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Where Do Couponers Get Their Coupons

If You Want To Start Extreme Couponing You Must Know This

How to Coupon for Beginners (2022) âï¸? Extreme Couponing 101

It has been said that the show Extreme Couponing is not real. That there is no way that with the cost of items these days, that coupons will make your items free. Guess what? You can get many things for free. I typically save between 50%-%100 on my grocery trips when couponing.

The couponing world is one that will give you an adrenaline rush, and save you lots of money. But you have to know what you need to do to get on the path to becoming a super saver. As an extreme couponer, Im going to give you the inside scoop on the Top 3 Couponing Secrets Used by Extreme Couponers.

Stock Up On Sale Items When Shopping

You dont always need coupons to do a stockpile. If you find a great price on an item, buy a few of them, after all, you cant find coupons on every single item you purchase.

Example: I will pick up an extra turkey or ham during the holiday season, and throw it in the freezer. Or picking up Halloween chocolate bars for Christmas stocking stuffers,

Thumb Through Sunday Newspaper Inserts For In

If youre already looking through it and clipping newspaper coupons, you may as well be on the lookout for store coupons. Stores like Target, Publix, and Kroger will include dollar-off coupons attached to the weekly ad. These coupons are normally exclusive to just the Sunday paper, and you wont find them in the weekly ad offered in stores.

Your mileage may vary, but it never hurts to try. We have some great tips on how to get a Sunday paper for cheap too!

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Smoke And Mirrors Fake Deals

Extreme couponers always seem to know where to shop to get the cheapest price, and some of the best deals occur when a store doubles coupons. For example, in one episode, a woman wanted to buy bagged salad that cost $1. She had a $0.50 coupon, and the store happily doubled it, therefore allowing her to take the salad for free. You could do the same, right?

Well, not exactly. Many of the stores featured in the show came under fire when it was discovered that coupons were doubled for the show only. When other couponers headed in to claim the same deal, store owners pointed out that the show was done for promotional reasons only, and coupon doubling was not allowed.

Store managers are well within their rights to change store policies as they see fit, but you might be caught by surprise when you try to get a deal that doesnt pan out. Just remember that the stores featured on television might offer promotions during filming only you probably wont get the same deal.

Join In On The Jargon

17 Extreme Couponers Spill Their Money

The next step is to get familiar with coupon lingo and policies. Are your coupons stackable? Do stores in your area offer double coupon deals?

Next, brush up on the acronyms. OYNO? MIR? BOGO? You need to learn terms like these in order to maximize savings. We’ll give you these three for free: On Your Next Order, Mail-in Rebate and Buy One Get One. But there are many more you may run across as you navigate the world of extreme couponing. Learn to talk the talk before you try to walk the walk.

You’ll also want to get a handle on pricing. A “sale” doesn’t always mean significant savings, so start keeping track of how much products typically sell for. There are also price-comparison Web sites which you can reference to tell whether you’re getting the best rate. With a little practice, you’ll get better at recognizing real savings.

Store brands aren’t always cheaper than name brands if you’re diligent with your couponing. By combining coupons when prices are low, name brands often come out far ahead of their generic competitors.

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Unused And Unhealthy Products

Seasoned couponers can tell you that it is possible to score great deals on healthy foods like produce, baking staples, and dairy, but its definitely not the norm. Much of the time, the best deals are for processed foods, condiments, and toiletries. Thats great if youre in the market for a bunch of new toothbrushes for your family, but you could end up spending money on unhealthy foods and stuff you dont need and wont use. Think about it getting a bottle of ketchup for $0.50 is a great deal, but if that great deal entices you to purchase 30 bottles, youve just spend $15 on more ketchup that you may not use before the expiration date. Thats not smart.

The people on Extreme Couponing might purchase hundreds of the same product for their stash or to divvy up for various causes. But unless you can use the product before the expiration date and its something healthy for your family, leave it on the shelf.

Do Extreme Couponers Really Save Money

And, of course, the biggest personal perk of extreme couponing is the insane amount of money that you can save. People really do save hundreds, even thousands of dollars. One new couponer said she saved over $2,700 in her first 12 weeks of couponing another slashed her monthly grocery bill in half.

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Always Read Store Policies And Coupons Fine

Extreme couponers spend only 49 cents for $1500 in groceries

Check your store policies often as they are subject to change without notice! I would check twice a year, minimum. Remember to check their Ad Match Policy as you can shop and price match and use a coupon Since Walmart changed their Price Match Policy in 2020, you can now take the Walmart Flyer, Go to No Frills or RCSS and price match on Walmarts flyer This saves time and sometimes you can save more because of Optimum points for example.

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Look Through Store Aisles For Hanging Grocery Coupons

While youre shopping, you may see coupons hanging in the aisle. I see this most often at Fred Meyer , but other grocery stores do it too especially smaller, local grocery stores.

Look for in-store coupons hanging from a tear-off pad or from a chain or string. You can typically use one per product in a transaction. Be sure to read the coupon to see if its a manufacturer coupon or store coupon. Remember you cant use two manufacturer coupons on one product.

Extreme Couponing Reportedly Led To A Rise In Coupon Theft

Even though Extreme Couponing was on the air for a short amount of time, the reaction it got out of viewers was seriously intense. So intense, as it turns out, that it actually led to a rise in coupon theft, specifically from newspapers that tend to hold the most valuable coupons. According to, staff from newspaper publishing company McClatchy Newspapers realized all coupons from the copies of a Sunday print of Idaho Statesman had been taken without anyone paying for all the papers.

Fabulessly Frugal co-owner Cathy Yoder told that she was positive the TLC series had caused people to believe they too could save hundreds of dollars in one grocery trip, but only if they had enough coupons. “I think there were people who did it beforehand, but it’s been heightened,” Yoder said. “People think they have to keep up with the Extreme Couponing thing. It’s not normal, it is not reality. They just did it for the show, for the hype. It is obnoxious.”

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Places Where Extreme Couponers Get Their High Value Coupons

by Lauren Bennett – Last Updated November 25, 2019

Where do extreme couponers get their coupons?

Thats a question that many people have, especially shoppers who want to start and are trying to learn how to coupon for beginners.

Not knowing where to get coupons the ones that save you more than just a few cents at a time is the biggest reason why a lot of people give up on couponing.

Weve all heard those stories about extreme couponers who save thousands of dollars each year just by using coupons many extreme couponers even end up being owed money by stores something called overage in the couponing world.

It leaves you wondering, just how do these extreme couponers save so much money?

One of the ways that extreme couponing can save you so much cash is finding and using high value coupons.

Need Easy Extra $300+/Month for Free?Daily Goodie BoxInboxDollarsPanda ResearchKashKickLifepointsSwagbucks

But, this is just one reason for their success.

Extreme couponers also combine coupons effectively to maximize their savings and get coupons from a wide range of sources.

Below, we cover the places where extreme couponers get their coupons, including those high value ones, and the methods they use to save thousands of dollars each year.

  • Closing Thoughts
  • Use Sites That Find Coupons For You

    Top 5 Mistakes New Couponers Make in 2021

    There are a lot of blogs out there that focus on helping their readers save money by sharing tips, deals, discounts and of course coupons. So keeping an eye on these sites is a smart way to find online coupons as well as in-store coupons and promo codes before they expire.

    141. The Krazy Coupon Lady

    If youve been couponing for a while, you know The Krazy Coupon Lady. Their website has been around for a while. It is actually one of my favorite money saving websites. In fact, I wrote a review of The Krazy Coupon Lady in which I shared some of the best reasons why you should visit the site often. They share coupons almost every day.

    They also have a free app you can use to find deals!

    143. Hip2Save

    The Aggregate coupons from some of the top coupon sites like Living Social. They share coupons for food, groceries, drinks, clothes, tech and much more.

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    Secret #: Many Stores Accept Competitors Coupons

    I have been pleasantly surprised several times by asking a store manager if they accept competitors coupons.

    Strategy Example: Ace Hardware coupons can be used at The Home Depot, and JoAnn’s or Michael’s coupons can be used at Hobby Lobby. I’ve personally tried these two out. I wonder what other stores will accept competitors coupons just because you ask?

    Go Where The Sales Are

    Just as you need to be willing to purchase different brands of goods at the grocery store, you should also be OK with shopping at different stores. Extreme couponers go where the sales are instead of always shopping at the same place. Getting the best deal might require going to three different supermarkets.

    This, however, can be easier said than done. Trips to multiple stores during the week or in a single day can take up precious time and gas money, so plan your shopping accordingly and see if you can combine trips. The shrewdest couponers save themselves money when they buy from different stores, but they do have to set aside to time to make those savings possible.

    Some grocery stores double the savings value of coupons when you use them. For example, if you have a coupon for 50 cents off a package of lunch meat, the store will give you $1 off when you check out. See if any stores in your area offer this perk and take advantage!

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    Another Extreme Couponing Question: Where Do They Get All The Freaking Coupons

    WDW PreTrip and Trip Moderator


    3boymthr said:Or my favorite. Steal the coupon inserts out of the paper at the grocery and convenience and drug stores. Unfortunately, around here this happens all the time. One Sunday at CVS I literally picked up 16 papers before I found one with the coupon inserts – the ads were all there but the coupons were gone.

    Children see magic because they look for it

    XYSRUS said:I don’t watch regularly but one lady had 5000 weekly inserts…She was saying when people ask her where she get so many her reply is “from G*d.” I was like either you’re stealing them or someone else is stealing them for you-like from a distribution center. This show is ridiculous and stupid to showcase these people. I won’t watch anymore.

    Match Coupons To Sale Items

    New Couponers First Trip to Walgreen’s

    Once you have your coupons. The best way to maximize your savings is to match your coupons to items that are on sale. Here is an example

    • Ruffles potato chips are regularly $5 a bag.
    • The are on sale for $2 a bag.
    • You have a $1 off manufacturer coupon and a $1 off store coupon.
    • Your Ruffles potato chips are now FREE!

    In this scenario, even if you only have one coupon for $1 off, you would still get the $5 bag of chips for only $1!

    Now you have the inside scoop on what tactics extreme couponers use to get their items for free or nearly free. If youd like more detail on this topic, be sure to check out my YouTube video:

    If you would like 1-on-1 lessons on how to become an extreme couponer, contact me from my bio page!

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    Where To Find In

    Where to Find In-Store Coupons to Unl…

    Unlike manufacturer coupons, in-store coupons are issued directly by the store. This means you can typically combine them with a manufacturer coupon and multiply your savings! We call this stacking, and its the foundation of krazy couponing. Once you know where to find in-store coupons, youll be able to stack them on top of sale prices, manufacturer coupons, cash-back offers, and more.

    If youre a stacking newbie, youll find these couponing tips helpful and our free KCL app helpful.

    Use Coupons On Sale Items

    Another tip used by extreme couponers is to use coupons on products that are on sale.

    Not all stores allow you to do this, but for the ones that do, this can be a way to get some huge discounts.

    Walgreens, for example, allows you to do this.

    Take your coupons with you to the store and then hit the clearance section.

    Use the applicable manufacturer coupon, and you will get the item for a bargain price!

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    Coupon Your Way To Extreme Savings

    Give your savings plan a huge boost with these couponing tips from budgeting experts.

    Couponers have a bad reputation for being extreme. But you dont have to quit your job and recruit a cadre of family and friends to clip coupons to see real savings. By learning basic couponing skills you can guarantee that youll save money on your next shopping trip just like the pros.

    Dont be disillusioned from watching TV shows about extreme coupon enthusiasts who purchase a stockpile of shampoo, dried noodles and toothpaste for only $5.16. Couponing doesnt have to be extreme to produce significant savings. Thats welcomed news for first-time couponers, considering how overwhelming it can be to learn couponing policies, lingo and store rules.

    Before you venture out on your next shopping excursion, learn the ins and outs of couponing to help you stick to your savings plan.

    Some People Like Those Seen On Extreme Couponing Actually Spend Money On Coupons

    The Best Stores for Beginner Couponers

    Obviously, with a title like Extreme Couponing, there’s an implication that the people on the show are pretty intense about their coupons, and they definitely are. But what the series doesn’t tell you is just how all the extreme couponers actually get those huge stacks of coupons. Sure, there are free flyers in the mail, and newspapers and manufacturers’ websites typically have coupons in them. But what you might not know is that a lot of couponers pay money for coupons.

    According to Money Crashers, it’s not uncommon for extreme couponers to buy multiple copies of their local newspapers just to get plenty of coupons. Obviously, if you’re spending dollars per day for newspapers’ coupons, it cuts into your savings, but that’s not the only cost involved. Many couponers will drive to multiple grocery stores to get the best deals, even to stores that are out of town, and this ends up costing plenty in gas.

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    Here Is A List Of Companies That Ive Requested Free Coupons By Mail From:

    Start here and then work your way through your cupboards and see what foods you love! I did this when I first started eating gluten-free. It helped me find the foods that I loved and the ones I didnt.

    • Apple & Eve Email them here
    • International Delight Email them here
    • Enjoy Life Foods Email them here
    • Barber Foods Email them here
    • Blue Bunny Ice Cream Email them here
    • Almond Breeze / Blue Diamond Email them here
    • Bolthouse Farms Email them here
    • Celestial Seasonings Tea Email them here
    • Challenge Butter Email them here
    • Chobani Email them here
    • Dominos Sugar Email them here
    • Welchs Grape Juice Email them here
    • Glutino Email them here

    When I updated this post, I did want to respond to a lot of the comments where my readers shared concerns about difficulty in getting free coupons by mail. They said they didnt have printers or tech-challenged to work their smartphones or many companies were stopping mail coupons in favor of printable or digital coupons now. Some of my great audience did respond that surveys or coupons helped them to get an inexpensive printer within a couple weeks, and the printer has more than paid for itself! What a great suggestion!

    Another idea I thought was helpful was a coupon swap with friends. If there are things you see coupons for but dont use, consider exchanging with friends. I cant eat gluten foods, so if I see coupons for things like traditional pasta, I can give those to friends in exchange for their gluten-free brand ones.


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