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How To Start Coupon Shopping

How Does A Physical Coupon Differ From The Online One

how to start coupon shopping

A physical coupon is one that you can either print or fetch from the store. It is tangible and can be redeemed at checkouts. On the contrary, an online coupon is one that you get via a website or through email. These are applicable to the online stores and often feature a coupon code that you must enter while checking out.

How To Start Couponing For Beginners In 2021

Latoya ScotthereIf you shop online often, take advantage of ato save on holiday shipping. Plus, think you cant afford it? Well, !

If youve been wondering how to start couponing for beginners, youre in the right place. In fact, I get this question a lot. One of the main ways to ease into frugal living is to be more diligent about saving money on things you already buy.

You know, those things like toothpaste, toilet tissue, dish detergent you buy those things, right? And what would it hurt to save a dollar or two on those things? Even better, what would it hurt to build a stockpile of those things you use regularly?

It wouldnt hurt a thing because it will make your life easier and it will ultimately save you money, but only if you do it the right way. Ive traveled down the extreme couponing road before and Ive vowed to never do it again.

Yeah, it was sweet having a closet full of toilet paper, dish detergent, toothbrushes, etc. However, every month it seems like I was digging myself into a hole financially and I couldnt see it while I was caught up couponing. Yes, I was saving money on things that I needed, but the money I saved wasnt in my bank account. Crazy, right?

But Im going to give you the rundown on how to do things right. Im going to share with you exactly how to start couponing for beginners. Ill walk you through where to find coupons and Ill even share a few benefits of using coupons when shopping.

Do Present Coupons In The Right Order

You can maximize your savings by handing the cashier your coupons in a specific order. For example, if you have a store coupon for $5 off a $20 purchase, use that coupon first. Otherwise, your other coupons might negate the $5 coupon by discounting the total amount of the sale to less than $20.

Some stores automatically apply your coupons correctly, so the order doesnt always matter. But to be safe, give the cashier the price-minimum coupon before you use any other coupons.

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Reasons Why People Extreme Coupon

Shoppers use coupons for various reasons to save money. Here are some specific reasons why people participate in extreme couponing:

  • To save for big-ticket items like a family vacation, new home or new car
  • To save money on things that they regularly use and were going to buy anyway
  • To raise money for a charitable cause

Consider Cashbacks To Save More

The Best Stores for Beginner Couponers

Along with the couponing try to save more using the cashback apps. You can download various money wallet or finance apps that offers cashback on various transactions. So, now you can save more using these apps. You will get a discount using the coupons and after paying through these finance apps you avail yourself of the cashback that will help you save more.

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The Krazy Coupon Lady

Beginners Guide to Couponing

Learn how to coupon the easy way right here. Whether youre a beginner or looking for fresh ways to save with coupons, this guide to couponing is about to become one of the most valuable things youll read all year.

You dont have to be into extreme couponing to save serious money on household essentials, groceries and apparel. And you dont need to dedicate tons of time finding the best deals and coupon codes. We got you.

Figure Out The Coupon Policies At Stores You Shop At Regularly

Each store handles coupons a little bit differently, and it’s important to know the policies before you go. Some grocers will double the face value of a coupon, while others will price-match competitors. Do a little online research to find your store’s policy to ensure that you don’t waste time or money in search of coupons that won’t actually save you any cash.

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Join A Loyalty Program

Along with getting familiar with a single store, joining their loyalty program will bring even more savings. Not every couponer uses loyalty programs, but members often receive discounts and rewards non-members do not. Except not every program is designed the same. Popular loyalty programs from Target and Kroger offer members store cards and personalized coupons for signing up for free. However, Walmart and Amazon offer similar discounts plus free deliveries but come with yearly fees. Lastly, look for programs that offer points or cashback on purchases to save more on your next trip.

Price Matching & Coupon Savings

Top 6 Ways To Start Coupon Shopping
  • You can compare prices given online with those offered in the store. In order to do this, you can simply download the Amazon app and use it to price-match.
  • If a product that you have already purchased sells for a lower retail price now, you can ask for a refund within the specified time period.
  • The same product can be price-matched at a relatively convenient retail store located nearby.

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Dont Print Coupons You Dont Use

Online printable coupons from websites like can save money. But you still use computer paper and ink to print the coupons, which costs money and wastes paper.

Many people print every online coupon available and then throw most of them away. Print online coupons as you need them. Save any youre interested in but dont need as a PDF or browser bookmark.

Consider Making A Spreadsheet To Track Prices For The Best Deals

If you want to get extra-nerdy with your couponing, you can use a digital spreadsheet to track prices and savings over time. It takes a little bit of effort, but using spreadsheets to track item prices, amounts spent, and the specific coupons in your arsenal can help keep things organized and provide valuable feedback on whether or not you’re actually saving money.

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Print Mobile Coupons From At Least Two Phone Numbers

When you register with to print coupons, youll create an account based on your phone number.

If you know another person who is willing to sign up and print coupons for you, itll be easier to stock up on the best coupon deals.

Over the years, P& G has tightened their couponing restrictions.

You can no longer print Tide coupons or Downy coupons and hang on to them for weeks and weeks, waiting for a sale. Instead, you need to wait for the sale and then print coupons most P& G coupons will expire in 24 hours.

Trust me, Ive already cried all the tears about this.

Sign Up For Loyalty Cards And Rewards Programs

How to Stack Coupons

If your store offers loyalty programs or rewards cards, definitely sign up. Most of the time, you’ll need to be a member to access the most coupon savings, and some offer cash back after you’ve spent a certain amount. If you don’t want to keep the physical cards in your wallet or on the keychain, many loyalty programs are available via app or Apple Wallet.

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Buy Newspapers At Dollar Tree

This will do two things: Help you get your hands on newspapers only when you want them, and save trees. Some people care more about one than the other. I dont judge.

But if you start getting serious and youre set on building a stockpile, youll probably want multiple copies of the Sunday paper where the coupons live.

Look Out For Buy One Get One Free Deals

Another way to save more money with coupons is to look out for Buy One Get One Free deals you really can maximize your savings when you do this.

When you use a coupon on an item that is already BOGO, you not only get one item for free, but you pay less for the product that you do buy meaning that you get two items for even less!

Lets say you want to buy a tube of Crest, which normally costs you around $3.

And, a store has a Buy One Get One Free deal for Crest toothpaste, and you have a coupon that gets you $1 off the same toothpaste.

Youd end up getting two tubes, which would usually cost $6, for just $2!

Thats a really amazing saving!

But, theres a way that you can save even more.

If a store has a BOGO deal on a product, and you have a manufacturer coupon for the same product, then you could use the coupon and get both items for free!

Not all stores allow you to do this, but some stores, like CVS, do. The rules for using coupons are outlined in store coupon policies, which we talk more about below.

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Get Familiar With Navigating The Marketplace

You might want to dive into couponing headfirst, but easing in is probably the better route.

Start with a single store while you’re getting your feet wet you can branch out later as you get used to bargain pricing and coupon policies. Find a couple of favorite cashiers to frequent who don’t mind the drill. Make sure to thank those cashiers and compliment them often. Warn people who get behind you in line that they may want to choose another aisle. Smile whenever a situation seems like it’s starting to sour.

The point is that it’s important to remember that while you’re learning an exciting and cost-saving new practice, other people are just trying to pick up a few things for dinner after a long day at work. Which reminds us of another tip: Avoid shopping during peak hours and trips to the store will tend to go a lot more smoothly.

Is Extreme Couponing For You

How to Earn Money for Shopping Drop Cash Back App Review

Although extreme couponers rack up on savings, you might find it a bit daunting for your taste. Its not for everyone. Check out some reasons why you might decide not to extreme coupon after all:

  • Extreme couponing can be extremely time-consuming. Be sure to schedule your adventures when you know youll have time.
  • Money-off coupons can be tricky to use. All coupons are not equal. Read the fine print for words such as:
  • Do not double
  • Cannot be combined with any other coupon
  • Limit one coupon per purchase and per transaction
  • Some products might not be good for your health. Think about whether you need or want to eat two large pizzas for $10 if you live alone.
  • Some of the same items repeatedly go on sale. Variety is not always an option with some brands.
  • You could become a hoarder or stockpiler. Forty-five packages of hot dog rolls for the Fourth of July may not make much sense when its only January.
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    Learn Your Stores Policies And Offerings

    Before you head out to start couponing, you will want to take the time to learn your stores coupon policy. You will also want to know a few things about coupons:

    • Be sure you understand how to read the terms and conditions of a coupon. Here is a good article on understanding a coupon.
    • Find your stores coupon policy, sale policies and review it.
    • Does Your Store Double Coupons? You will want to maximize your savings with a store that doubles coupons , so find out if your store will take your $.50 coupon and make it $1.00. If they do double, how many will they double? Some chains even vary by location! Dont be afraid to ask at the customer service desk.
    • Does your store allow stacking? You cant ever use two manufacturer coupons on an item, but you may be able to use store coupons with manufacturer coupons. Check out more information here on stacking.

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    Beginners Guide To Couponing

    Most people dont believe you can get so much for so little using coupons. I hear it all the time How do you do it or I never get my shopping that low, whats your secret?.Here I will show you it is possible, and anyone can do it!

    When I first started couponing in 2013, I never dreamed I could get hundreds of pounds worth of shopping for only a few pence, but over time I have learnt a few tips and tricks that I will now share with you! With the aim of helping you all save money and coupon like a pro! So here is my..

    Hunt For Coupons Everywhere You Go

    Top 9 Stores with the Best Couponing Policies

    There are other coupons around that can save you money, so be sure to have beady eyes when out and about to spot them:

    – On packaging – Some products in the supermarket have on-pack promotions that give you coupons. This can be in the form of stickers, tags or inside-the-box codes.

    – At events – Big events such as the Ideal Home show are a great place for coupons. A lot of brands come to these events to give out free samples and coupons.

    – Wombling – A slightly off-the-cuff way to get coupons is to pick up those others have discarded in their trolley or the supermarket car park. As long as they’re not linked to a specific loyalty card, you can pick them up and use them. Price promises usually work best. There are questions as to whether it’s legal though, see our ‘Wombler raises money via old receipts’ news article.

    – Bus tickets/cash machines – Sometimes those pesky pieces of paper can have coupons on. Whenever you withdraw money from a supermarket ATM or get a bus ticket – flip the paper around to check if there is a coupon on the back.

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    Only Buy What You Need

    The whole purpose of coupons is for the manufacturer or supermarket to get more sales on their items by handing out discounts. The way for you to REALLY save money is to only buy what you need, will use or want to try.

    If you go and splurge on products that you will never use just because you have a coupon for it, you really arent saving money at all. Search and source the coupons you can use for things that you would normally purchase to start couponing like a pro.

    What really sorts the extreme couponers from their casual/skilled rivals is letting the coupons dictate to you what brand you by. This might slightly contradict the above, but if you can adjust your shopping basket to the best deals with coupons and dont mind brand switching, then you can usually save a lot more.

    Only Use The Coupons You Actually Need

    As you can see above, there are tons of places where you can find coupons.

    And, this can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

    When you visit a site like or Groupon, its really exciting to see so many money-saving coupons in one place. Whether its a weekend getaway, paper towels, cereal or skincare products, newspapers, and especially the internet give you a vast selection of coupons to use.

    And, it can be really tempting to clip tons of them.

    While its really good to have a stack of coupons with you next time you visit the grocery store, coupons are only a good money-saving tool when theyre used on things that you actually need.

    You might see a coupon that gives you 10% off of a TV, but if you get a $500 TV for $450, have you saved $50 dollars, or just spent $450 dollars on a TV that you werent really in the market for?

    Always ask yourself when you see a coupon whether or not you actually need the product.

    If you only use coupons for products that you actually buy, then theyre an excellent money saving tool.

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    Dont Go Overboard And Shop Responsibly

    Just because something is on sale, doesnt mean you have to buy it. Sometimes low prices are how brands will get you to spend money on a bunch of things you dont need. Be selective with the discounts you go after and dont turn into a coupon hoarder with a room stocked full of random stuff. The way to truly win is by figuring out how to slash prices on items you use regularly.

    How Many Products Your Need To Purchase

    How to Shop with Coupons at CVS this week 8/18 Shopping Scenario Starting with no ECBs

    Sometimes, a coupon isnt just as simple as Buy one get one $1 off. It can be buy two get one 50% off, buy three and get one free, or buy 4 and get each for $3.99. Make sure you understand how many products you have to purchase before your order will be eligible for the coupon, otherwise youll be more than disappointed when it doesnt work at checkout!

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