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Walmart Auto Center Oil Change Coupons

Find Out How You Can Save On New Tires Oil Changes & More

Walmart Auto Care Center, Oil Change on the Lube Rack, 7635 N La Cholla Blvd, Tucson, Arizona, 2021

Walmart offers tons of products and services for less then their competitors, and the Walmart Auto Care Center is no exception. Whether youre buying auto parts for a DIY repair or need to take your car in for a tuneup, you can save at Walmartespecially when you find exclusive Walmart deals and coupon codes from Groupon Coupons. From new tires to oil changes and everything in between, we put together a quick and easy guide to all things Walmart Auto Care Center.

Walmarts Tire & Lube Services

Here, we are going to list down the latest estimates Walmart oil change price along with the minor details that can appear on your bill. Please bear in mind that the prices references refer to national pricing and the local pricing may slightly vary. It is therefore a recommendation to confirm with your local store before making any purchase.

How Much Money Can You Save With Walmart Oil Change Coupons

Prices at Walmart can change from time to time, and you need to keep track of the prices on their site. When you use a Walmart oil change coupon, you get discounts in one of these ways:

  • You can either get a specific amount off the final bill
  • Or, you can get a percentage discount
  • Or, you can get a certain number of oil changes

All these three ways you save money. You need to keep checking for Walmart oil change coupons to find the best deals. We regularly display the current and updated coupons and offers on this site.

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Make Sure You Get A Warranty To Help With The Cost Of Repairs You Cant Get At Walmart

Car repairs can be absurdly expensive, and you can expect those unexpected repairs before too long no matter what vehicle you drive.

If you have to replace the transmission in your car it could cost you more than $5,000

Depending on your vehicle it could cost you up to $10,000 to replace the engine block.

If that seems absurd to you, luckily you arent alone.

A vehicle service contract from Protect My Car can help cover the cost of these excessive repairs. In fact, you could pay as little as $100 dollars for that $5,000 transmission replacement.

Yes, you heard that right.

For less that the cost of a cup of coffee each day, you can get coverage for:

  • Steering
  • Navigation and Electronics
  • and so much more.

When you walk into the repair shop with a coverage plan from PMC, you can rest assured that you will never pay for these repairs listed here. You pay a $100 deductible, just like insurance and we pay the rest.

Does that sound like a fair deal to you?

If it does, just fill out the form below for a free quote, and see how great it can be to never have to pay for car repairs ever again.

About Protect My Car

Looking for Something?

Brief History Of Walmart

Printable Walmart Oil Change Coupons Online

Walmart was founded 54 years ago in July 2nd 1962 by Sam Walton. He initially founded the store with an aim of reducing prices of products so as to increase the volumes sold. The sales of products gradually increased year after year. Within a period of five years the company had already established 24 stores in Arkansas. It was only in 1968 that it was able to go past Arkansas and set up stores in different areas like Missouri and Oklahoma. By 1970 the company already 38 stores with a total of 1500 employees. This number grew very rapidly as by 1987 it had 1198 stores. It kept this pace and eventually became the largest retailer in the United States in terms of revenue in 1990. It still holds this position to this day.

Walmart got into the automotive industry through the car services they provided such as the oil change and lube services. The company quickly made a name for itself in this industry due to their low prices for high quality services. They have already gained a large customer base and they plan to move even further into this industry. They recently announced that they would start selling cars and their customers couldnt be more delighted . Given the level of trust they have with their customers, this venture is bound to be successful.

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Walmart Oil Change Prices And Fees

Walmart Auto Service center offers many different services with the most popular one being oil change. As can be expected Walmart oil change prices are best in the industry and start at $19.98 for the basic one named the pit crew. If you are looking for more advanced oil change such as High Mileage or Power and Performance they offer that as well at a slightly higher price . With four different oil change packages we know you must be wondering which one is right for you? Below we will go over the cost of each Walmart oil change and explain exactly what you get for each one.

Walmart Oil Change Coupons And Prices

In this tough economy every dime counts and printable coupons are a great way to save money. With the coupons and discounts on offer everywhere there is no need for you to pay full price for any service. If youre looking for a way to get a discount on vehicle maintenance then print off Walmart oil change coupons. Walmart is a trusted brand offering great prices on all auto services. They have over 2,500 auto centers nationwide with certified technicians ready and waiting to check and service your engine. With printable coupons for oil change you can get better cost changing the engine oil at Walmart.

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What Is A Walmart Oil Change

Walmart Oil changes happen at their dedicated Lube and Tire shops attached to the sides of most locations.

Here are the four options to choose from.

  • Pit Crew- $19.88 Lube, oil, and filter plus battery and tire pressure check
  • Standard oil change $29.88 All the above plus lube services incl. vaccum, all essential fluids check/topped off, air filter check, and all lights checked.
  • High mileage- $39.88 Includes up to 5 quarts of featured High Mileage or Semi-Synthetic oil.
  • Power & Performance oil change $49.88 Includes up to 5 quarts of featured High Mileage or Semi-Synthetic oil

Modeled after popular oil change centers like Jiffy Lube and Speedee oil change, your typical experience will be like the video of one customer below, a lube tech will greet you, take down some information, and inform you how long the service will take.

After you leave your keys, your car moves up the line until its driven into a service bay, drained of oil, topped up with fresh oil per your cars recommendation via their internal system or, more commonly, by making sure it doesnt go over the fill line on your dipstick. And, if you got any oil service beyond Pit Crew, the lube techs will go through all the proper checks.

After the oil change, your car is driven out, parked, and the key returned to the front desk where youre informed your car is ready. Then you pay.

Walmart Oil Change Prices 2022

Dexos Oil Change, Walmart Auto Care Center, 7635 N La Cholla Blvd, Tucson, Arizona, GP043453

Here you can find all you should know about Walmart oil change prices, how much does a basic oil change costs at Walmart auto care centers aka Pit Crew Package, the price of a synthetic and high mileage motor oil change. Also, here you can find information about Walmart auto care centers working hours, wait time, search for nearby places and explore Walmart oil change centers near you that offer the cheapest oil change.

Walmart is certainly on the list of the largest oil retailers. The company is equipped with relevant resources to undertake any car repair services. Their employees are all certified which increases the chances of ensuring the cars brought to their car repair stations leave performing effectively as if they are brand new. The focus of this article is however about the cost of Walmarts oil replacement as well as how to get a quality but cheap oil change. For that reason, we have collected coupons here some Walmart oil change coupons.

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What You Need To Know Before You Go

Getting an oil change used to be simple. Service options were limited, and $20 to $25 every three months or so covered the costs for pretty much any car. Today, things are much more complicated. For car owners who don’t want to roll up their sleeves and do it themselves, there’s an almost endless array of choice. Aside from your local mechanic or car dealership, a slew of popular national and regional chains offer quick oil changes. Some auto-parts stores go beyond selling supplies to provide basic maintenance services, and even some big-box retailers, such as Walmart, have gotten into the oil change game.

Synthetic oil, synthetic blends, and high-mileage oil, which may be necessary to meet car-specific needs or manufacturers’ recommendations, also cost more than conventional, “organic” motor oil. The good news is that full synthetic oils have higher resistance to breaking down, extending their useful life from the typical 3,000 miles to 7,500 miles or even 15,000 miles between changes. Over time, then, synthetics can prove more cost effective or at least not any more costly than conventional oil.

Finally, when changing a vehicle’s oil, changing the oil filter at the same time is a must. Filters come in a variety of grades. A basic oil filter is fine for a conventional oil change, but for synthetic oil especially if you plan to push the boundaries of those change intervals a higher-quality filter, with finer filtration, is the better choice.

Shopping Tip: If Youre Worried About Choosing The Right Tire Input Your Cars Make Model And Year At The Top Of The Tire Homepage To Only View Tires That Will Fit Your Car

      • Lifetime balance and rotation every 7,500 miles
      • Valve stem/TPMS service pack
      • Additional $10 per tire fee for tires not bought from Walmart
  • Value: $25 per tire
    • Everything in the basic package
    • Road hazard protection warranty, which covers repairs from unforeseen road hazards and flat tire repairs
  • Lifetime balance & rotation: $12 per tire
  • Valve stem/TPMS service pack: $3 per tire
  • Flat tire repair : $12 per tire
  • Tire mounting : $10 per tire
  • Tire mounting : $5 per tire
  • Tire rotation: $2.50 per tire
  • Lug nut replacement: $3 per lug nut
  • Road hazard warranty: $10 per tire

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Walmart Oil Change Prices

How much is an oil change Walmart with coupons

Hidden Prices. Usually the drivers automobile take the ad paper and see there is an advertisement offering to get an oil change service for low prices just $19.95. It means that they try to attract a client as soon as possible and then, when they finish their work, the check says you have to pay $29.99 instead of price $19.95 deal. Why? Its just because they included additional repair service. Using Walmart autocenter promo coupons, this cost automatically is going to be reduced.

Avoid full price payment.

Walmart Promo Code: 20% Off

Sears Oil Change Coupons 2019

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Walmart Auto Care Centers

Obviously vehicle ownership and maintenance can be expensive. Walmart Auto Care Centers to the rescue!

Without the proper care and maintenance, you run the risk of really getting yourself into a bad financial situation.

Your best defense against an surprise vehicle expenses is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Many people might overlook Walmart as a place to get car care. If you live in the United States, Walmart is an affordable option for helping you with your auto maintenance needs with the assistance of certified technicians.

One of the biggest mistakes that Ive seen people make is not keeping their vehicles maintained because they think they cant afford it. To be honest, you cant afford NOT to regularly maintain your vehicle. Walmart Auto Service can help! As a part of Walmart stores, Wal-mart auto cares expert technicians can help you to keep up on lots of important maintenance tasks and oil services.

Use A Walmart Coupon For Oil Change To Save Money

So, would you like to discover the most attractive Walmart prices for the oil change in your local area? Follow a simple plan of action. Visit this website frequently to search for new offers!

We want to help you save as much money as possible. By obtaining an oil change at the recommended interval for your vehicle, you will help maintain your car or truck in good working condition. Cars that dont receive any oil changes will eventually encounter mechanical problems.

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Find A Walmart Auto Care Location Near Me

To find a Walmart Auto Care Center near you, youll want to check the Walmart Store Finder and then look for stores that have auto centers.

Im always sharing tips for saving money on family travel and adventure, and keeping your car maintained is one of those things that will not only help you to be ready for your next adventure, but it will also help you to avoid break downs or issues while you are on the road.

Also, heres a helpful tip. Consider using a moovit app as finding a mode of transportation if they need to keep your car longer than expected.

Most of all, I highly recommend getting to know the technicians from your local Walmart Auto Center because the key to great service is finding people you like and trust and as we all know, that isnt always the case. When you find a technician that you are happy with, stick with them and recommend them when you return for your next service!

The same thing goes if you are looking for a tire shop near me because when you need one, you need one! So keep these tips handy or saved so that the next time you find yourself googling or asking Siri for the closest tire shop or auto care center, youll know how to start your search! You dont really realize how bad youll need the closest tire shop until you need it!

Viscosity Grades Whats That Number Mean

$19.88 Pit Crew Oil Change Special at Walmart Auto Car Center with Jimmy Houston

The thicker an oil, the more it will resist flowing.

This resistance to flow is called viscosity. The numbers on motor oil bottles usually refer to this property. An example of such a number is 5W-20.

The W means winter, which means that the oil has been tested in cold temperatures, and the 5 refers to viscosity of the liquid in cold temperatures.

As this number decreases so does the viscosity of the liquid. For example, if it was a 15 instead of a 5 that would mean that it would flow slower thus more viscous in cold temperatures. The 20 refers to the viscosity of the liquid in hot temperatures.

The number increases with the thickness of the oil in hot temperatures .

For a sedan and sports car I would recommend using full-synthetic motor oil.

This would ensure that the engine is well-lubricated at both cold and hot temperatures.

For a sports utility vehicle, truck and minivan I would recommend synthetic blend motor oil since these vehicles normally carry heavy loads.

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Bookmark This Website Today

Never spend time again wondering: How to save money on Walmart oil change? By using a special offer when you seek car maintenance services, youll obtain a much better idea of the total cost. Best of all, youll know youve taken action to save money! Use attractive Walmart auto coupons on a regular basis to obtain savings on the total cost of the oil change at Walmart auto service.

Go ahead and bookmark this website now. This simple step will help you return to locate Walmart auto centers coupons for oil change services. By visiting us frequently, you may discover deals for other important auto care services, too.


Walmart Oil Change Prices Explained

Walmart Auto Care Centers perform standard, high-mileage, and synthetic oil changes, Walmart corporate customer service representatives said. We also contacted Walmart Auto Care Centers in Louisiana, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas, and representatives from every location confirmed that they offer all three types of oil changes.

Walmart oil change prices vary by location, but you can expect to pay between $25 and $30 for a standard oil change. High-mileage oil changes typically range from $35 to $40, and synthetic oil changes cost between $45 and $50. You can request an oil change any time the Walmart Auto Care Center is open hours vary by location. An oil change usually takes between 15 and 45 minutes, not including wait time if the shop is busy.

Walmart doesnt offer coupons, discounts, or other ways to save on its low prices including its oil change prices customer service representatives said. You can, however, get a basic Pit Crew oil change, instead of a standard oil change, for about $20. The Pit Crew oil change includes a transmission fluid and brake check but excludes some of the additional services included in the standard oil change, while still meeting industry standards.

For more about other auto care services available at Walmart, see our articles on its tire services, radiator flush services, and brake services.

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