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How To Use Grocery Coupons

Getting Started Best Couponing Resources

How to Use Grocery Coupons – Video #7

There are a variety of resources available to couponers to help them maximize their savings and stay organized.

Click on an image to find more information. This is our QUICK START GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS.

Coupons and couponers use their own lingo when it comes to talking coupons. Youâll want to educate yourself so you too understand this so you can make your coupons work for you.

Set Deal Alerts In The Kcl App To Get Walmart Grocery Coupons And More

Download the KCL app to create your grocery list and access Walmart coupons.

Plus, save time by setting deal alerts for specific items you want coupons for like Charmin, body wash, diapers, Tide and more. The minute we see a deal, youll get a notification, so no digging around to find specific deals!

Looking for coupons for food? Weve got you covered there too.

Dont Print Coupons You Dont Use

Online printable coupons from websites like can save money. But you still use computer paper and ink to print the coupons, which costs money and wastes paper.

Many people print every online coupon available and then throw most of them away. Print online coupons as you need them. Save any youre interested in but dont need as a PDF or browser bookmark.

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Dont Use Every Coupon

Some coupons dont represent real savings. For example, a coupon for $0.50 off two boxes of brand-name cereal doesnt result in much savings. Thats only $0.25 off each box. Even during a good sale, the coupon may not take the total price down to a better deal than the store brand. Wait for a better coupon and another sale.

Sometimes, you also have good coupons nearing their expiration dates but no sales on the goods you need. Let them expire. You dont have to use the coupons, especially if you have to buy a brand name at full price to do so.

Couponing is about saving money, not getting good deals on brand-name products.

If you really need something, buy one or two of them now and wait for a sale to buy in bulk.

To Advertise A New Product

Grocery Coupons December 2014

Consumers need to be enticed to take a chance on a new product, especially price-sensitive, coupon-using shoppers.

A company could advertise its new product by offering free samples, but instead of spending money both on the product itself and on getting the product into consumers’ homes, it could offer a tempting, high-value coupon and actually make a sale.

If the consumer likes the new product enough, they may buy it at full price in the future when introductory coupons are no longer available.

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Mobile Apps And Loyalty Card

More popular are online coupons that you can get added to your loyalty card or mobile apps. Some of the popular stores that offer this form of coupons are Safeway, Fred Meyer, Target, QFC, and Albertsons.

My favorite grocery apps that have coupons and give you cash back include:

Theyre free to join and you can use the same receipt in multiple apps.

To Target Their Marketing Efforts

To get the best discounts at most major grocery store chains, customers must sign up for a store loyalty card and have the cashier scan it each time they make a purchase. In exchange for giving customers lower prices, companies get detailed information about the card user’s buying behavior.

What days and times does a customer like this visit the store? How much do they spend per trip? How often does are shopping trips made? What is purchased? Does they only buy things that are on sale? Do they always use coupons?

Companies can use this valuable information in their decisions about what products to carry, what prices to set, what to put on sale, how much of a discount to offer, and more. This information also helps companies with targeted marketing efforts. When companies know what you buy, thanks to store loyalty cards, they can save money on marketing costs while sending you offers you’re more likely to use.

For example, Instead of sending a coupon for diapers to every household in a nearby zip code, the store can send diaper coupons only to customers who have purchased diapers in the past.

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Check Your Grocery Stores Website Before Using A Coupon For Delivery Or Curbside Pickup

Couponing does look a little different with the popularity of delivery and pick up options. So its really important that you check your grocery stores website for their most current coupon policy in your area, she said.

For H.E.B. I really liked their filter option to see all the items that have coupons available! Thats handy! They also will accept digital coupons on both home delivery and pick up orders, but not newspaper coupons. Those are only accepted in store.

For Kroger, not all items are available for all forms of delivery so watch out for that. Some things are available as pick-up items but not delivery, or only in store. For delivery and pick up you may have extra charges so thats something to consider as well. Is that cost worth it? Will you save more than that cost simply by not wandering the isles? They will accept digital coupons on your purchase when you check out. Some of those digital coupons you can use multiple times… not all, but some. Buying multiples is a strategy that I teach in my webinars, she said.

Stack Coupons With Other Offers For Super Savings Works Better With Physical Coupons

How to Use the Coupon Database on

‘Stacking’ is cleverly combining offers, such as a coupon and an in-store deal, to save even more. Not all retailers and coupons allow stacking, and sometimes it’s a temporary glitch. The general key to this is to use a manufacturer’s coupon alongside an in-store offer or coupon.

Here are some of the ways you can stack coupons to make a bigger saving:

Combine coupons with store sales. Its all well and good using a 50p off coupon for a £2 product, but if you wait for that same product to go on sale at half-price and then use the 50p off coupon, youre only paying 50p and essentially getting 75% off. Each of the major supermarkets have a sale on a specific item on average every two weeks. Most coupons last for a month, so if you hold out for a deal you could save a lot more.

Combine coupons with cashback. If a company is launching a new product it will sometimes offer a coupon for it and also appear in one of the cashback apps we told you about above. Providing both are for the same product, you may be able to use the coupon and get cashback as well, but it’s important to check T& Cs as some apps won’t always allow you to do this.

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How Do Grocery Store Apps Work For Digital Coupons

For the most part, most grocery store apps digital coupons work like this:

  • Enter your account information or create a new account.
  • Clip the coupons for items you want the coupons will apply automatically at checkout.
  • Heres the bad news: While the best of these grocery stores let you clip coupons and shop within a single app, others have two separate apps: one for couponing and one for shopping. That gets confusing.

    But the good news: The coupon-only apps keep track of your digital coupons through your store account. So, when you go to shop through the shopping app there they are.

    But the bad news: Not always. The bummer is when you have to flip back and forth.

    But wait, more good news: The two-app stores often offer more store-exclusive deals and coupons in their coupon apps than the one-app-for-everything stores.

    Coupon Guru Shares Secrets To Help You Save Big On Groceries

    Beatriz Oliveros, Houston Life Producer, Houston

    HOUSTON Jen Morris, from Live Life on Less, is a busy mom of 5 that was featured on TLCs Extreme Couponing All-Stars.

    She teaches coupon classes for everyone who wants to save big bucks on their shopping list.

    She shared with Houston Life great tips to stretch your grocery budget.

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    Do Stay Organized To Maximize Savings

    Organize coupons to keep them easily accessible when you shop. The last thing you want is to miss a coupon when checking out or even worse forget your coupons at home.

    Your organizational system doesnt have to be complex or expensive. For casual couponers, a coupon wallet on Amazon costs around $10 and comes with dividers to group coupons into different sections, like meat or produce.

    If you prefer managing everything from your smartphone, you can also use the free SnipSnap app to transform paper coupons into digital ones. Once you snap a picture of a paper coupon, Snip Snap uploads it to its database so you can use it while on the go. The app also tracks expiration dates and sends reminders about expiring coupons.

    How To Use Coupons With Grocery Delivery

    Free Printable Kraft Food Coupons

    Grocery delivery is rarely going to be the cheapest way to get groceries, but it can be affordable. Selecting the right grocery delivery service makes all the difference. With grocery delivery, shoppers should look for stores that:

    • Do not mark up in-store prices
    • Offerfree grocery delivery promosfor new customers
    • Offer monthly or annual plans that drop cost per delivery below $3.00 plus tip.
    • Provide a paper receipt or integrate eligible e-receipts forrebate apps

    Plan to tip the grocery delivery person 5% of the total order value or $5 whichever is greater.

    Readeverything you need to know about grocery delivery servicesto find the cheapest grocery delivery near you.

    When in doubt, our go-tos for best online grocery shopping areWalmart grocery deliveryandTarget grocery delivery, which both offer unlimited annual delivery subscriptions for around a hundred bucks.

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    Step : Learn The Basics

    In the first step togetting started using coupons, youll learn the basics of couponing, such as how to redeem coupons at a store, how to read coupons, how to understand coupon policy, how to power up your savings by doubling or tripling the value of a manufacturers coupon, and many other couponing tricks. Once you understand thesebeginners tips, youll be able to find deals and start saving.

    Limit Your Coupon Use To Items You Actually Need And Regularly Use

    There are so many coupons out there that you might be tempted to clip all of them, but this is a waste of your time. Look through the coupon inserts, printable coupons, and apps with a discerning eye and ask yourself, Is this something my family and I already use?

    If the answer is yes, go ahead and clip the coupon! If the answer is no, you can still clip the coupon if its for a product youve been thinking about trying. Otherwise just toss it its not worth the hassle to keep it organized and you might just end up buying something that clutters up your living space.

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    Saving Money With Coupons

    We’ve all heard the sensational stories about coupon clipping shoppers getting fantastic deals at the store.

    • Local mom buys week’s worth of groceries for family of five for only $8.37!
    • Smart shopper combines coupon offers to get 24 rolls of paper towels for one cent!
    • Man earns car with yogurt rebate offer!

    While these stories are entertaining and even inspiring, they are not the norm. Each should be accompanied by a disclaimer that states, “These savings are not typical individual results may vary.”

    In reality, coupons are a promotional tool used by manufacturers and retailers to increase profits. Stores are not in the business of “giving” product away. But coupons can be a win-win for manufacturers, retailers, and shoppers.

    Smart coupon use can provide significant savings for consumers. According to the Year-end 2010 Consumer Packaged Goods Coupon Industry Facts Report by NCH Marketing Services, shoppers saved nearly $3.7 billion dollars with coupons in 2010, up $200 million over 2009 .

    How To Save Money On Real Food Without Coupons

    How to use coupons and save 50% off your grocery bill

    I still use a few mainstream techniques for saving money on real food without coupons, like finding rebates on Ibotta and shopping in bulk.

    But what has REALLY helped hone in my savings is a technique that I teach in my online course, Grocery Budget Bootcamp, that will be open for enrollment soon.

    Would you like to learn more? to join the waiting list and youll get an email when enrollment is open. Youll also get a 3-part video training series called Simple Ways to Save. Its all about practical ways to stretch the food you already have at home, helping you eat more and shop less!

    Do you use coupons or have you used them in the past? Whats your experience with using coupons on real food?

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    The Family Dollar App Lets You Play A Slot Machine For Exclusive Coupons

    The Family Dollar app allows you to clip a variety of manufacturer coupons, as well as check out the Weekly Ad if you type in your zip code. Just scan your barcode at checkout to apply your coupons.

    Special digital coupons or promos in the app: When you open the app, youll see a list of coupons listed as Exclusive.

    Special features: You can play a SmartSpins slot machine for a personalized exclusive Smart Coupon. When in the store, you can use the app to see if an item you want qualifies for a coupon you want to use. Tap the coupon you want to use, tap Does This Item Qualify? and use your phone to scan the item.

    Here are some coupons I found through the app:

    • Save $5 on certain Colgate brands when you purchase three
    • $4 off when you purchase Childrens Zyrtec
    • $2.50 off on Biotene oral rinse

    Ingles Grocery Coupons Free Printable Coupons

    If youre looking for a& p grocery coupons you can print at home and take to your local supermarket, youve come to the right place. contains from top-named brands for a variety of products. Coupons are available for household items, beverages, pain relievers, pet items, food, cleaning supplies, etc. Its completely free, and coupons are updated daily. We also offer an easy-to-use list of grocery coupons expiring soon, where you can quickly see which coupons are expiring soon, and print them before theyre gone! So be sure to bookmark this page, and our expiring grocery coupons page, to select your favorite grocery coupons to use in-store. And dont forget, to really maximize your savings with A& P printable grocery coupons, visit the A& P weekly ad circular page, to use A& P grocery coupons for items already on sale!

    Heres your 10% Off Coupon, for baseball cards, here is a 10% Coupon Code for you can quickly use to receive 10% off your order of baseball cards, WWE, Star Wars cards, and sports cards and other collectables! So be sure to bookmark or share this page, for our Coupon Code and info page, to select 10% off or 10% Off your baseball card order at And dont forget, to really maximize your Topps baseball card savings by signing up with the promo code link!

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    Grocery Delivery Cheat Sheet

    If couponing can cut my $700/month grocery bill in half,imagine what it could do for my community.

    That was the thought I had about a year after Heather and I started KCL. Id always wanted to be a charitable person, but I felt like other than giving my time, I had nothing in my bank account to give. Couponing changed that.

    I decided instead of just giving a portion of the money I saved couponing to established charities, I could use my couponing skills to make an impact like purchasing $1,000 worth of school supplies for just $300 and donating those to families in need.

    From this idea, the Krazy Coupon Lady Foundation was born. Today, we come alongside our local refugee population to provide smart shopping education and household goods all purchased with coupons. One of our annual traditions isdonating backpacks filled with school supplies to refugee children.

    Were always on the lookout for a great deal that we can amplify even fillingtwo buses full of kids to take to a free Build-A-Bear event. And were not alone our coupon community has told us stories of donating pet food to animal shelters or toiletries to womens shelters. There are innumerable ways couponing can amplify your ability to give back, potentially leaving you not just prepared, but poised tohelp during a natural disaster.

    Step : Learn Where To Find Coupons

    How to Start Couponing for Beginners: 2021 Guide ...

    You probably already know that the coupon inserts in your Sunday paper are a great resource for grocery coupons. But did you know there are lots of ways to snag money-saving coupons right in the grocery store? Get the inside scoop on blinkies, peelies, wine tags and more when you read my article on10 places to find coupons including the best coupon websites.

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    Your Ultimate Guide To Grocery Store App Digital Coupons

    Your Ultimate Guide to Grocery Store …

    Many grocery stores have made couponing easier than ever by allowing you to clip digital coupons within their own apps. Some of these grocery store apps even let you order groceries for pickup and delivery right from the app and stack coupons with your order. Digital coupons, just like paper coupons, also have expiration dates.

    Most apps contain both store and manufacturer coupons you can also find in paper circulars, as well as exclusive online-only digital coupons also duplicated on the stores official website. Here are the grocery store apps with coupon deals you should consider before your next order.


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