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Where Can I Buy Manufacturer Coupons

Weekly Grocery Store Ad

How & Where To Find Coupons in 2021 | Inserts, IPs, & Digitals | Couponing 101 for Beginners

Local stores everywhere send out weekly grocery ads that advertise their grocery specials for the week and offer coupons on products as well.

The first thing we do when we are getting ready to make our weekly menu and shopping list is to go through the weekly grocery store ads that come to the house so that we can coordinate our meals with whats on sale that week.

Also, many stores have coupon baskets or cubbies right in the store that you can check through for money saving coupons before you start shopping.

Use Sites That Find Coupons For You

There are a lot of blogs out there that focus on helping their readers save money by sharing tips, deals, discounts and of course coupons. So keeping an eye on these sites is a smart way to find online coupons as well as in-store coupons and promo codes before they expire.

141. The Krazy Coupon Lady

If youve been couponing for a while, you know The Krazy Coupon Lady. Their website has been around for a while. It is actually one of my favorite money saving websites. In fact, I wrote a review of The Krazy Coupon Lady in which I shared some of the best reasons why you should visit the site often. They share coupons almost every day.

They also have a free app you can use to find deals!

143. Hip2Save

The Aggregate coupons from some of the top coupon sites like Living Social. They share coupons for food, groceries, drinks, clothes, tech and much more.

How Extreme Couponers Use Coupons To Save Big

The fact that extreme couponers have tons of different places where they get their coupons, and they know where to find those high value coupons is just one element of their success.

Saving a lot of money using coupons is just as much about how you use coupons as it is about the coupons themselves.

What sets extreme couponers apart from your regular old couponer is that they know how to use coupons strategically.

And what we mean by that is that couponers know how to use coupons to maximize the amount of money that they save.

There are lots of different types of coupons available, so knowing how to use them to save the most money can be tough.

After all, you might have questions like, can I use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon together? or how many coupons can I use on one item?

Extreme couponers know all of the rules for using coupons, and can, therefore, use them effectively.

The main way that these couponers maximize savings is by stacking them this means that they combine coupons or use coupons alongside other money-saving methods.

Here are a few tips for stacking and using coupons effectively:

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Other Random Places To Find Coupons And Promo Codes

  • Find coupon codes, scannable Q-codes, giveaway links, and more on the inside of bathroom stall doors.
  • If you call customer service about a product or issue, while you have the agent on the line, ask for discounts and special offers.
  • Abandon your online shopping cart with items in it, and stores will likely send you a promo code.
  • Be nice to a friendly, hard-working employee. Who knows? Maybe theyll share a coupon or two with you.
  • Stores often place coupons in shopping bags before you check out, so be sure to look through them when you get home.
  • Shoppers who dont need or want certain coupons may leave them behind in a shopping cart or at a self-check register for the next person.
  • A coupon angel walks up to you in the store and hands you extra coupons they dont want or need, or they leave them on the bulletin board near the restroom.
  • Check out the intranet at your work . Employers often offer employees discounts, promos, and coupons on certain items in their communities.
  • Scour nearby dumpsters on Mondays for discarded Sunday coupon inserts.
  • Some residential recycling programs allow you to earn money-saving coupons and certificates for recycling your waste.
  • Take classes. Students can score coupons for just about everything including software and electronics.
  • Over 50? Sign up with A.A.R.P. and enjoy senior discounts and coupons on all kinds of goods and services such as wireless service and prescriptions.
  • Use Automatic Coupon Browser Extensions

    FREE Coupons

    Yes, there are shopping browser extensions that find & apply coupons and promo codes automatically at the checkout for you.

    This is a unique type of couponing tool that many people dont know about. Basically, while you shop online when you go to check out these extensions can automatically search the web and apply promo codes to your order until it finds the best one that works.

    If you dont want to deal with the hassle of searching for and clipping coupons, but dont want to miss out on potential savings, automatic coupon browser extensions are your best option.

    Here are some of the top extensions that do this.

    1. Honey Browser Extension

    Honey is a free browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout for over 30,000 shopping sites. It can also find the best price for someone for a product on Amazon and is one of the few couponing tools that actually works on Amazon prices.

    2. Ebates Cash Back Button

    Ebates can get you cashback and promo codes from over 2,500 stores online. All you have to do is install it and then the next time you shop online, you can instantly start saving money. Also, Ebates can tell you if something you are interested in is offered on another store for a cheaper price.

    This is another service that automatically applies promo codes to your check out so you can save big money on your purchases. Users in total have saved over $10,000,000 so far from using this extension.

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    Health & Beauty Manufacturer Coupons

    Here are the beauty and personal care companies weve found that offer coupons on their websites.

    80. Depend

    Save money on Depend underwear and liner with these coupons. Check back with the website often to find new coupons and deals.

    81. Dove

    Get body and hygiene care product coupons when you sign up for the Dove newsletter. They will email you with their latest offers and coupons as they come out.

    82. Cetaphil

    Visit this site to get a $2 off coupon of one Cetaphil product. If you follow their , youll also find deals and coupons for their products.

    83. Jergens

    This company sells lotion and body care products. When you sign up for their newsletter, they will send you coupons and promotional offers.

    84. Listerine

    This company makes mouthwash and other oral hygiene products. You can save about $4 on their products with the coupons they currently have on their site.

    86. Lubriderm

    Get hand and body lotions for cheap with these awesome Lubriderm coupons. Also, if you like them on youll find even more exclusive coupon offers.

    87. Olay

    Get coupons for both in store and online Olay products. You can find all kinds of great skin care and face care products to choose from.

    88. Playtex

    Get tampons and feminine care products with these awesome Playtex coupons. Check back on the site often for any deal they might add.

    83. Systane

    Need teardrops or other eye care products? Check out these Systane coupons you get when you sign up for their newsletter.

    89. Visine

    90. Carefree

    Check Brand Name Stores Websites

    Before going out for your weekly shopping trip, you might not think to check the websites of the stores you are visiting. However, many stores provide their most current and up to date coupons right on their sites.

    13. Target

    If you have a Target near you, check out these deals you can get on various items like food, clothing, furniture, and more.

    14. Walmart

    The best promo codes, sales, and deals you can use at Walmart to buy clothing, food, beauty and health products, and much more.

    25. Kohls

    The best promo codes, sales, and deals you can use at Kohls to buy mens clothing, womens clothing, and more.

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    Are Paper Coupons Disappearing Anytime Soon

    2K19 Valassis Coupon Intelligence ReportThis studyHIP to Save

    Here are a few other interesting coupon usage statistics:

    • 92% of consumers use coupons in some way
    • 32% of customers say they prefer to receive digital coupons on their smartphones
    • 93% of millennials use mobile devices to compare deals online and in-store
    • 55% of consumers said they use both digital and paper coupons
    • 63% of shoppers say theyâd use more coupons if they were available

    Why Sunday Coupon Inserts

    â Where to Get Coupons?

    Now you know how to coupon at Walgreens. Its time to begin collecting coupons and raking in deals!

    Sunday Coupon Inserts can help you gain the coupons you need for Walgreens and many other retailers. Through their Weekly Subscriptions program, this coupon packaging service will deliver your choice of coupon combo packs to your front door every week.

    These coupons include anything that you would find in a Sunday newspaper, including Walgreens coupons! Best of all, you are always in control of your subscription. You can start or stop receiving the coupons at any time!

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    Consider The Price Of Ink Vs The Cost Of The Printer

    Inkjet printers are the most common printers for home-office use and often the cheapest as well normally under $100. They do a very good job with color text documents and photos. Here are some highly-rated printers that wont break the bank:

    • HP DeskJet 3755: Currently $89.89 on Amazon , this printer gives you all the essentials with the option for a two-month free Instant Ink subscription, so youll be stocked up.
    • HP DeskJet 2742e: Currently $59 on Walmart.com This wireless printer also comes with a six-month free Instant Ink subscription.
    • Note: HP Instant Ink can be a great tool to avoid paying for pricey ink cartridges. If you print less than 15 pages a month, youd pay only $0.99 a month, and they cover all of your ink! I use the $2.99 plan that gives me 50 pages per month, which has been plenty between coupons and everyday-life printing.

    Laser printers are ideal for printing large quantities of black-and-white text documents. Youll pay the least per page if you need to print in high volume. But they arent good for photos, and they dont handle glossy photo paper well. The Brother HL-L2320D might be your best bet here, as its only $100 and prints up to 30 pages a minute.

    TIP: If you bring your old printer for recycling to Best Buy, theyll give you up to $50 off select Epson all-in-one printers.

    What Is Bj’s Coupon Policy

    BJ’s Wholesale Club is pleased to accept both BJ’s-issued and manufacturers’ coupons, subject to the limitations set forth in this Coupon Policy.

    One BJ’s Coupon per offer can be combined with one National Coupon on a single selling unit, and the total value of all coupons redeemed against a single selling unit may not exceed the BJ’s retail value of the selling unit. Subject to the total value restriction and any other restrictions stated on a coupon, there is no limit to the number of BJ’s Coupons that may be applied against a single selling unit so long as the offers are unique. A single BJ’s selling unit counts as a single “item” for the purpose of all redemption restrictions stated on any coupon.

    When we refer to “coupons,” we are referring to promotional offers including the following:

    BJ’s Members and Non-Members may use coupons. The Non-Member surcharge is a separate charge and does not increase the BJ’s retail value of a single selling unit. BJ’s Members have the option of loading BJ’s Digital Coupons and select National Digital Coupons directly to their membership card from BJs.com or the BJ’s mobile app, as well as using both BJ’s and National Paper Coupons. Non-Members may use National Paper Coupons and any BJ’s Paper Coupons when shopping in Club.

    The following coupon combination, or “stacking,” rules apply at checkout at BJ’s:

    Effective: 6/22/2020

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    Brands That Had Me Print Coupons On My Printer

    Some companies sent me to my computer printer instead of my mailbox.

    Kraft is the undisputed king of this method. At any given time, you can print coupons from its website for $1, $2 or $3 off products by Air Wick, Arm & Hammer, Edge, Excedrin, Garnier, Hefty, Hershey, Huggies, LOreal, McCafe, Purina, Skintimate, Speed Stick, Sudafed, Suave Kids, Tidy Cats, Tums, Venus or Visine, among others.

    Procter & Gamble had me print out coupons for $1 or $2 off products by Bounce, Bounty, Cascade, Charmin, Crest, Gillette, Swiffer and Tide.

    Bayer had me print coupons for $1 to $4 off Alka-Seltzer, Aleve or Miralax.

    Here are coupons other brands directed me to print out:

    Look At Target First For Bogos Theyre The Best At It

    Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF Coupon

    Target does more BOGOs than just about anyone else, plain and simple.

    Load any Cartwheel offer and theyll apply it up to 4 times automatically with your BOGO .

    You can also stack any available rebates, making some even sweeter deals. Look at the Ibotta app first, which allows you to scan your receipts and grab some cash on the back end.

    See all of our Target BOGO tips here.

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    The Krazy Coupon Lady

    If youre new to couponing, head over to The Krazy Coupon Lady site for expert coupon tips in addition to both printable and online coupons. The website also offers weekly deal matchups by stores, which can be especially helpful when youre first starting out with couponing.

    Deal matchups are helpful guides to the best combination of sales and coupons for a particular store. For example, if a store has General Mills cereal for sale, the coupon matchup for that store will show what available coupons can be used in combination with the sale. Theres usually even a link leading to the coupon so you can print it out.

    Tips To Find And Print All The Internet Coupons You Want

    8 Tips To Find and Print All the Inte…

    Clipping and stacking weeks of coupon inserts is not the only way to save money these days. Manufacturers put tons of printable coupons on the internet, and were going to show you how to get them like scoring a $10 Pampers coupon!

    Heres the lowdown before I get started: Sites like Coupons.com and most brand-specific couponing sites will ask you to enter your phone number or email address to verify your device before printing. I always suggest signing up for an alternative email to use for printable coupons. This way all your coupon promotions and emails go to one spot. And if its a hot coupon, you bet I am making a few extra emails so I can print more.

    Heres how to get started on printing your free coupons:

    Dont forget to for more useful tips.

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    Where Can I Find Manufacturer Coupons

    When it comes to manufacturer coupons, the name of the game is getting as many as you can so you can use them on multiple items and build a small stockpile when you find them at the lowest price possible. KCL recommends just a three to six-month supply, nothing crazy. This way, youre never paying full price for your essentials.

    How Do Coupons Work And What Does Stacking Coupons Mean

    Where To Buy Coupon Inserts & Single Coupons!

    At the most basic level, stacking coupons means using one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon on the purchase of a single item.

    But to get the very best savings possible, you wont want to stop there, youll want to layer more discounts for you guessed it more savings. Ill get into this more, but first, I promised to simplify terminology, so lets cover more definitions.

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    How Not To Stack Coupons

    Now that you know the correct way to do this, let me give you an example of what NOT to do.

    Buy Box of Pampers Diapers for $19.99Use $1/1 manufacturers coupon from the Sunday paperPlus, use $2/1 manufacturers coupons from a coupon bookletAnd, use $2/1 manufacturers coupons a friend gave youAnd hope to pay: $8.99

    You may not stack manufacturer coupons together towards the purchase of one item. Its wrong, and please dont try to explain to your cashier that the couponers on TV told you you could. The couponers on TV are using one manufacturer coupon per item .

    However, while its not a great deal, you could do this:

    Buy Boxes of Pampers Diapers for $19.99 eachUse $1/1 manufacturers coupon from the Sunday paperPlus, use $2/1 manufacturers coupons from a coupon bookletAnd, use $2/1 manufacturers coupons a friend gave youAnd youll pay: way too much for diapers!

    Some people think if they gather the manufacturer coupons from different sources that its OK. No, its not. If you have two coupons that read manufacturer on them, you may not use them together.

    The only instance I can think of that might blur the lines is Rite Aid where, according to their corporate coupon policy, you may stack an in-ad manufacturer coupon with another manufacturer coupon.

    Game The System To Get More Prints And Thus More Coupons

    Heres how to get more coupons, in a fair way:

    • Manufacturers and sites like Coupons.com let you print two coupons from each device you use. So if you want two more of the same printable manufacturer coupons, use a different device like your mobile phone when printing from Coupons.com to print two more coupons.
    • Like I mentioned already, more email addresses means more coupons. Dont be afraid to use a few emails to be able to print the hottest coupons.
    • Watch for coupon resets . This is how youll score extras of your favorite deals.

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