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Vsauce Curiosity Box Coupon Code

Phase Locking Folk Toy 20

The Curiosity Box by Vsauce (Best Of Boxes Edition) Received January 2018 || Unboxing

A post shared by physicsfun on Jul 6, 2020 at 10:44am PDT

This plastic version of the toy is from the 1990s and I’m not sure of its orgin. However, it is not hard to construct these toys.

A detailed physics analysis of this toy was publisehd in 2018 : Physics of the mechanical toy Gee-Haw Whammy Diddle

Versions of the regular Gee Haw Whimmy Diddle available from these sources:

From eBay: BUY NOW Hooey Stick Folk Toy

Phase Locking Folk Toy 2.0: this version of the hooey stick toy has two rotors- and often they will rotate in opposite directions! Just as with the regular version of this toy rubbing the stick over the notches creates vibrations- and can lead to an up and down motion of the shaft in the center of the rotors. The hole in each rotor is larger than the shaft, and when the shaft/notched stick is vibrating it only touches the rotor for a short time each cycle- if the timing is right the stick collides with the rotor such that friction gives it nudge with each vibration to set it spinning- and this can work either clockwise or counterclockwise. Sometimes they spin the same direction and sometimes opposite, which seems to depend on initial conditions and a bit of luck.

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Star Wars Mirror Illusion

May 22, 2020 at 10:51am PDT

These triangle coins are often available on eBay.

Fron eBay: Search NOW: Bermuda Triangle Coin

The silver proof versions can be expansive, but sometimes the circulated coins are available at a lower price.

Click to see more: shapes of constant width

Coins of Constant Width: the only coins produced in the shape of the Reuleaux triangle, issued in 1997 and 1998 by Bermuda. The special convex shape of the Reuleaux triangle will roll, because like a circle they have the same diameter from one side to the other, no matter their orientation. To demonstrate this property note here how two straightedge rulers remain parallel as the coins rotate between them, just as one would expect circles to behave! Bermuda triangle coins were only produced for two years and featured Elizabeth II on the front and shipwrecks on the back- this one depicts the wreck of the Sea Venture.

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Sphere And Other Orbiforms

These volumes of constant width available for order now: choose from brass, copper, or stainless steel

From AltDynamic: BUY NOW: Sphere and Orbiforms

Sphere and other Orbiforms: pi day special post- volumes of constant width made from solid brass. These shapes have constant diameter no matter their orientation and will roll like spheres between two planes- note how the acrylic plate stays parallel to the table as the sphere and other orbiforms roll underneath. The first orbiform is based on the Reuleaux triangle and the second on a Reuleaux pentagon. Fun pi fact- the perimeter of any shape of constant width is alway equal to the diameter multiplied by pi: P=d.

Vsauce Curiosity Box Coupon Overview

The Curiosity Box by VSauce Subscription Box Review ...

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Vsauce Curiosity Box Coupon

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The Curiosity Box. 4,8 tusind Synes godt om. The Curiosity Box delivers Vsauces favorite science toys, puzzles, books, games, and more right to your door! Every item is hand-selected by Michael,…

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· The 12th Curiosity Box has arrived! My favorite lootbox with all kinds of science stuff. This month has some interesting activities including 3D drawing paper and glasses, a sand pendulum …

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· Hello Everyone, Today we are Unboxing The Curiosity Box by Vsauce, not sure which quarter it is for, we think its the Best Of Boxes Edition. . This is a …

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Who Is Curiosity Box For

From exploring our first Curiosity Box with my nine-year-old son, I feel this is for older kids and adults. If youre looking for an age range, Id say 10+. Officially, it is for everyone 13+. Younger kids will still enjoy some of the activities, but they might not really get what they are doing.

My six-year-old daughter thought the science experiments were fun but didnt fully grasp some ideas like the solar can .

Thats not to say that younger kids wont find Curiosity Box interesting. Some of the science toys included were fun for everyone. My son especially liked showing off one of the puzzles to his younger sister.

If your kids are on the young side and you want to check out some of their science and puzzle toys sold separately, you can find all of them here.

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Water Drop Pulse Kinetic Sculpture

Art by Philippe Bouveret available here:From the artist: BUY NOW

Water Drop Pulse Kinetic Sculpture: Heart In A Bottle is a kinetic art sculpture by Philippe Bouveret that utilizes the amazingly strong surface tension and adhesive properties of water. Two halves of a heart are attached to a wire spring which is periodically pulled together in a zipper like fashion by a single drop of water . The engineered system in the top bulb emits a water drop that adheres to the two wires, and as it falls surface tension pulls and connects the spring wires, which stay stuck together until gravity pulls down and thins the water coating enough such that the spring force can overcome the waters adhesion. The halves of the heart then undergo vibrations that damp out until another drop forms in a process that repeats a few times a minute.

The Curiosity Box By Vsauce Summer 2020 Subscription Box Review

Magnetic Fun! VSAUCE The Curiosity Box 20 Summer 2021! Itâs alive!

The Curiosity Box is a quarterly subscription box to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Each box comes with 6-9 items that will not only entertain, but also educate you and your family. The subscription is $49.90 per quarter and a portion of all proceeds are donated to fund Alzheimers research.

This is their box #16! The box is filled with stuff that will feed your mind.

Some of the items in the box were wrapped in plastic.

The inside of the boxs top lid introduces us to INQ!

The Curiosity Box has a separate information card its great for quick reference and for when someone steals your Curiosity Quarterly for bathroom reading.

It contains a list of all the goodies this quarter! And as always, INQ the octopus is our guide through the box.

On one of the previous boxes, they announced that there wont be a magazine included in the boxes as they wanted to increase the quality of what the subscribers get in the box, try out new ideas and enhance interactivity, and will include a monthly newsletter instead, which will be delivered directly to the subscribers inbox. The newsletter will still include thought-provoking articles and in-depth coverage of the box contents.

Everything in the box!

Engare Steam Game.

Engare is a game about motion and geometry. Part puzzle game, part drawing tool, Engare is all about your geometric imagination.

The game works on Windows and Mac OS X.

There are several boxes that Im really excited to open!

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Viscous Flow Resin Lamps

From EP Designlab: BUY NOW: Block Design Resin LampsBatteries last 3hours + and each lamp comes with a charging cableSpecial discount for @physicsfun followers on all EP Lightsuse coupon code: PHYS2019 on all EP Lights LED Bulb Art

Viscous Flow Resin Lamp: art from mixing high viscosity fluids. Each lamp from EP Designlab captures a unique pattern based on the physics of nondiffusive turbulence resulting from the mixing of viscous fluids- in this case silicone resins. When the resins cure the pattern is captured and frozen in place- and these blocks are ready to display with USB rechargeable LED illumination in the base. With this process no two lamps are alike, and all capture intricate mixing physics.

Get this beautiful two layer radiometer here:

From Mr. Sci: BUY NOW: Double Radiomenter

Single fly radiometers available from these sources: From Educational Innovations: BUY NOW Radiometer A wide variety available here, including some nice blown glass displays: From Amazon: BUY NOW Radiometers Hundreds of options on eBay: From eBay: BUY NOW Radiometers

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Vsauce Drinking Bird Heat Engine

This orange drinking bird came in my subscrioton to The Curiostiy Box- highly reccomended!From the Vsauce team: subscribe today: The Curiosity Box

The classic drinking bird heat engine can be found here:From Educational Innovations: BUY NOW Drinking Bird Engine

Drinking Bird Heat Engine: this classic physics toy came in my The Curiosity Box which provided this orange species of the bird complete with dapper top hat emblazoned with the Vsauce logo. Cooling by evaporation at the head leads to lower pressure in the top bulb, the pressure in the bottom bulb pushes the dichloromethane fluid up the neck making the bird top heavy and the bird tips over dipping its beak and letting the fluid return to the bottom bulb. The process repeats, and as long as the top stays wet and cooler than the bottom this heat engine will continue to cycle.

How Much Does Curiosity Box Cost

The Curiosity Box by VSauce Fall 2020 Subscription Box ...

The plans are simple as we only have two options, per box or a yearly plan. An added benefit is a portion of all proceeds is donated to fund Alzheimers research.

  • $49.90 per box seasonal plan.
  • $45.90 per box yearly plan with one payment of $183.60. Use coupon code BRAINFOOD for 10% off a quarterly or annual subscription.

As a reminder, these are seasonal, so youll only receive four boxes a year. $8 flat rate U.S. shipping. They provide international shipping, but the cost will be calculated during check out.

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About The Curiosity Box

Discount Codes

Since as a matter of principle, The curiosity box basically in the beginning at the initial stage of a proceeding curiosity box creates the number of boxes. Which mainly serves the idea of education and the process of receiving and giving systematic instruction all through the help of intricate and creatively built puzzles, experiments, toys based on physics and mathematics. That is how, curiosity box looked like from the word go, in the first instance.

  • Natural sciences made easy with The curiosity box

Therefore, The curiosity boxes are associating the very subject hereby weighing up all the adequate measures about giving you a closed book in the configuration of substantial boxes. Which unerringly consolidates along with considering each notion in turn. All concerning time, place and management. Making the students by the academics tutorial of Vsauce and their methodical teachings, within the reach of the students. While making a much better opportunity for students to set for their next object of the exercise under the aegis of The curiosity box and its inordinate collection of science and maths interests.

  • Learn the complex concepts of natural sciences with The curiosity box
  • All new collection of the top-end educational interests
  • Purchase the affordable science and mathematics toys online with The curiosity box
    • Know insides of The curiosity box
    • Satiate your fancies for education and fun At the curiosity box

    How Can I Keep Track Of Information On Vsauce Curiosity Box Coupon

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    What Is Curiosity Box

    Curiosity Box is a subscription-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and educational service. In these subscription boxes are mesmerizing science toys, brain-busting puzzles, and exclusive T-shirts made for Curiosity Box customers.

    Every item is hand-selected by the creators of Vsauce, the award-winning science education network with over 3 billion video views.

    It is NOT a monthly subscription like most STEM boxes. They are seasonal, breaking down into these dates:

    • Spring Season February 10
    • Winter Season November 10

    Laser Pointers + Diffraction Grating

    Should you buy the Vsauce Curiosity Box

    A post shared by physicsfun on Feb 26, 2020 at 8:47am PST

    Need a laser pointer? Incredibly, you can get 3 for under $20 : From Amazon: BUY NOW Red+Green+Purple Laser Pointer

    Rainbow Symphony has a nice selection of diffraction gratings and sun catchers:From Amazon: BUY NOW: Diffraction Grating Toys

    LASER Pointers + Diffraction Grating: three frequencies of laser pointer- Red , Green , and Blue . Note that the distance between the intensity maxima is greatest for the red and closest for blue with the green in between. The diffraction grating is the same form as one of those rainbow fireworks glasses- this one from has 13500 lines per inch.

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    When Will Your Box Ship

    I wanted to include this section because it was a little confusing at first. Most other educational subscription crates and boxes are monthly, but The Curiosity Box is seasonal. This means there might be a bit of a gap when you receive your packages.

    How will shipping work, and when will I get my Curiosity Box?

    The newest Curiosity Box will begin shipping within the first week of the following Months: March, June, September, and December.

    For example, if you purchase a box in June , your first package will ship right away. Your next package wont ship until August when shipping for that season begins.

    This is the same for the seasonal plan and the yearly plan.

    For another example, if you order during the winter season, say in January, youll receive the winter box immediately. Then, if you continue for your next order or sign up for the yearly plan, youll receive your spring box in March. So depending on when you order, you could be charged for two boxes in a short amount of time.

    If youd like to look at the FAQ on their site, .

    What Is Vsauce

    Vsauce is a YouTube brand created by internet celebrity Michael Stevens. The channels feature videos on scientific, psychological, mathematical, and philosophical topics.

    In a nutshell, Vsauce answers and explores interesting questions in a deep and meaningful way.

    My kids and I have watched the channel off and on for years, and many of the topics I find interesting because Ive never thought of them before.

    The creators of Vsauce made the Curiosity Box so everyone can have engaging hands-on experiences with science. They do this by creating exciting science toys, and surprising puzzles sent to your door.

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    Why Seasonal

    Another thing Ive noticed after being subscribed to many educational boxes is they can pile up. Kids get busy with school or after-school activities. With only one large box a quarter, your kids will be able to focus on it for longer, getting all the education and fun without rushing to the next one.

    Who We Are

    The Curiosity Box by VSauce Subscription Box Review ...

    The Curiosity Box is a seasonal subscription box for thinkers. Each box is designed and curated by the award-winning creators of Vsauce the internet’s largest science education network with over 26 million subscribers and 3 billion video views.Michael Stevens, Kevin Lieber, and Jake Roper launched the box in 2016 to share their passion for learning in a hands-on way. As part of our mission, each box delivered to your door not only feeds your mind, but also benefits brains worldwide. A portion of all proceeds are donated to Alzheimers Research and the Inquisitive Fellowship for science communication.

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