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Jiffy Lube Air Conditioning Coupon

Air Filter Crosses With A Live Chipmunk

Jiffy Lube Air Miles Reward Miles 2016
  • This scam is almost too stupid to believe.

One story from a separate Reddit thread involves an air filter filled with twigs, leaves, nuts, and a live chipmunk. The worker tried to convince a customer he needed a new air filter, which was actually replaced two weeks earlier by the customer. When that didnt work, the worker claimed the brake pads needed to be replaced, too. Buyer beware.Next: Why you should always pay attention to your car.

How Your A/c Works

Your vehicle air conditioner works to remove the humidity and heat from inside your passenger compartment. Powered by a belt, the A/C compressor compresses the refrigerant to pressurize it and pump it through the system. The refrigerant is pushed through a valve where pressure and temperature are reduced. The now-cool refrigerant travels through the evaporator in the passenger compartment. As a result, cool air is blown into your vehicle. This refrigerant returns to the compressor, where the cycle begins once again.

Now through September 30, 2018, get $10 off an A/C recharge at participating Jiffy Lube of Indiana stores with coupon code, AC10!

Regular preventive maintenance will keep your vehicles air conditioning system operating at its peak. An A/C recharge is available at most Jiffy Lube locations in Central and Northern Indiana. Visit our Store Locator for specific addresses and stop by to see how your vehicle could benefit from an A/C Recharge. No appointment necessary! We also offer brakes, tires, tune-ups, and minor repair services at these locations!

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Your Engine Oil Is Low

  • The cars always had plenty of oil.

In 2016, dozens of California Jiffy Lubes received a $220,000 fine and three years of probation for various scams they pulled. The states Bureau of Auto Repair had launched a sting operation at these centers following complaints. Before pulling in, inspectors made sure their vehicles were in tip-top shape with all fluids full, so the Jiffy Lubes had no reason to make repairs.After five months and 38 undercover visits, investigators found 37 causes for discipline. In the first example, a Jiffy Lube employee told the undercover investigator the car needed another quart of engine oil even though the fluids were full. When someone at a station tells you your oil is low, ask them to show you. Better yet, check yourself before going into the shop.Next: They charged people to replace a filter but never actually did the work.

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The Air Conditioner Freon Is Low

  • You cant see low Freon levels without looking.

This line was a direct quote from the same Los Angeles Jiffy Lube that sold NBC4 News a battery for no reason. California state law dictates technicians must test an air-conditioner system before making recommendations. The Jiffy Lube in question did not perform those tests, then lied about the Freon levels being low. A former manager of the company told the NBC4 team these scams are normal. That happens at every location, he said.Next: This one means ignoring the car manual completely.

The Best Of Jiffy Lube

Oil Change Coupons, Synthetics &  High Mileage

Jiffy Lube may have made its name on quick and effective oil changes, but it offers a wide range of services that will spruce up your car in a flash. Give yourself the cleanest car and the clearest vision on the road by using your Jiffy Lube discount on exterior and glass services. Whether you need your windscreen repaired or a light bulb replacement, you can get your car sorted in a jiffy!

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The Transmission Fluid Is The Wrong Color

  • Its not the color that counts.

Jiffy Lube employees may not be alone in this type of flagrant lie, but they are the most brazen we have on record. In its 31st Cause for Discipline prior to the 2016 California settlement, a Jiffy Lube employee in Castro Valley told undercover investigators the Chevrolets transmission fluid should be bright red, but is dirty and should be changed.You can file that one away in the book of lies, as well. In fact, the color of transmission fluid does not determine its usefulness. By the way, state vehicle inspectors changed the fluids right before the visit in case someone from Jiffy Lube tried to pull that scam. The trap worked.Next: This lady was tricked into buying her own car battery.

Eliminating Driver Pain Points: Poor Air Conditioner Performance

May 24th, 2021

Eliminating Driver Pain Points for May: Poor Air Conditioner Performance

Very little will frustrate you more during your daily drive than poor air conditioner performance. Just imagine youve gotten in your hot car in the morning and youre expecting some relief from the heat in a few minutes but that relief never comes. Whether the fan isnt blowing hard enough, the air isnt getting cool enough, or the entire system is only blowing hot air on you, your hot ride just got a lot worse and you need to have your air conditioning fixed.

Your Drive Should be a Comfortable One

Whether youre on the way to work, running errands, or taking your kids to some activities, you should have a comfortable drive. When the air conditioner doesnt work, that cant happen. After spending time making yourself look great for work, the worst thing for you could be showing up at the office sweaty and with pit stains in your shirt because you had to deal with poor air conditioner performance during your ride. When you realize your air conditioner isnt working right, you need to bring your vehicle to our Jiffy LubeĀ® team to have this item serviced.

Is it Time for an Evacuation and Recharge Service?

What Will Our Jiffy LubeĀ® Team Do for You?

Start Feeling the Cool Air Once Again

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Get Sold Your Own Battery

  • This shop was not subtle.

On Reddit, a former Jiffy Lube worker held an AMA and revealed shocking truths and stories about the business. As the post above shows, he once sold a woman her own battery for $169.99. Under the direction of his boss, all he had to do was wrap the supposedly new battery in plastic and take her money. However, he does claim that he went to her house and gave her the money back from his own pocket.Next: You wont believe what the boss did for an air filter order.

Time For A Transmission Flush

Filters 101 – Tips In A Jiffy
  • The myth of the transmission and engine flush

California Jiffy Lubes, most of them controlled by the Fanticola family, also had a habit of offering unnecessary transmission flushes. In the lengthy 2016 settlement, investigators recounted the story of a Honda Civic they brought to a San Jose shop. Prior to showing up, the team made sure all fluids were full and clean. They also changed the oil and replaced the filter.When the Jiffy Lube looked at it, the technician recommended a transmission flush, fuel system cleaning, and engine flush. By the time the repair shop was done, they charged the undercover agent $279.14 for useless work. As a bonus, Californias investigators drove away from the Jiffy Lube with the check engine light on. It wasnt there when they pulled in.Next: This tactic eliminated any paper trail.

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Jiffy Lube Locations And Services

Jiffy Lubes 2,000 plus locations are franchised service centers and they serve approximately 24 million customers every year. These service centers are fully franchised and independently operated and owned by more than 250 groups. In 2011, the company was ranked number one on National Oil and Lube News, and in 2012 was ranked 15th in Entrepreneur Magazines 2012 Franchise 500.

Jiffy Lube offers a wide array of automotive related services including but not limited to tire services, transmission, electrical systems, drive train and more. In addition to affordable Jiffy Lube oil change price the company is known for its Signature Service Oil Change, as it is more than just your typical oil change service. Instead, it is a full automotive service complete with check, fill, inspection, preventive maintenance and cleaning of all important components so your vehicle continues to run smoothly and without any problems.

The Signature Service Oil Change includes change of up to 5 quarts of high quality oil and inspection of wiper blades, exterior lights, the engine air filtration system, checking of the coolant and antifreeze components, wiper blades, belts, brake fluid levels and the chassis. If necessary, the chassis will also be lubricated. In addition to low cost Jiffy Lube oil change price, the Signature Oil Change will also conduct inspections on the other vital components in your vehicle and clean the windows and interior floor.

What Is Included In An A/c Recharge

Jiffy Lube of Indiana technicians are specially certified through an EPA approved training program to perform a recharge to your air conditioning operating system. First, a certified technician will check for any sign of leaks. Next, one of our technicians will:

Visually evaluate the AC compressor drive belt for cracks or damage Inspect interior AC cabin filter Check the operation of the AC compressor and other AC components Visually inspect accessible components for leaks or damage Evacuate refrigerant from the system Vacuum test the system Recharge the AC system using the appropriate refrigerant to the system capacity according to the vehicle manufacturers specifications

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Jiffy Lube Knoxville Coupons

$20 off

Get $20 off any set of 4 tires, a 4 wheel brake job or any other mechanical repair over $169.99. Includes Free Vacuuming. See store for more details. Valid at participating Jiffy Lube locations in Knoxville, Blount, and Anderson Counties. COUPON CODE: Tbs20. Expires on: 12/31/2021. Print This Coupon Email This Coupon.

The Average Jiffy Lube A/c Recharge Cost

Coupon Jiffy Lube ~ coupon

The costs of an air conditioning recharge at a local Jiffy Lube will greatly depend on the location as they are all independently owned by a franchise and the current promotion being held. From what we researched, a straightforward A/C recharge, without any other repairs, could cost anywhere from $89 to $149. In some cases, coupons are available which can help you save up to 20%.

A member on this forum thread, for example, claimed he was charged $119.95 for the service, but one member who replied said you could simply buy a bottle of R134A for less than $25 and do the job on your own, even without experience.

On this forum thread on, a member claimed he worked at Jiffy Lube and they will charge about $89 but a $20 off coupon is readily available most of the time. Even after the recharge, most locations will offer a 30-day warranty as well.

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We Need To Flush Your Cooling System

  • You cant trust a mechanic who ignores the car manual.

Car owners who want to avoid most unnecessary repairs should start by noting the automakers recommendations in the manual. In the California state investigation of service center scams, inspectors used one vehicle that recommended cooling flushes only after catastrophic failures or extreme corrosion in the radiator.Nonetheless, the investigators decided to flush it anyway prior to visiting a repair center. A Jiffy Lube technician in San Jose looked at the vehicle and recommended a cooling system flush in addition to an oil change and transmission flush.Next: One Jiffy Lube fell int a trap with this lie.

How To Save Money At Jiffy Lube

Search online for coupons as to what we researched, they are readily available. For example, on the official website, you can search for a location nearby and see the available coupons at the time. When we did a search, we were able to find a 10% off and $5 off coupons for multiple locations.

Many locations often offer discounts on

Advertising Disclosure: This content may include referral links. Please read our disclosure policy for more info.

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You Need A New Air Filter

  • They took the money but never installed the new air filter.

While Californias official investigation had the power and resources to succeed, an NBC affiliate did some impressive work on its own in 2013. Using an elaborate system of hidden cameras and actors posing as car owners, NBC4 News nailed several Jiffy Lubes scamming customers. One flagrant case followed a recommendation for a new air filter.Though the technician insisted the woman needed a new filter and charged her for it, they never replaced it. NBC4 has written on the various parts in invisible ink. When the team brought the car back for inspection, they found the original filter inside. All told, Jiffy Lube bilked the customer for $649 when no repairs were needed.Next: A few flushes that dont need to be done

Best Sites About Jiffy Lube Coupon

Jiffy Lube in Brampton, ON –

With CouponsDoom service, you will get a discount of up to 50% off your order! Take advantage of jiffy lube coupon today to save as much money as possible. CouponsDoom is a perfect option if you’re looking for a place full of the best sales and most convenient coupon codes, and no expired codes like some other coupon pages.

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We Can Only Accept Cash Right Now

  • When people paid in cash, there was no way to prove payment for a bad repair.

Whats worse than getting ripped off for fake repairs? Maybe its equally offensive, but one Jiffy Lube scam recounted by a former employee involved demanding customers pay in cash. According to a Consumerist report, the employees went through their usual routine of offering repairs the customer didnt need. When it came time to pay, they had the nerve of asking for the money in cash, claiming the computer system was down.That way, there was no digital trail for anyone to follow and no receipt for the customer to use as evidence. If any mechanic refuses to stand by his work and wont give you a receipt, take your car elsewhere and alert the authorities.Next: They told investigators this fix would boost mpg by a lot.

Im About To Improve Your Mpg

  • To make the sale, they promised an instant fuel economy boost.

In the 2016 California case against Jiffy Lube, investigators encountered some claims they categorized as fraud. Technicians said the fuel system cleaning he recommended would remove the carbon found in the vehicles intake manifold, increasing the cars economy by 2-3 MPG. These claims were bogus, so you can file them under lies. No cleaning was necessary, and the manual recommended against flushes, anyway.Next: Technicians tried to tack on this repair when the car only needed an oil change.

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How Does An A/c System Work

Your vehicles air conditioning system, or A/C, cools and removes moisture from the air inside of your vehicle using three main components: the compressor, the condenser and the evaporator.

The compressor, driven by the vehicles drive belt, pumps the refrigerant through the A/C system. Inside this closed system, the refrigerant is exposed to high and low pressure, forcing it to change states between gas and liquid in order to capture and then release heat. While in a gas state, the refrigerant passes through the evaporator, capturing heat. The refrigerant then moves through the A/C lines and into the condenser, where the refrigerant cools as heat is released outside of the passenger compartment, and the refrigerant returns to a liquid.

For the system to work optimally, it must have the proper amount of refrigerant and be free of contaminants. Over time, your refrigerant can become contaminated with dust or water, which makes it work less efficiently. This is what causes you to need to have your A/C system serviced.

Jiffy Lube Richmond Hill

Jiffy Lube Colorado Area Jiffy Lube Locations

Servicing a customer base that is as diverse as the make and models of the vehicles serviced at this location is one of the New Ownerships favourite aspects of managing Jiffy Lube Richmond Hill. Located just minutes south of the Summit Golf and Country Club, the friendly and dedicated staff of Jiffy Lube Richmond Hill welcomes you. Our northern GTA location is easily accessible off the 407 which makes it ideal for commuters. With a passion for all cars, old and new, we will care for your vehicle as if it is our own, ensuring you drive on happy. Its the kind of quality service youve come to expect from Jiffy, where fast meets affordable. We invite you to come experience Jiffy Lube Richmond Hill for yourself.

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The Typical Jiffy Lube A/c Recharge Cost

The average Jiffy Lube A/C recharge, with no other repair work, might cost anywhere from $95 to $175, from what we managed to find out during our research. In many cases, discount coupons are readily available, which can aid you to save approximately 20%.

The expenses of a cooling recharge at a regional Jiffy Lube will significantly depend upon the place as they are all separately owned by a franchise, as well as the existing promo being held.

A member on an AcuraZine forum thread, for instance, stated that he was charged $119.95 for the service, however, one member who responded stated you could purchase a bottle of R134A for less than $25 and get the job done by yourself, even without a considerable level of experience.

On one forum thread on JeepForum, a member stated that he worked at Jiffy Lube and they will charge about $89 for the job, however, a $20 off discount coupon is easily obtainable by the majority of the time. Even after the recharge, many places will provide a 30-day guarantee too.


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