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Jiffy Lube Basic Oil Change Coupon

The Story Of The Company

jiffy lube oil change coupon

Jiffy Lube may be known for its low-cost products however since its inception the business has been primarily driven by ingenuity. It was founded on the year 1971 by Edwin Washburn in Ogden, Utah The growth of the initial shop led to the establishment of a franchise model that has spread across the United States.

When JLI was listed on the stock exchange in 1987, JLI had grown to more than 1,000 franchises. It then increased to 1,500 franchises in the 1990s. The expansion continues, securing JLIs position in the ranks of the largest service companies in America.

To find out more details about JLI as well as Jiffy Lube, visit their corporate website.

Jiffy Lube Prices Are Very Pocket

Jiffy Lube oil change price is reasonable as all their mechanics were all trained to have the proper knowledge of every type of model on each car and they will not put anyone on the line without any proper mechanical training at all. They are also considered as one of the most reputable change oil services in the entire nation. They are very dependable and you will have peace of mind that your vehicle will be there for you anywhere you go.

Together with Jiffy Lube coupons availability, this is the type of service you want for your valued vehicle. Also, Jiffy Lube is helping its customers by offering reminder stickers to help drivers monitor their change oil intervals.

There is a huge saving that drivers reap out of tracking their change oil because this will make their vehicles always in good condition to reduce the cost of repairs. It is amazing to know that despite the reduced Jiffy Lube prices, their technology has increased the betterment of their service.

Jiffy is now using state of the Art computing technology that can educate vehicle owners about maintenance services. Customers are favored by lots of coupons and promotional offers that can provide freedom to drivers to go to any service center of Jiffy Lube because their record is also traveling with them. The good news is that the customer does not have to pay for this service.

How Do I Know What To Do When My Oil Light Comes On

When the oil light on your dashboard is illuminated, it means your vehicle needs service: likely an oil change and a new oil filter. Take your vehicle to a service center with trained technicians, like your local Jiffy Lube. At Jiffy Lube®, your technician will do more than just replace your oil and filter and put a reminder sticker on your windshield. Theyll also perform a full courtesy inspection, including inspecting your vehicles battery, fluids, lights, and belts. Additionally, theyll check and adjust your tire pressure, clean your exterior windows, and vacuum the carpets inside your vehicle.

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% Off Additional Services

See store for qualifying services. Excludes brakes, tires, batteries, repair services and state inspections. Not valid with any other offer for same service. Must present coupon at time of service. Valid only at participating Southern California Jiffy Lube locations. Jiffy Lube, the Jiffy Lube design mark and Jiffy Lube Signature Service® are registered trademarks of Jiffy Lube International, Inc. © 2021 Jiffy Lube International, Inc.

Expires 3/31/22

Cant I Just Top Off The Oil Myself

Oil Change Coupons Jiffy Lube Coupons

Your oil can be topped off in an emergency situation, but its not a replacement for a proper oil change. Thats because the old, worn out oil is still trapped in the system. And when it mixes with the new oil, it keeps that fresh oil from working as well as it should. So a complete oil change involves draining the oil from a drain plug located on the bottom of your engine, under the vehicle.

Recently, some technicians have developed a suction method that removes the oil by siphoning rather than draining. But regardless of which method is used, its essential that the old oil is removed and that oil changes are performed as often as your manufacturer recommends.

Following those recommendations is critical. So when youre evaluating a service center, dont just ask, How much is an oil change here? Make sure to ask whether their technicians follow the guidelines set by your automaker. At Jiffy Lube®, thats what we do every day. And whether your vehicle needs an oil change, new brakes, or you just want an inspection, the technicians at your local Jiffy Lube® are always eager to help.

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$20 Off Signature Service Synthetic Oil Change

Coupon required. No appointment necessary. Offer only valid on Synthetic oil changesIncludes up to 5 quarts of motor oil. Extra charge for 4x4s.This coupon cannot be combined with Fleet discounts or any other offers. Only valid at participating Southern California Jiffy Lube locations.

Expires 3/31/22

The Best Of Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube may have made its name on quick and effective oil changes, but it offers a wide range of services that will spruce up your car in a flash. Give yourself the cleanest car and the clearest vision on the road by using your Jiffy Lube discount on exterior and glass services. Whether you need your windscreen repaired or a light bulb replacement, you can get your car sorted in a jiffy!

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Inquire From Different Branches

The price of a Jiffy Lube oil change depends on many things, and one of them is the location. It is more expensive in big cities and busy locations. If you want to save money, look for a branch away from central areas.

Luckily, the website has a functional search bar feature. Type the zip, city, or state, and you can find a list of nearby branches. You can see their contact details, so you can call and inquire about the rates before your visit.

Jiffy Lube Oil Change Prices 2022

Places to find free and printable Jiffy Lube Oil Change Coupons Online

This isnt your typical oil change. No matter what type of oil you choose, whether its a conventional or synthetic blend, high mileage and full synthetic Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change is an all-inclusive preventive maintenance service to examine, change the oil, check, and fill up vital systems and parts in your automobile. We also vacuum the inside of your car as well as clean your exterior windows.

We also dont forget to check on your car during oil changes. With every Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change, we provide complimentary fluid top-off service on vital fluids including motor oil , transmission, power steering, differential/transfer case, and washer fluids.

Simply stop in the vicinity of three miles of the mileage you have used for your service and well fill up to 2 quarters of each fluid depending on the amount you require.

Jiffy Lube assists you to pick the best engine oil to suit your vehicle. Find out what is the best oil for your vehicle using the chart of oil comparison below:


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What Is Included In A Jiffy Lube Oil Change

In addition to the reputation of the company, An oil change in Jiffy Lube is worth every cent because of the quality of services provided. There are many extras available that will prompt you to return when you require an additional vehicle service.

Most of the time the oil change service at Jiffy Lube includes the following:

  • The replacement of the high-quality five-quart motor oils based on compatibility with the engine
  • The process of changing oil filters
  • Checking of critical elements, such as engine air filter system, wiper blades, a reservoir for coolant outside lighting, serpentine belts, and the chassis
  • Filling and checking tire pressure and windshield washer fluid Power steering fluid and transmission fluid
  • Cleaning windows on the exterior and vacuuming the floors in the interior

How much, again, is the cost of an oil replacement in Jiffy Lube? Jiffy Lube offers four different types of oil change that include Conventional Oil , Synthetic Blend , and High Mileage oil or Full Synthetic Oil .

How Much Is An Oil Change At Jiffy Lube

On average, an oil change at Jiffy Lube will cost anywhere from $29.99 to $75.99. This is a reasonable rate, especially considering the kind of service you can expect and the prices from their competitors.

However, note that different factors can impact the specific oil change cost at Jiffy Lube. For instance, it can change depending on the location of the service center and the type of car. Nonetheless, the biggest influence on its price is the type of engine oil, as we will discuss below:

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Sound Complicated Not For The Trained Technicians At Jiffy Lube

You may find its easier to bring your car into Jiffy Lube when the Malfunction Indicator Light or check engine light comes on. Sometimes referred to as engine diagnostic testing, it begins with the technician using a scanner to read the DTC generated by the indicator light.

Then the DTC data is analyzed, which helps the technician effectively and efficiently identify any performance issues. If, for example, the data indicates an ignition system problem, the ignition system is the first place the Jiffy Lube technician will check.

Did you know your vehicles computer system has an impressive memory? It remembers problems that may have flared up briefly and then returned to normal. Reviewing this past data can help the technician detect patterns and irregularities, which is valuable in isolating the problem at hand.

After identifying any issues, the technician may recommend repairs, such as cleaning or replacing defective parts. But before any work is done, the Jiffy Lube technician will present you with a written estimate and answer any questions you may have. At Jiffy Lube, our goal is to make sure you understand whats going on, every step of the way.

Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change

Jiffy lube synthetic oil change coupon  COUPON

This isn’t your standard oil change. Whether its conventional, high mileage, synthetic blend or full synthetic oil, the Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change is a comprehensive preventive maintenance service to check, change, inspect and fill essential systems and components of your vehicle. And, we vacuum the interior of your vehicle as well as clean exterior windows.

And, we don’t forget about your vehicle between oil changes. With every Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change, we provide complimentary fluid top-off service on vital fluids including motor oil , transmission, power steering, differential/transfer case and washer fluids. Just stop by within 3,000 miles of your service mileage, and we will top off up to two quarts per fluid, as needed.

Jiffy Lube® helps you select the perfect motor oil for your ride. See whats best for your ride using the oil comparison chart below:Conventional

  • Specially designed for engines over 75,000 miles
  • Helps replenish worn and leaky seals
  • Helps restore lost compression

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$15 Off Signature Service Blend Or High Mileage Oil Change

Coupon required. No appointment necessary. Offer only valid on Blend or High Mileage oil changesIncludes up to 5 quarts of motor oil. Extra charge for 4x4s.This coupon cannot be combined with Fleet discounts or any other offers. Only valid at participating Southern California Jiffy Lube locations.

Expires 3/31/22

Oil Change Coupons Synthetics & High Mileage Oils

Save $7.25 on a Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil change for conventional oil. Use the $10.25 coupon for semi-synthetic and high mileage only and the $13.25 coupon for full synthetic Pennzoil Platinum or Ultra only. Print your coupon here or display your smartphone at checkout. Click, print, and save at any of our Indianapolis & northern Indiana stores. Find Jiffy Lube of Indiana locations here. You may show this page at checkout from your mobile device to redeem. Only valid at Jiffy Lube store locations owned and operated by Indiana Lube Group.


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The Jiffy Lube Experience

  • We’re fast

    Our name says it all. Were proud to provide quick and convenient service that will get you & your vehicle back on the road in a JIFFY.

  • We have a location close to you

    With 2,200 locations, we make it easy for you to receive expert service close to your home or workplace!

  • Appointment-Free

    Drop by during our store hours, our expert team is ready to help you with all of your vehicles servicing needs!

  • Signature Service Guarantee

    Our Signature Service Guarantee warrants our products and workmanship for 3 months or 5,000 km after the service.

  • We service all makes and models

    We care about the details and all service recommendations are based on your vehicles mileage and owners manual.

  • We’re clean and comfortable

    Our team is both professional and caring, ensuring that you and your vehicle are in great hands.

  • Our talented and trained team

    Our expert teams educate customers, so they can be confident that they are making informed choices.

  • We’re meticulously thorough

    Our detail-oriented team takes pride in the quality of their work and makes certain that your vehicle receives all of its servicing needs.

Synthetic Oil & Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Jiffy Lube Oil Change Coupon – Lower Down Oil Change Cost with Jiffy Lube Oil Change Coupon

Synthetic and synthetic blend motor oils are designed to be the highest quality motor oil available for your vehicle, for when you want the best protection and performance possible.

What is synthetic motor oil? Simply put, synthetic motor oil is specifically created from chemical compounds. These formulations allow scientists to create motor oil that at a molecular level is able to provide superior, more complete protection for your engine than conventional oils can. This means a series of complicated-sounding but significant benefits, like less evaporative loss, a higher viscosity index, greater resistance to oxidation thermal breakdown and sludge problems. Plus, markedly superior low and high temperature performance. Bottom line: synthetic oil helps keep your engine as close to new as possible for as long as possible, which adds up to you having greater peace of mind on the road.

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When Should I Schedule My Oil Change

Different auto manufacturers suggest different times to change the oil in your vehicle. While some may suggest every 5,000 miles, we believe that most cars require maintenance and oil changes every 3,000 miles to keep running smoothly. To maintain optimal performance and prolong your cars life, schedule your next oil change with us. Oil is the lifeblood of your car and needs to be changed out to avoid gunking up your engine. Old oil contains abrasive particles that can damage your engine if left untreated. Make sure youre staying on top of your oil change schedule by contacting Jiffy Lube.

Jiffy Lube Oil Change Prices Vs Customer Satisfaction

Many drivers choose to had their car be maintained and fixed by Jiffy Lube because of the quality and affordability of the service offered. The company is focusing on quality than quantity so they are just accepting the number of cars that they can really accommodate in terms of maintenance and repairs. This is the kind of service that many companies have failed to deliver to their customers.

Some companies thought to reduce their service rate in order to lowdown the cost of their oil. Jiffy Lube has 2,000 service centers in the whole of North America. The company giving affordable and quality oil and service to its customers and this is one way for them to give back to their loyal clients for many years.

Prices of oil change at Jiffy Lube car care centers are determined by the volume of the business or service that has been done.

The service is done fast and they offer the most preventative maintenance services. They also have friendly faces that you feel are worth it when you are eventually paying for the service.

The services vary from washing the windows, vacuums the floors, they check all the fuels and top them up if needed, the lube suspension, inflate your tires and offer a top of a program where you can get those fluids topped off at affordable costs. On average, prices for oil change service are less expensive in the Jiffy lube stations than in your dealer service shop or just the regular garage.

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How Much Oil Does My Car Need

If we had a nickel for every time someone asked us, How much oil does my car need, well, wed have a lot. The truth is, it depends on what kind of vehicle you have. In the past, almost all cars and trucks required five quarts of oil for an oil change. But now, with the greater range of engines found in modern vehicles, that number can range from four quarts to 10 quarts or more. Ask the trained technicians at Jiffy Lube® how much oil is appropriate for your vehicle and if theres an oil that could improve your vehicles performance. They can recommend a quality Pennzoil® product that meets your manufacturers guidelines for engine oil.

$12 Off Signature Service Conventional Oil Change

Free Printable Jiffy Lube Coupon October 2017

Coupon required. No appointment necessary. Offer only valid on Signature Service® Conventional oil changesIncludes up to 5 quarts of motor oil. Extra charge for 4x4s.This coupon cannot be combined with Fleet discounts or any other offers. Only valid at participating Southern California Jiffy Lube locations.

Expires 3/31/22 Code A12CON

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Jiffy Lube Helps You Select The Perfect Motor Oil For Your Ride See Whats Best For Your Ride Using The Oil Comparison Chart Below:

  • Conventional

conventional oil: A lot of customers prefer to use the cost-effectiveness and familiarity of traditional motor oil, especially if the vehicle doesnt have to endure harsh driving conditions, such as dusty/dirty roads, frequent short journeys, and driving in extreme cold or heat or towing large loads.

Synthetic Blend Oil An amalgamation of conventional and synthetic oils that acts as an intermediate between the two providing better protection and performance than conventional oils can provide, particularly in harsh driving conditions. However, it is not as effective as a complete synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil : Motor oil is specially designed to provide the best levels of security and efficiency to give you absolute security. A growing number of automobile manufacturers are now requiring it. Find out if yours fits part of one.


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