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How To Make Money Extreme Couponing

Dont Shop Without A Meal Plan

Selling Your Stockpile = Big Profits – Extreme Couponing How to Make Money

Shopping with a meal plan is an often overlooked couponing tip, but its crucial to saving money. If you dont have a plan to use the products youre buying each week, youre more likely to waste food.

Additionally, shopping without a menu makes you more likely to buy convenience food: frozen pizzas, hot dogs, and other fast meals. While these are delicious, theyre not conducive to eating healthy on a budget.

When building your shopping list, plan dishes that line up with products you have coupons for. For example, you find a $1-off coupon for two bags of Sargento cheese, a $0.25 coupon for Classico pasta sauce, and a coupon for $1 off two boxes of Muellers pasta. You can plan to make lasagna for dinner one night that week and macaroni and cheese as a side for another meal.

Or perhaps you find a coupon for an ingredient thats central to many dishes, like chicken or ground beef, that also happens to be on sale. You can plan to make several recipes that use that ingredient, then stack the sale and coupon for even more savings.

If that sounds intimidating, affordable meal-planning services like $5 Meal Plan provide a months worth of dinner recipes and various breakfast and lunch ideas for only $5 per month.

Some Stores Will Give You Cash Back Right Away Others Will Give You Credit Toward Future Purchases And Some Wont Allow Moneymakers At All

Stores like Walmart will give you physical cash back right away if your coupon exceeds the price. In this case, you really arent spending any money.

Some stores, like Target, will just reduce the price of the coupon down to the price of the item so you get it for free, but no moneymaker unless you use a rebate app.

Another moneymaker is the kind that gives you credit to use later on. Drugstores do this by giving you coupon rewards that you can use in a future transaction, but you can also get them when you use rebate apps.

Couponing : How To Get Items For Free And Make Money Too

Guest blogger and South Florida savings expert Mary Pat Pankoke of gives us an advanced coupon lesson on how to do a “moneymaker deal.”

I went shopping at Walmart the other day and the store paid me to take merchandise out of the store.

It’s true.

With the right combination of coupons and store sales, it is possible to have what couponers call “moneymakers.”

Sometimes it’s as simple as using a coupon that has a value greater than the cost of the item. Not long ago, I had a manufacturer’s coupon to save $1 on any one Reach dental floss. The regular price for Reach Floss at Walmart is 97ยข. Using a $1 coupon on an item that sells for 97 cents equals a 3 cent moneymaker! That 3 cents isn’t all that much, but if you had more than one Reach coupon and purchase more than one floss, that 3 cents per purchase can add up!

More commonly, we might see a moneymaker deal when we are able to use two coupons to purchase a single item. If the total value of the two coupons exceeds the price of the item, we’ve got a moneymaker. Recently, there was a GREAT moneymaker deal available at Publix where we got 4 boxes of Emergen-C for free and made $4.

Here’s how I did the deal:Purchased four Emergen-C on sale for $3 per box = $12Used four $1.50-off one any Emergen-C MQ = Used two $5-off two Emergen-C Publix coupons = Score four boxes Emergen-C and made $4

Want to try it yourself? There’s actually a nice little moneymaker deal, good through Friday, at Publix.

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Make Money Extreme Couponing

There are thousands of different side hustles you could do to earn some extra money on the side, and which one clicks for you depends on your personality and goals. However, theres one side hustle that makes an insane amount of money and works for anyone.

Starting an affiliate website is an incredible way to earn extra money because you can do it from your home on a laptop, and work on your business in the evenings and on weekends. The income potential is huge, and its easy to scale

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Beginners Guide To Using Coupons

How To Use Extreme Couponing To Fund Your Business Ventures

Welcome to Beginners Guide to Using Coupons brought to you by Living Rich With Coupons.

Note: Here is aquick tip page about everything youll read about in detail on this page!

Here you will learn the right way to become a Strategic Shopper and Couponer and be able to save anywhere from 50 90% on your grocery bill. The LRWC version of Extreme Couponing is NOT by clearing shelves, having your stockpile take over your house, using unethical couponing practicing or by spending 1/2 your week preparing your shopping trip. We are EXTREME COUPONERS because we can save an extreme amount of money by using legitimate couponing methods, keeping a conservative stockpile of items that can pack our pantry or fit onto an extra shelf or two. And, we buy what we need for ourselves, our family and our donations without clearing shelves in the supermarket. All from only a few extra hours work a week.

Tons of Living Rich With Coupons readers have saved thousands of dollar each year by using these easy coupon strategies. All it takes is a little time, organization and you will be able to stock your pantry for so much less.

We have five sections below to help you get started. Click the links below to bring you to the section you are interested in reading about.

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Know Your Store Policies

Its vital that you know exactly how you can use the coupons that you acquire. Not all stores allow coupon stacking or coupon doubling but if they do, you should take advantage of it. Keep a list of all the stores you frequent and know their coupon policies before you shop.

Next: You need somewhere for storage.

Couponing Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Even though TLC’s Extreme Couponing shows people with their own personal grocery stores in their garages , that doesn’t mean that it’s something you would actually want. Really, couponing isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be, and in fact, it can even end up being a waste of time.

According to ex-extreme couponer Christy Rakoczy, the decision to to give up couponing came when she realized what she was really doing. “The goal wasn’t just to buy products the goal was to use the coupons to get products for free,” she wrote in an article on Money Crashers. But while she was able to receive free products, she didn’t need them and she often had to spend money on other products in order to qualify for the coupon. She explained, “The coupon craze created an incentive to buy unnecessary goods. While I could resell them , they often sat on shelves in my house for weeks or months, taking up space.”

Couponing as seen on TLC’s Extreme Couponing can often lead to a stockpile of unnecessary items, something that can be a huge waste of time and precious cabinet space.

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Moneymakers Are Possible In Retail But Way More Likely In Grocery

We see moneymaking deals in grocery all the time on shampoo, toothpaste and razors but when it comes to retail, its pretty rare. Things like clothes, toys and decor are almost never moneymakers.

In the past month, we saw just one moneymaker for a $6.99 Camelback water bottle from Sierra Trading Post with a TopCashback offer for $12.94 back, making the water bottle a $5.95 moneymaker!

TopCashback is a site that gives users cash back on their online purchases. Newbies can usually score a great moneymaker when they sign up like $10.00 off at Sephora.

Learn To Coupon And Save Money

How to Make & Save Money through Couponing | 4 Ways to Monetize | Couponing 101

Then in 2011, I was introduced to a woman who was looking for childcare. She was a friend of a current family that I worked for.

When I heard her name, I was excited to meet her, obviously for the childcare opportunity, but because she was extreme couponing.

I had seen the shows on tv, but couldnt figure out how anyone could do it. But, I was about to meet someone who might be able to help.

I met with her and began watching her child the following week. At the time she taught classes around the area on how to extreme coupon. I took a class and I was hooked. I wanted to run to the store that night and buy items, get them free and save money.

From then on, I didnt shop without coupons. It was like a game.

How much could I save? What items could I get free? Are there things I could donate? It was so fun.

And because it is fun, and based around one of the biggest household expenses we have, I decided I wanted to share what I had learned.

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Mc Student Helps The Homeless Through Extreme Couponing

At 40 years old, Envy Love is one of many students redefining themselves at Montgomery College. What separates her from her peers who have chosen to return to college is that she is an extreme couponer who launched a nonprofit

Love was raised by a single mother, who often worked three jobs. At times, she and her family lived in homeless shelters in Florida. With those hard days behind herbut not forgottenshe started the nonprofit organization, Paint the Town Red with Love, and dedicated it to helping people in need.

Love says her organizations focus is to help the homeless and single moms. She donates most of her hauls, purchases made at significant discounts by extreme couponing, to homeless shelters. Items include personal care products such as shampoo and soap, as well as food. She has recently donated makeup for homeless shelter residents. Love keeps a stockpile of products all over her home, which might be more than a thousand items at a particular point.

In Need Of Extreme Couponing Tips I’m Going To Let You In On Some Industry Secrets That Will Save You Enough Money Each Month To Finally Afford That Family Vacation

Ive caught a few episodes of the show Extreme Couponing in the past, and each time it has led me to wonder about the logistics of these peoples lives:

  • how do they find space to house their stockpiles?
  • how can they possibly use up all of the products in a meaningful way before expiration?
  • how do their families truly feel about their obsession?
  • are they abiding by the coupon fine print, or committing coupon fraud?

It may give them a rush to purchase 348 bottles of barbecue sauce for under $20 , but so what?

Most of us do not want to spend the hours that it can take to legally walk out of a grocery store paying less than $10 for thousands of dollars worth of groceries.

We are happy to leave these shenanigans to the extreme couponers.

But does that mean we should write off coupons all together?

You know my answer to this: heck no!

Coupons are like cash in our household and they can supplement your income as well. Without taking on the burden of a couponing obsession, there are many things we can learn from these guys to make each of us above-average couponers.

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How To Start Couponing For Beginners: 2021 Guide

DisclosuresMany of the listings that appear on this website are from companies which we receive compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site . The site does not review or include all companies or all available products. Thrifty Nomads has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Thrifty Nomads and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the authors alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities.

It’s no big secret: the hours we kill on Facebook, YouTube and the general Internet wasteland could be swapped for something better. In fact, that time could be put towards cutting costs on something you pay for each month: groceries.

Long ago, some thrifty folk caught onto this. They began scoping out coupons from every crevice, congruently using them with other discounts, hauling grocery deals by the cartload. That hobby, now known as extreme couponing, can save you thousands. I don’t know about you, but that’s serious savings for a flight somewhere exotic. Today, I’m going to show you how to do it!

An example of a couponing haul from my friend, Alicia only $5 spent!

Look Out For Rare Coupons

20 Items You Can Get For FREE With Coupons

Certain items like processed foods are always on sale. Meat, dairy, and produce dont often go on sale, so its wise to jump on those deals when you can get them.

Joanie Demer of The Krazy Coupon Lady says that Catalinas thats extreme couponer speak for the coupons printed on the receipt are a goldmine for rare coupons on meat and produce. Never throw your receipt away until you check for these special discounts.

Next: Timing is everything.

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Couponing Vs Extreme Couponing

You may be wondering what the difference is between regular couponing and extreme couponing. Here are a few examples to explain.

Regular CouponingExtreme Couponing
You use coupons to buy items that you will use at the lowest prices possible.You use coupons to buy as much as you can at the lowest prices possible whether you use the items or not.
You use coupons to buy what you will use in three months or less.You use coupons to buy an abundance of items that you stockpile.
You casually use coupons to shop for savings.You spend an enormous amount of time couponing as if it were your full-time job.

How Extreme Couponers Use Coupons To Save Big

The fact that extreme couponers have tons of different places where they get their coupons, and they know where to find those high value coupons is just one element of their success.

Saving a lot of money using coupons is just as much about how you use coupons as it is about the coupons themselves.

What sets extreme couponers apart from your regular old couponer is that they know how to use coupons strategically.

And what we mean by that is that couponers know how to use coupons to maximize the amount of money that they save.

There are lots of different types of coupons available, so knowing how to use them to save the most money can be tough.

After all, you might have questions like, can I use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon together? or how many coupons can I use on one item?

Extreme couponers know all of the rules for using coupons, and can, therefore, use them effectively.

The main way that these couponers maximize savings is by stacking them this means that they combine coupons or use coupons alongside other money-saving methods.

Here are a few tips for stacking and using coupons effectively:

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Here Are A Few Items To Consider Using When Creating Your Coupon Filing System:

1) Expandable folder- if you want to do some extreme couponing, then an expandable folder will provide for more than enough room to store your coupons by category. The folders are available in various designs and sizes.2) Protective sheets and a binder- this is another good method to file your coupons because it is inexpensive. However, be careful of how you store your binder the coupons may slip through the top.3) Business card holder books: Though archaic in a way, the partitioned inserts provide for a way to catalog and retrieve coupons in a simple manner. Business cardholder books come in different sizes. They are a relatively secure tool that makes the coupons easily accessible to the user.

In couponing, to catch the best deals, you need to be willing to go through the process of looking for the coupons selecting them either by clipping them out with scissors or storing them online. You must have a way that is easy for you to utilize the coupons in a timely manner. Couponing works, it saves money!

Do Try Stacking Coupons

TUTORIAL:How Extreme Couponing Cannot Only Save But Make You Money!

Combining a coupon with a store sale is a simple way to stack savings. But you dont have to limit yourself to just stacking coupons with sale prices. Stores like Dollar General, Meijer, and Target let you stack a manufacturers coupon and store coupons to save even more.

For example, if Target has Planters peanuts on sale for $2, you can use a $1 Target coupon for Planters products and a $1 Planters manufacturers coupon to score a free can of peanuts. You can find store coupons online or in your favorite stores weekly flyers.

If you cant get something for free, try stacking coupons with store sales and apps like Ibotta to maximize savings.

For example, theres a 50%-off clearance sale on a $3.99 Red Baron pepperoni pizza, bringing the price down to $2. If you have a $1 manufacturer coupon, the price is just $1. But since Ibotta has a $0.75 rebate on Red Baron pepperoni pizza, you just scored an entire pizza for only $0.25.

To top it all off, shop with a cash-back credit card to earn even more. The goal of couponing is to find deals whenever possible and get creative to stretch the value of every dollar you spend.

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