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Where Can I Get Coupons Online

How Do Coupon Apps Work

â Where to Get Coupons?

Coupon apps can work differently depending on which one you sign up for. For example, some coupon apps automatically apply coupon codes when you shop online with participating merchants. Others work with your store loyalty accounts and let you add offers you can use for savings in a brick-and-mortar store. Some coupon apps focus on helping users accrue savings on their purchases while others let users earn cash back or gift cards on their spending.

Best Websites For Finding Coupons And Deals Online

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Modified date: Jan. 26, 2021

Almost nobody shops online anymore without first looking for a discount, promotional code, or coupon of some sort. In fact, Statista projects that nearly 136 million people will access will be digital coupon users in the United States in 2018, blowing up to over 145 million by 2021.

And people are shopping online now more than ever . TechCrunch reported in 2016 that 79% of Americans now regularly shop online. In 2000, this number was 22%. So if youre going to buy online, you might as well get the best deal, right?

Here are our favorite sites for coupons, cash back, and overall online deals.

Whats Ahead:

    Try These Coupon Sites

    Many deal-finder websites gather up online sales and discount codes from across the internet, offering you a one-stop way to speed up the buying process for whatever you need. Sign up for their newsletters for deals delivered to your inbox. Some sites to bookmark include:

    • focuses primarily on printable and digital coupons, though it also has sections for promo codes and current sales.

    • Groupon is known for deals for experiences and activities, but the website has also expanded into coupon codes and deal tracking. Groupon also uses your location to provide you with deals local to your area.

    • Offers provides both coupon codes and links to great deals, including many that are exclusive to the website. It also breaks down its best offers by category for easy browsing.

    • RetailMeNot allows you to search its website for useful coupon codes, current deals, and cashback rewards for any number of brands. It also highlights trending deals, covers specific categories like travel, beauty, and food, and provides helpful buying guides.

    • provides you with coupon codes and special deals, while also offering editorial insights to help you make buying decisions. The website also features digital circulars, so you don’t miss a deal.

    • Slickdeals is a community savings site and app that provides coupons and promotions submitted by members and edited by a deal-editing team. The site has a social aspect, as coupons are displayed in order of popularity determined based on votes.

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    Check Brand Name Stores Websites

    Before going out for your weekly shopping trip, you might not think to check the websites of the stores you are visiting. However, many stores provide their most current and up to date coupons right on their sites.

    13. Target

    If you have a Target near you, check out these deals you can get on various items like food, clothing, furniture, and more.

    14. Walmart

    The best promo codes, sales, and deals you can use at Walmart to buy clothing, food, beauty and health products, and much more.

    25. Kohls

    The best promo codes, sales, and deals you can use at Kohls to buy mens clothing, womens clothing, and more.

    Check Grocery Store Websites

    Where Can I Buy Coupon Inserts?

    Grocery stores are making it easier than ever to coupon. Visit the website of your favorite grocery store, and you’re likely to find loads of coupons to print or download. Many stores even allow you to apply these coupons to pickup or delivery orders.

    Pro Tip: Find out if there are any grocery stores in your area that double or triple coupons. If they only do it on certain days, mark your calendar, so you’ll know when to shop.

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    Sign Up For P& g Everyday

    The Proctor & Gamble company owns many of the most popular brands of home and personal care products, including Pampers, Pantene, Crest and Charmin. Your home is probably full of their products. Check out the P& G website for their latest coupons.

    .While you’re there, be sure to sign up for the P& Geveryday program. This will give you access to more coupons and samples.

    Jcpenney Coupons Let Everyone Enjoy Huge Savings

    Prepare for incoming savings! Now, you can enjoy our full range of JCPenney coupons! Whether you are planning on a shopping trip in-store or hunkering down for a therapeutic online shopping session, full access to JCPenney promo codes along with in-store coupons or online discounts can be found right here!

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    Dont Pay Extra For A Discount

    Some coupon codes give you a deal only if you spend a certain amount on the site. For instance, a code might give you free shipping on any order over $50. If you already plan to buy $50 worth of goods, this is helpful. But if youre not, you have a dilemma: Is it worth buying something extra just to use the promo code?

    If youre just shy of the limit, the answer could be yes. For instance, if you can save $10 on shipping by adding a $2 item to your cart, even if its something you dont need, you still come out $8 ahead.

    However, if what you plan to buy only costs $20, its not worth buying an extra $30 worth of stuff to save $10. Its only justifiable if what you buy is something you needed anyway and the cost on that site including shipping is in line with what you usually pay. Otherwise, spending to save really isnt saving at all.

    Look For Free Local Papers Like Your Essential Shopper

    How To Get FREE Coupons!

    Some cities publish free local newspapers that carry coupon inserts. One newspaper, called Yes!, is found in several cities and is actually delivered right to your door for free .

    Sometimes you can spot free local papers like these around town on Sunday morning just be sure to only grab a few from each location. You dont want to wipe out the entire supply in one spot.

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    Embed Checkout Page In Site & Sell Coupons Online

    Just copy the link and add the checkout page to sell coupons online at any suitable place on your WordPress site.

    Edit the Page & Paste the Copied Link

    Further, paste the plan link of the coupons on a text editor of the WordPress dashboard.

    Save & Publish the Checkout Page

    Next, click the Publish button, after making changes.

    Check out the Final Look of your Checkout Page on WordPress Site

    Register And Collect Rewards

    While joining a reward program and a mailing list may sometimes be the same, other times they can be distinctly different and offer additional benefits for being a member of both.

    Reward programs reward your loyalty by offering savings in the form of coupons, freebies and more on the products you use regularly.

    If youre a soft drink consumer, Coke Rewards offers incentives to redeem the codes on their products. My family has received free soda products, amusement park tickets, and more.

    Disney fans can earn great freebies from Disney Movie Rewards. Weve redeemed the codes inside our DVDs and Blu-rays purchased for free movie tickets, free toys and even free bikes for our kids.

    Many large manufacturers are also jumping on the rewards bandwagon and are offering rewards for purchasing their products and submitting your receipts.

    Visit the websites and social media for the companies you support regularly to see what is available.

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    Groupon: The Forgotten Coupon King

    Groupon was founded in 2008, which was during one of the most significant recessions our country has ever seen. Thus, it was timely. Andrew Mason, the founder, wanted to create a site that would allow people to get discounts by buying products and services as a group. But as Hillary Dixler Canavan of Eater writes, the company went through some bad times from 2011 to 2013. People stopped using Groupon the way they should have. Businesses began to avoid partnering with them. Early in 2013, Andrew Mason was fired as CEO. It took a few years, but Groupon has made a comeback in a big way.

    Groupon now focuses on businesses that give people what they wantinstead of shaking down desperate businesses on the brink of failure to give out deals. Its quite simpleyou get a massive discount because other people are buying the same deal. So for example, you can get this cool pair of skinny sweatpants for $9 instead of $48:

    You can see how many other people have purchased the deal, what the reviews are, and how much time is left on the deal.

    Groupon offers more than just products, though. You can get similar deals and coupons for food, travel, and local services. You can even get coupon codes from major retailers like Amazon and Target. Groupon also formed a recent partnership with parking app ParkWhiz to help you find discounts on parking.

    Abandon Your Shopping Cart Before Checking Out

    23 Things You Can Get for Free Using Coupons

    If youre not in a rush for the items you want, abandoning your cart before checking out is a great way to get a coupon. By not completing the checkout process, retailers often send tailored follow-up emails with discounts to entice you to go back and buy.

    The key here is to make sure youre logged in to your account, or register for one so they have access to your email. Without this, you wont be seeing any discounts filtering to your inbox.

    If you want to test out abandonment, start with one of these 5 retailers: Levis, BirchBox, CafePress, Shutterfly or Vitacost.

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    Health & Beauty Manufacturer Coupons

    Here are the beauty and personal care companies weve found that offer coupons on their websites.

    80. Depend

    Save money on Depend underwear and liner with these coupons. Check back with the website often to find new coupons and deals.

    81. Dove

    Get body and hygiene care product coupons when you sign up for the Dove newsletter. They will email you with their latest offers and coupons as they come out.

    82. Cetaphil

    Visit this site to get a $2 off coupon of one Cetaphil product. If you follow their , youll also find deals and coupons for their products.

    83. Jergens

    This company sells lotion and body care products. When you sign up for their newsletter, they will send you coupons and promotional offers.

    84. Listerine

    This company makes mouthwash and other oral hygiene products. You can save about $4 on their products with the coupons they currently have on their site.

    86. Lubriderm

    Get hand and body lotions for cheap with these awesome Lubriderm coupons. Also, if you like them on youll find even more exclusive coupon offers.

    87. Olay

    Get coupons for both in store and online Olay products. You can find all kinds of great skin care and face care products to choose from.

    88. Playtex

    Get tampons and feminine care products with these awesome Playtex coupons. Check back on the site often for any deal they might add.

    83. Systane

    Need teardrops or other eye care products? Check out these Systane coupons you get when you sign up for their newsletter.

    89. Visine

    90. Carefree

    Signing Up For Coupons

  • 1Search for loyalty programs. Identify companies that offer loyalty programs, which offer coupons and discounts to repeat customers.XResearch source Register your information with the company and include your email address in order to receive up-to-date coupon information. Some companies offer a membership card or unique customer number for your purchases. Use this whenever you purchase an item and look to see if you received any new coupons.
  • 2Sign up for online coupons. Sign up for online coupons with your email address using a discount site like,,, or source You can sometimes find huge discounts for online stores on these sites. There are many other sites that offer online coupons for all kinds of products and services.XResearch source
  • 3 Give the coupon code to a friend or relative. Not only is it a nice thing to do, many online coupon sites or loyalty programs reward you for referrals. This can take the form of a cash coupon for your next purchase or a specific percentage discount.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
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    Places To Find Free Manufacturer Coupons Online

    If you have an internet connection, you should know about these free coupon resources.

    Whether you still read a traditional newspaper or use your smartphone for virtually everything, there are few excuses for not using coupons.

    Coupons can now be found in multiple forms accessible through various means, from newspapers to mobile apps.

    In fact, digital coupons are found in so many places that it can be hard to keep up. So, below, weve rounded up major sources of manufacturer coupons that anyone with an internet connection can access. All are free.

    To learn how to get the most savings out of manufacturer coupons, also check out 6 Retailers That Let You Double up on Coupons.

    Baby Product Manufacturer Coupons

    âï¸? FREE COUPONS! How to get free grocery coupons by mail!

    If you have a baby or expecting one, then these coupon offers will help you out!

    Negate the stress of expensive baby care supplies with these numerous coupons for formula, baby food, diapers, and more. Some of these are sites that give free baby samples occasionally as well.

    132. Enfamil

    Join Enfamils free Savings Club to get $400 worth of items and Enfamil coupons simply just for signing up.

    You get:

    • Enfamil and Enfagrow formula samples
    • coupons for all their products
    • fun badges to celebrate your babys special moments
    • special promotional offers
    • and expert advice emailed to you every month!

    Plus, when you join you get a chance to win free formula for a whole year.

    133. Gerber

    Answer a few questions from Gerbers savings club to get exclusive coupons tailored for exactly what you and your child need, along with many other benefits.

    Huggies is currently offering a multitude of coupons, including:

    • $1.00 off two packages of Huggies Wipes
    • $1.00 off one package of Huggies Diapers
    • $1.50 off one package of Huggies Disposable Swimpants

    136. Luvs

    Get coupons for money off a package of diapers. They also are doing a Luvs sweepstakes for a years worth supply of diapers for free.

    When you sign up for their newsletter, they will send you additional offers as soon as they become available.

    137. Pampers

    This company has three ways to get coupons and other free stuff.

    First, if you download the Pampers app and scan your Pampers purchases, youll get points back.

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    Biggest Savings Per Purchase

    In dollar terms, coupon codes for travel deals offer the biggest savings. The average shopper who used one saved $41.05.

    But its also hardest to find coupon codes that work in this category. Only 30% of shoppers were able to take advantage of a travel coupon. And since travel is expensive, a $41 savings only represents 8.2% of the total spent. Its not a trivial amount, but you can probably save more money overall by planning a less expensive vacation.

    Other categories that offer good savings in dollar terms are household items, averaging $38.84 per purchase, and alcohol, averaging $37.40. However, since alcohol only makes up a small part of most families budgets, this savings only adds up to around $47 per year.

    Can I Use Jcpenney Coupons In Retail Stores And Online

    It depends on the coupon. Some coupons are only available online are only available online, while others are only available in a physical location, and others can be used either way. If you want to use a store-only coupon, you can print out the barcode at home or bring it up on the mobile app when you check out. Many coupons are only available in your local store, so consider visiting the store if you want to save even more.

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    Remember The Purpose Of Coupons

    Coupons are a marketing tool. They are intended to compel you to spend your hard-earned cash on something you might not otherwise purchase.

    Maybe the manufacturer wants you to try out a brand-new product, and so they offer a high-value coupon for it. And then you fall in love with the product and use it forever and ever. Thats not necessarily a bad thing.

    But when you take a step back and realize how much youre spending to get the savings with coupons, you might be shocked. Sure, you got back from the grocery store and saved $60 on your purchase, but you had to spend $100 to use all those coupons.

    What if you had just bought what you needed and only spent, say, $80? Be sure to look at the bottom line: your total at checkout.

    Where Can I Get Printable Coupons

    Where can I get coupons
    Related Topics

    Printable coupons are online coupons that can be printed at home or at the office, then taken to retail stores for value-added discounts. Though not all retailers accept printable coupons, they are expected to gain wider acceptance as fraud is reduced through imbedded security strategies.

    Printable coupons are commonly offered through coupon websites. Some of these sites require member registration and personally identifiable information. At a minimum, this typically includes full name and address, gender, age, number of children, and email address. The registration process might also involve survey questions.

    Where member profiles are required, they are used to market items deemed statistically probable to be appealing. In return for membership, one can search the site for printable coupons and online redeemable coupons. Categories include grocery coupons, travel-related coupons, pet product coupons, and many other types of coupons.

    Many sites that offer printable coupons require that members first a proprietary printing program. The printing program is very small and easy to install. It ensures printable coupons pass scrutiny at the point of sale by incorporating fraud-protection schemes. Still, not all retailers accept printable coupons, so check with local merchants.

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