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How To Sign Up For Newspaper Coupons

But First The 411 On Sunday Newspaper Coupon Inserts:

Order Sunday Paper Inserts: Coupons In Your Mailbox

Inside each Sunday paper are coupon booklets, also known as freestanding inserts. There are three different inserts that come out on a regular basis: Smart Source , Save, and Procter & Gamble , and newcomer Unilever Super Saver . Here at KCL, you can learn exactly how to use coupons from each of these inserts in order to score huge savings on each product.

How Many Coupons Can You Use At Newspaperscom allows up to four promo codes on a purchase. During checkout you can apply coupons but may be limited on the number of promo codes accepted on mobile depending on your mobile device. That means you can apply multiple coupons and discounts on the same order, but there are some restrictions to how you may do so.

How To Redeem Your Discounted Newspapers Coupon Promo Code

Redeeming your Discounted Newspapers coupon is easy: simply click on the deal youre interested in above, and youll be navigated directly to the Discounted Newspapers website. In many cases, youll simply shop the sale and automatically get the discount, but if a promo code is involved, follow these steps:

  • From your shopping cart, click on the Discounted Newspapers Discount link
  • Enter your Discounted Newspapers promo code
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    Join Loyalty And Rewards Programs

    Department stores often have loyalty or rewards programs that are free to join, and may mail coupons to your home. Kohl’s and JCPenney are examples of stores that send out coupons in the mail. Kohl’s is known for sending surprise mailers that offer between 15 to 30 percent, and JCPenney’s rewards program offers points with purchases and will send you reward coupons in the mail.

    What Are Discounted Newspapers Friends And Family Shopping Days

    Sign up for this weeks spectacular coupons, marketing tips ...

    Discounted Newspapers friends and family shopping days allow Discounted Newspapers sales associates to share their associate discounts with friends and family, so they can receive employee discounts on Discounted Newspapers purchases. Guidelines on combining this deal with other discounts vary between online and in-store purchases, so be sure to take a look at the fine print. Discounted Newspapers reserves the right to limit discounts.

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    Give Brands A Like On Facebook

    If you dont have the time to draft emails for companies, you can take to social media. Visit your favorite brands and like their page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    Companies on social media often post events and sales. If you follow closely and comment on their posts, you might be rewarded with a coupon.

    This is a much less time-consuming way to contact companies. Its also less reliable, but it can pay off. If you want to be more direct, you can always send them a DM requesting coupons. Direct messages often get more recognition than the average email.

    How To Get Coupons In The Mail200+ Companies

    You can get Free Coupons by Mail no surveys and/or Printable Manufacturer Coupons direct from Food/Grocery and other Manufacturers. We’ve put together a list of over 200 manufacturers along with direct links to their Contact Us pages for your ease in requesting your free coupons. Here’s how: Simply write to them via email, contact form, or postal mail complimenting their product and telling them how much you, your kid, your spouse, or anyone in your household loves their product . Then ask if they can send you any coupons for free products and/or any discount coupons. More often than not, they will! Usually they will either send one coupon for a free product, or they will send multiple high value discount coupons . It’s a great way to get high value free coupons by mail and the manufacturers love to hear the great feedback about their products.

    How to request free coupons by mail:

  • Look on the packaging of your favorite products to see who manufacturer’s it/them.
  • Come to this page and locate the manufacturer.
  • Go to their “Contact Us” form or email.
  • Type a brief compliment letter , then send.
  • Come back to this page and locate the next manufacturer.
  • Go to their “Contact Us” form or email.
  • Paste the compliment letter that you copied earlier and change the product information, then send.
  • Repeat the process for your favorite products.
  • You’ll find that you want to do about 5 at a time. Then you might come back another day and do another 5. It’s pretty easy!

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    Download Store Mobile Apps

    Many stores now have their own mobile apps and not only do those tell you about their promotions, but you can select and use digital coupons as well! This is another way how to get coupons for free without using the Sunday newspaper coupons!

    Apps are a great resource on how to get coupons without buying a newspaper!

    A few stores that have mobile apps with manufacturer and/or store coupons! These include:

    Looking for a coupon for your favorite clothing store?Then you might want to see if the store offers Text Alerts! Ive gotten free clothing at the Banana Republic, Lane Bryant, and Old Navy because of the offers they had for signing up for Text Alerts!

    Learn how to get coupons for free food! There are restaurant apps that will give you !

    Other Ways To Get Free Coupons

    The Order To Use Coupons At Dollar General (digital & paper coupons)

    11.) : Second to the Sunday coupon inserts, you will get most of your coupons via printable grocery coupons, like, SmartSource, RedPlum, P& G, Hopster and Common Kindness. With printable grocery coupons, you can usually print 2 coupons per computer.

    12.) Free Coupon Apps: Coupon Apps like Checkout 51, SavingStar, ibotta and Snap by Groupon are yet another way to have access to free coupons. They do not require you to print any coupons, because everything is done online via your cell phone, tablet or computer.

    13.) Catalinas: A long white coupon that prints from a machine near the Cash Register after a purchase, and is handed to you along with your receipt.

    19.) Magazines: Many Magazines, are now including coupons in their issues.

    20.) Store Ads: Many store advertisements and sales contain either manufacturer or store specific coupons. Some stores also have monthly booklets available in their stores with manufacturer and store specific coupons in them as well. 21.) Home Mailers: You will receive these in your Mailbox, and they usually contain Fast Food or Restaurant coupons. 22.) On products: Look for coupons on products that you purchase. You will be able to cut them off of boxes of cereal, bags of frozen products, frozen pizzas, etc. Unlike peelies, you will only have access to these coupons after youve purchased, opened and/or used the item. 23.) With Free Samples: When you request Free Samples, many times a coupon will accompany that sample.

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    Look For Free Local Papers Like Your Essential Shopper

    Some cities publish free local newspapers that carry coupon inserts. One newspaper, called Yes!, is found in several cities and is actually delivered right to your door for free .

    Sometimes you can spot free local papers like these around town on Sunday morning just be sure to only grab a few from each location. You dont want to wipe out the entire supply in one spot.

    Use Coupons With Grocery Pickup At Kroger Stores

    Kroger Grocery Pickup offers the first three orders free and after that, youll pay $4.95 per pickup.

    But and this is a big but you can use manufacturer coupons and redeem Ibotta offers since Kroger gives a traditional receipt.

    Grocery pickup is also available at Walmart and theres a single Ibotta rebate for $3 back on your Grocery Pickup purchase. But youll get more coupon savings when you go the Kroger route.

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    Check With Local Businesses

    Think about the businesses that sell newspapers gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, etc. They may be able to give you the coupon inserts from the newspapers that they dont sell.

    The key word there is may some newspaper carriers require the locations that sell them to return the entire papers that arent sold. Still, it doesnt hurt to ask.

    There are also lots of businesses that subscribe to the newspaper for their customers to read.

    Consider checking with your area coffee shops, community centers, fast food restaurants, and hotels to see if they have coupon inserts available to pass on to you.

    You may find it a little awkward to just go inside and ask for newspapers. Its probably easier to start with businesses you regularly frequent that know you who are or at least know your face.

    Or consider asking people you know who work at places like this to see if they can pick up the coupon inserts for you.

    Have Coupons Sent To Your Cell Phone Via Apps

    ralph lauren outlet coupon sign up

    Turn your phone into a source of savings by downloading a few coupon apps. Just have the cashier scan your phone at checkout, and your coupons will automatically be deducted from your total. This is a great way to coupon, if you don’t have the time or energy to clip coupons, or don’t want to spend a bunch of money on printer ink.

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    Sign Up For Proctor & Gamble Coupons By Mail

    Proctor & Gamble

    Proctor and Gamble is the parent company of dozens of brands that you know and love. If you sign up with P& G you’ll get a free coupon book in the mail with coupons they think you’ll use.

    You’ll want to begin by registering for a Proctor & Gamble account. After you’ve registered, you’ll get access to a survey that will determine what coupons you’ll eligible for. Don’t skip this survey! If they don’t know your preferences, you won’t be matched with any coupons.

    Next, visit your account and enter all of your information into your profile including your address so they know where to mail your coupon book. You can go back to your dashboard and answer more survey questions if you like. The more you answer, the greater the chance that you’ll get free coupons.

    Get A Discounted Subscription

    Again, not freebut if you want a guaranteed way to get the coupon inserts each week, signing up for your own subscription is the way to go. offers discounted subscriptions to over 400 national and local newspapers like USA Today, The Washington Post, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and more.

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    Sign Up For Newsletters

    A more straightforward method is to sign up for your favorite brands online newsletters. Newsletters are emails that come from the company itself. They often contain information about recent events, new products, and of course, coupons.

    This lets you sit back and peruse the offering from the comfort of your phone. How do you sign up for newsletters? Look for it on the companys official website. All you have to do is enter your email, and youll be added to the companys newsletter.

    How Can I Get Newspaper Coupons In The Mail

    Get online coupons without having to sign up.
  • Please fill out this form to request a RetailMeNot Everyday Coupon Book
  • You can sign up for Proctor & Gamble coupons by mail.
  • You can subscribe to your local newspaper for as low as $5 per month
  • You can reach out to your favorite brands
  • You can follow the products you like on social media by following the products you like.
  • Get in touch with us by signing up for our newsletters and mailings.
  • of 07.
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    Other Sources Of Free Coupons

    Ive been using coupons for over a decade now, and I cant help but let you in on a few secrets. Heres a big one: the newspaper isnt the only way to get free coupons. In fact, its not even the best way.

    If youre wondering, Where can I get coupons? the newspaper is just one option. Other ideas include:

    Another tip: Using coupons doesnt save you money if youre buying something just because you have a coupon for it. Theres a better way, and I outline it in this tutorial on Couponing for Beginners.

    How Can I Get Coupon Inserts Without Buying A Newspaper

  • The first step is to ask your friends and family for their insert.
  • Print coupons #2. Print coupons.
  • The third library is located in your area.
  • The fourth coupon is for trade coupons
  • The fifth place is at the store.
  • The sixth church is the local church
  • Starbucks is ranked #7.
  • Bins for recycling are number 8.
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    The Most Convenient Way To Organize Your Inserts

    Instead of spending time clipping every coupon from your Sunday inserts, use the file-box organization method and simply slip the entire insert into a folder labeled with the date. When we post deals, well indicate the date the insert containing the coupon was sent out, making couponing super easy especially when youre pressed for time.

    Heres an example:

    Find The Best Cottonelle Toilet Paper Deals At Walgreens

    Why Subscribe to our Newsletter? Exclusive Coupons, Sneak ...

    When it comes to toilet paper, people tend to be a little more brand-loyal, so you need to know where to find deals on the brand you like.

    You can find Cottonelle at Walgreens, because they frequently offer the 12-pack on sale for $5.

    When I stack a manufacturer coupon and an Ibotta offer, I can get it for under $4 which is a stock-up price.

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    Contact Your Local Recycling Center

    Speaking of recycling, another place to look for free newspaper coupons is your local recycling center. This is one step up from dumpster diving in that the paper is typically separated so it might not be as gross.

    But even if you get permission to look through the paper bins at a recycling center, theres no guarantee that youll easily find coupons. The paper will probably be all mixed together, so it may be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    Not sure where your local recycling center is? Earth911 has a comprehensive database of local recycling centers with over 100,000 listings across the country.

    How Can I Get A Lot Of Coupons For Free

  • Become a member of store loyalty programs
  • You can get a copy of the Sunday newspaper
  • Make sure the manufacturer is on your list.
  • You can search for coupons or apps in a coupon database.
  • Visit the websites and apps of your favorite retailers
  • You can advertise at the store every week.
  • You need to install a browser extension
  • Take a look at the packaging of the product.
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    Check For Circle Offers When Youre Couponing At Target

    Targets Circle offers live inside the Target app.

    You can find percent-off savings to combine with a sale and manufacturer coupons. Honestly, this is why Target is one of the best places to learn how to coupon.

    Plus, when youre a Circle member youll get an extra 1% back on your next Target purchase. Note that you wont receive 1% back from Target Circle if youre paying with a RedCard its one or the other.

    How To Get Even More Free Sunday Newspaper Coupons

    Uber $500 Driver Sign up Bonus / 1st Month Driving Uber (Check your current cities promo $$)

    To help, weve shared 15 ways that you can get those same coupons without having to subscribe to a newspaper service you never read. While not all these strategies will work for every situation or person, they can help you get that extra savings on your next shopping endeavor.

  • Head to the Gas Stations When youre checking out at a gas station or convenience store, youll often see a news rack filled with unread newspapers. If the papers arent purchased, theyre often simply recycled.Dont let those papers go to waste. Ask the store managers at your local spot if you can have their unsold newspaper inserts from the news rack. Depending on who you talk to, you may just be able to take the whole stack and get started on savings. While this may not work for all stores as some newspaper carriers may collect the unused papers from such stores but its worth asking.
  • Discover Unused Papers at Coffee Shops In addition to having conversations and working on projects, coffee shops are a great location for reading the morning paper. If you find yourself at a coffee shop with free newspapers lying around, unused and unread, scope them out for coupons. Ask the manager of your local shop before grabbing all the deals. But if you get the ok, youre on your way to finding savings at no cost to you.
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    Buy An Extra Paper To Get More Coupon Inserts

    There’s no rule that says you can only buy one newspaper. So, when you discover a good coupon inside, go ahead and pick up an extra one . Some stores discount their unsold Sunday papers on Monday, so you’ll get those extra coupons for even less money out of pocket, if you track down a store that does this.

    Tip: Buy your papers at the Dollar Tree, and you’ll only pay a dollar a piece for them. They have a limit of three newspapers per customer to keep the extreme couponers in check.

    How Do I Get Coupon Inserts Mailed To Me

  • Wed like to invite you to sign up for Sunday coupon inserts.
  • Become a member of a birthday club.
  • You can subscribe to our e-mail newsletter.
  • You can fill out surveys by filling them out
  • You can earn rewards and loyalty points by joining loyalty programs
  • You can receive flyers or weekly ads by clicking here
  • You can get store grocery cards at your local grocery store.
  • Companies can be contacted directly.
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