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Quik Smog Mountain View Coupon

Update By J Mills August 2013

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Jorge’s test-only center quoted $50 for test and certificate transfer .

I printed a coupon from for “Quick Smog” at 2235 Old Middlefield for $29.95 + $10 transfer. But it turned out their equipment was broken when I called.

I printed a coupon from for “Premier Smog” at 101 E. El Camino, Mtn View for $29.95. Transfer fee was $8.25. No wait, quick, guy was very nice.

A Star Certified Station Inside Mgm Gas Station On Moffett Blvd

Very friendly and quickly serviced. Me. Able take only 15mins to Do smog check. Very happy for service. Thanks againVery professional. Make sure you read the fine print. Extra $8.25 for DMV cert but everywhere charges it.It was quick the smog technician was helpful in performing the service that I needed. I will definitely be coming back ag.Friendly, professional and efficient in their services.


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