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How To Get A Lot Of Coupons

Dont Shop Without A Meal Plan

Coupon Mom Teaches How to Get Free Groceries – Save Money & Get Free Deals

Shopping with a meal plan is an often overlooked couponing tip, but its crucial to saving money. If you dont have a plan to use the products youre buying each week, youre more likely to waste food.

Additionally, shopping without a menu makes you more likely to buy convenience food: frozen pizzas, hot dogs, and other fast meals. While these are delicious, theyre not conducive to eating healthy on a budget.

When building your shopping list, plan dishes that line up with products you have coupons for. For example, you find a $1-off coupon for two bags of Sargento cheese, a $0.25 coupon for Classico pasta sauce, and a coupon for $1 off two boxes of Muellers pasta. You can plan to make lasagna for dinner one night that week and macaroni and cheese as a side for another meal.

Or perhaps you find a coupon for an ingredient thats central to many dishes, like chicken or ground beef, that also happens to be on sale. You can plan to make several recipes that use that ingredient, then stack the sale and coupon for even more savings.

If that sounds intimidating, affordable meal-planning services like $5 Meal Plan provide a months worth of dinner recipes and various breakfast and lunch ideas for only $5 per month.

Get Familiar With Navigating The Marketplace

You might want to dive into couponing headfirst, but easing in is probably the better route.

Start with a single store while you’re getting your feet wet you can branch out later as you get used to bargain pricing and coupon policies. Find a couple of favorite cashiers to frequent who don’t mind the drill. Make sure to thank those cashiers and compliment them often. Warn people who get behind you in line that they may want to choose another aisle. Smile whenever a situation seems like it’s starting to sour.

The point is that it’s important to remember that while you’re learning an exciting and cost-saving new practice, other people are just trying to pick up a few things for dinner after a long day at work. Which reminds us of another tip: Avoid shopping during peak hours and trips to the store will tend to go a lot more smoothly.

Delayed And Less Profitable Sales

Theres certainly a risk of delaying sales when coupons are regularly used in marketing. This is especially true for repeat customers youre, in essence, training them to wait for a better deal. Be certain to include coupons and incentives on specific items that need an extra boost, not those that are already selling at acceptable market value.

The additional risk here is to your bottom line. Coupons are a marketing expense whether to acquire new customers or retain current ones with additional costs. This isnt a sustainable strategy and will churn customers at a higher rate than competitively pricing your products and providing an excellent overall product and purchasing experience.

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Collect Coupons & Deals

Youre going to need a lot of coupons, but you dont need to go overboard. The smart move is to get multiple copies of the same coupon so you can maximize your savings if you come across a deal.

You can also collect various types of coupons, like percent-off coupons, cash rebates, and manufacturer coupons. Then you can mix and match them when shopping to maximize savings.

Think of coupons as currency because youre going to use them like cash, so acquire as many as you can. There are several places you can look.

Watch the Sales Ads

Using coupons on regularly priced products helps you save. But its still important to look for store deals and shop for sales if you want to save as much as possible.

Weekly grocery store flyers are your best resource for finding sales. Flyers highlight sale products and various store promotions, so you can build a menu and shopping list based on whats already on sale.

You can find weekly flyers for grocery stores online if you visit specific grocery store websites. Some grocery stores also have mobile apps that have a weekly flyer section.

If you want to consolidate weekly flyers from over 2,000 stores, you can also download the Flipp app. Flipp lets you browse weekly ads from stores like CVS, Dollar General, Target, Walmart, and Walgreens to find sales.

Places Where Extreme Couponers Get Their High Value Coupons

Big Lots Coupons

by Lauren Bennett – Last Updated November 25, 2019

Where do extreme couponers get their coupons?

Thats a question that many people have, especially shoppers who want to start and are trying to learn how to coupon for beginners.

Not knowing where to get coupons the ones that save you more than just a few cents at a time is the biggest reason why a lot of people give up on couponing.

Weve all heard those stories about extreme couponers who save thousands of dollars each year just by using coupons many extreme couponers even end up being owed money by stores something called overage in the couponing world.

It leaves you wondering, just how do these extreme couponers save so much money?

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One of the ways that extreme couponing can save you so much cash is finding and using high value coupons.

But, this is just one reason for their success.

Extreme couponers also combine coupons effectively to maximize their savings and get coupons from a wide range of sources.

Below, we cover the places where extreme couponers get their coupons, including those high value ones, and the methods they use to save thousands of dollars each year.

  • Closing Thoughts
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    Best For Groceries: Ibotta

    • Must have $20 in rewards before you can cash out

    • Must manually add offers to your account before you shop

    • Some offers require you to submit a receipt

    Ibotta is a coupon add that helps you save money at participating retailers, including grocery stores. We chose it for our ranking based on the extra savings you can accrue on grocery purchases, including delivery and pickup. Specifically, the app boasts more than 500 exclusive offers on grocery delivery with brands like Walmart and Shipt.

    You can get a $20 bonus just for downloading the app, and you can add special offers to your account from there. Cash back will then be added to your account when you make eligible purchases with retailers including Lowe’s, Hotels.com, Kohl’s, Best Buy, Staples, and more.

    Note that Ibotta works for online and in-person purchases, and that the app currently partners with more than 1,500 brands and retailers. Ibotta has also paid out more than $797 million in cash rewards since its founding in 2012. Redemptions with Ibotta are available once you have at least $20 in cash back in your account , and you can redeem for transfers to a bank account or PayPal.

    Ibotta is available for iOS and Android, and it has mostly excellent reviews with Google and Apple app stores.

    Beat The System: Understand Overage

    Overage happens when the worth of your coupon exceeds the cost of the product. That means you are either owed money in cash from the grocer, or get credit towards your current bill. Sweet! But how can this happen?!

    There are many scenarios that create overage:

  • Combining a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon together. Example: Yummy Bread has a manufacturer coupon for buns. Your local grocery also has its own coupon for Yummy Bread buns. Combine & voìla! Double the savings.
  • Using a coupon on an item that has been reduced/on clearance. Example: You have a Yummy Bread manufacturer’s coupon for buns, and then find a bag that’s reduced by 50% for quick-sale, now only $1. Apply your $3 coupon to the reduced $1 buns and presto you’ve got $2 in overage!
  • Applying Catalina coupons on your bill. Example: Big chains like Walmart may offer save _ dollars off your next purchase these are also known as Catalina coupons. Lets say you only owe $3 on your current bill. Apply a $5 off Catalina and you’ve now got a $2 overage. Nice!
  • Price-matching an item that you’re already using a coupon on. Example: Walmart is selling Oral B toothbrushes for 99 cents. You price-match at a neighbouring store and apply a coupon offer of buy 3 toothbrushes, get $4 off. Since they’re only 99 cents each, if you buy 3 then you’ve got an overage of $1. Well done!
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    Check The Sunday Newspaper

    While youre catching up on current events, look for coupon inserts in your local or national newspaper. The Sunday edition usually contains $50 to $300 worth of savings, Livesey says. Typically, larger or more expensive publications will have bigger inserts with higher-value coupons, she says.

    Before you pay extra for a subscription, make sure its worthwhile. You might be able to get access to newspapers through friends, businesses and other sources free of charge. Free papers often have coupons, too.

    How To Get Free Coupons For Groceries Without Buying A Sunday Paper

    How to Use Coupons at Target Shopping Trip LOTS OF TOY DEALS and FREEBIES!

    Couponing can save you a lot of money, but you dont need to buy a Sunday paper to save money. The cost of a local Sunday paper could cost you $3.00 and now most of them dont even have that many useful coupons.

    However, you can still be an extreme couponer without a Sunday paper. Here are some great tips that will get you free coupons for groceries without buying a Sunday paper.

    Extreme Couponing for beginners is also a good place to start!

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    Protecting Your Personal Email Account

    When you begin turning to the internet for coupons, you will register your email at a lot of websites. Doing this increases your chances of getting spam. What many couponers do to avoid this problem is set up a new email account that is separate from their personal accounts. The article Avoid Junk Email When Applying for Special Offers Online has tips and solutions that can help you keep your personal email account uncluttered and free of spam.

    Pick Up Coupons At The Store

    Keep your eyes peeled at the store and pick up any coupons you find on tearpads or in the blinking dispensers. If there are plenty of extras, snag multiple copies of these. A lot of times, this very item will be on an exceptional sale just a few weeks later and youll be more than glad you picked up that handful of coupons!

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    How To Start Couponing For Beginners: 2021 Guide

    DisclosuresMany of the listings that appear on this website are from companies which we receive compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site . The site does not review or include all companies or all available products. Thrifty Nomads has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Thrifty Nomads and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the authors alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities.

    It’s no big secret: the hours we kill on Facebook, YouTube and the general Internet wasteland could be swapped for something better. In fact, that time could be put towards cutting costs on something you pay for each month: groceries.

    Long ago, some thrifty folk caught onto this. They began scoping out coupons from every crevice, congruently using them with other discounts, hauling grocery deals by the cartload. That hobby, now known as extreme couponing, can save you thousands. I don’t know about you, but that’s serious savings for a flight somewhere exotic. Today, I’m going to show you how to do it!

    An example of a couponing haul from my friend, Alicia only $5 spent!

    Final Tips To Couponing

    Pinned August 11th: $10 off $50 &  more at #BigLots or ...
    • Don’t just buy something because it has a coupon. Only buy what you need!
    • It pays to check. A brand name with a coupon isn’t always cheaper than discount brands, and buying it at a more expensive store that accepts your coupon could still be pricier than buying it somewhere else.
    • See a free coupon magazine? Don’t just grab one, grab several! Even if coupons are limited to one per transaction, you can use them again on another trip!
    • If you have a high value coupon, hold out until that item is further discounted for maximum savings.
    • If you’re really keen for savings, write to manufacturers of products you love & you’re likely to get some coupons of appreciation in return. Extreme couponers vouch that this works quite often.
    • Know the terms & conditions of your coupon before going out so you are prepared to explain them on check-out if need be. Shoppers behind you will also be grateful if you know what you’re doing and are prompt!

    While extreme couponing is in some ways, well, extreme, even the smallest of efforts go a long way. Take it slow, and enjoy savour the cumulative savings for your next adventure!

    Are you an avid couponer? What are your best couponing tips for someone starting out?

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    Print Coupons Out Online

    If your store accepts , this can be a great source of coupons which cost little more than your printer ink and paper. And oftentimes, the coupons available to print online are much higher than what youll find in the newspaper inserts.

    I usually highlight the best printable coupons on my blog as they become available. But you can also do a search for the product name plus printable coupon online and it will often bring up many different coupons.

    Download Store Apps To Access Digital Coupons

    Youll probably have to also join a store loyalty program at a few of these, but not all.

    Note that store apps often also have manufacturer coupons available. Look for percent-off coupons or wording that indicates its a store coupon to tell the difference.

    Dollar-off coupons are usually manufacturer coupons at grocery stores.

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    Visit Retailer Websites And Apps

    If you plan to purchase an item, check retailer websites first. Most major merchants have a weekly ad, coupon or offers section online. Or you might see a limited-time discount code on the homepage or a banner ad.

    Livesey recommends downloading apps for the stores you shop at regularly. Some have features, like Targets Cartwheel, that make it easy to find store and manufacturer coupons in one place.

    Know The Store’s Everyday Prices

    DOLLAR TREE COUPONS | A lot of great coupons this week!!!

    You wonât know whether youâre really getting a good deal if you donât know what a storeâs everyday prices are. For example, the manufacturer puts out a coupon for 25 cents off peanut butter but the store increases the price 30 cents. You actually end up paying 5 cents extra, so doing research pays off.

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    Couponing : Your Beginners Guide To Couponing

    This Couponing 101 series is designed to help you thoroughly understand everything you want to know about couponing. I am writing it with new couponers in mind, but it will help even the most experienced saavy shopper! Make sure you take a minute to read every post so you can not only fully understand coupons, but can really save a lot of money.

    Hunt For Coupons Everywhere You Go

    There are other coupons around that can save you money, so be sure to have beady eyes when out and about to spot them:

    – On packaging – Some products in the supermarket have on-pack promotions that give you coupons. This can be in the form of stickers, tags or inside-the-box codes.

    – At events – Big events such as the Ideal Home show are a great place for coupons. A lot of brands come to these events to give out free samples and coupons.

    – Wombling – A slightly off-the-cuff way to get coupons is to pick up those others have discarded in their trolley or the supermarket car park. As long as they’re not linked to a specific loyalty card, you can pick them up and use them. Price promises usually work best. There are questions as to whether it’s legal though, see our ‘Wombler raises money via old receipts’ news article.

    – Bus tickets/cash machines – Sometimes those pesky pieces of paper can have coupons on. Whenever you withdraw money from a supermarket ATM or get a bus ticket – flip the paper around to check if there is a coupon on the back.

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    Best For Price Comparisons: Capital One Shopping

    Capital One Shopping

    • Applies discounts on purchases with more than 30,000 retailers

    • Automatically compares pricing, including shipping costs

    • Earn rewards on eligible purchases

    • Mobile app available for iOS or Android, and browser extension also available

    • Rewards are only good for gift cards

    While Capital One shopping is a coupon app that automatically applies discounts at more than 30,000 retailers, we chose them for our ranking based on the fact the app also compares pricing and shows you the best deal. If Capital One shopping finds a better price on an item, they’ll even provide you with a link so you can purchase the item elsewhere.

    In addition to applying the best coupon codes at participating stores, Capital One shopping also lets you earn rewards on eligible purchases, which can be redeemed for gift cards with retailers like Walmart and eBay.

    Capital One Shopping is free to use, and they report they saved their customers more than $160 million in 2019. Note that this tool is available as a browser extension, but that you can also download Capital One shopping on your iOS or Android device. Capital One shopping also has mostly excellent reviews online with the App Store and Google Play.


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