash Back coupons anytime! You can also access the coupons from the Coupon Center below. This Coupon Center will appear on most coupon-related pages of this site, for your easy access.

    Get all of your FREE COUPONS at Sunday Paper Coupons Everyday!


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