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How To Extreme Coupon Online

How To Get Coupons

How to Coupon for Beginners (2021) âï¸? Extreme Couponing 101

Learning where to get coupons especiallymanufacturer coupons is vital if you want to cut down on your grocery bill. There are different types of coupons, many of which are digital and dont require any actual clipping. Some coupons can be loaded to your stores loyalty card and automatically applied at checkout with your phone number. Other coupons can be scanned from a barcode on your phone. Some rebate coupons can be redeemed by uploading a photo of your receipt. And then there are the tried-and-true coupons you can print at home or clip from the Sunday newspaper.

At KCL, one of the ways we make it easy to shop smarter is by aggregating thousands of coupons into onegrocery coupon database so all you have to do is type in the brand you want or the product youre looking for to find a human-verified list of coupons you can use.

Digital Coupons

How To Find Coupons

There are lots of manufactured coupons online you can print, or you can find coupons in your grocery store aisles known as Tear Pad Coupons. Watch your inbox and local newspaper for coupon inserts, and you will want to know more about Cash Back Rebates You can also find Mailed online Coupons from Websaver, and etc from Canadian couponing sites

Look out for a store Coupon! At some stores such as RCSS, they have a wall of coupons to use, at the front entrance.

What Does One Per Visit Mean

One per visit on a coupon means you can only use one identical coupon per shopping trip. If you have multiple identical coupons that have this verbiage, youll have to return to the store another time to redeem them. And while we hear stories of couponers arguing that simply walking out to the car and coming back in constitutes a new visit, we think thats probably not within the spirit of the fine print.

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How Do You Double A Coupon

I can then use a $1/2 printable coupon and after that coupon doubles I pay only $.67 per box. If I would have used the coupon on the regular price I still would have had to pay $3 per box. You really save a lot by combining a sale with coupon plus a store that doubles!

Holding on to your coupons to grocery shop and using them when the products is on sale is key to Extreme couponing. if you dont learn anything else learn this on rule.

How To Start Couponing For Beginners In 2021

Extreme Couponing Canada

Latoya ScotthereIf you shop online often, take advantage of ato save on holiday shipping. Plus, think you cant afford it? Well, !

If youve been wondering how to start couponing for beginners, youre in the right place. In fact, I get this question a lot. One of the main ways to ease into frugal living is to be more diligent about saving money on things you already buy.

You know, those things like toothpaste, toilet tissue, dish detergent you buy those things, right? And what would it hurt to save a dollar or two on those things? Even better, what would it hurt to build a stockpile of those things you use regularly?

It wouldnt hurt a thing because it will make your life easier and it will ultimately save you money, but only if you do it the right way. Ive traveled down the extreme couponing road before and Ive vowed to never do it again.

Yeah, it was sweet having a closet full of toilet paper, dish detergent, toothbrushes, etc. However, every month it seems like I was digging myself into a hole financially and I couldnt see it while I was caught up couponing. Yes, I was saving money on things that I needed, but the money I saved wasnt in my bank account. Crazy, right?

But Im going to give you the rundown on how to do things right. Im going to share with you exactly how to start couponing for beginners. Ill walk you through where to find coupons and Ill even share a few benefits of using coupons when shopping.

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Use Drug Store Coupons

Using coupons doesnt just save you when buying food at your local grocery store. Coupons can also be used at your local drug store on those essential personal care items you need.

Sure, extreme couponers want to save money on boxes of cereal and gallons of milk. But they also want to save on shampoo, gummy vitamins and paper towels which they sometimes run through quicker.

These coupon offers at drug stores work similarly to a grocery store. There may be opportunities to double coupons, use competitor coupons and stack coupons if allowed. Dont limit your savings to just the grocery store.

Where To Get Coupons In Canada

Coupons are available in various places. They can be found on the products themselves such as on cereal boxes, We post new coupons at least weekly, and you can sign up for your favourites products emails or call and ask. Check our list on how to find coupons

Dont forget to sign up for our Daily Newsletter so you dont miss another online coupon and FREE Samples

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Poor Example Of Real Couponers

Unethical BehaviorDuring one of the episodes, Tide coupons used by the profiled couponer were later exposed as being counterfeit. Also, there were several times that the coupons used were already expired. Responsible couponers would never knowingly use a counterfeit coupon, and many work diligently online to help expose counterfeit coupons that are circulated.

HoardingMost couponers and even seasoned extreme couponers make an effort to be considerate of other shoppers, unlike many of the extreme couponers that have been profiled on Extreme Couponing. In the program, some of the profiled couponers were seen wiping out the sale products on store shelves, leaving nothing for the other shoppers, hogging the checkout counters, and making a general pain of themselves.

In reality, most couponers try to keep a low profile and will often shop during off hours to avoid being an inconvenience to the stores and to other shoppers. Also, most couponers will buy multiple items if they can get it at super low prices, but most are not hoarders.

Buying LimitsMost stores have limits on how many coupons for the same item can be purchased at one time. For example, going in with 144 coupons and purchasing six cases of one product would not be allowed at most stores.

Also, there are often limitation policies printed on the coupon. For example, you may see on the coupon that you can only redeem up to five coupons for five of the products at one time.

Canadian Coupon Apps That Let You Earn Money

â How to Extreme Coupon

If you live in Canada, there are now many apps that you can download and earn cashback, or do tasks in your local store and get paid such as Field Agent.

Taking pictures of your receipts can get you the cashback from Cashback apps like Checkout51 and Caddle.

Can you think of any more tips to be an Extreme Couponer?

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Do Combine Coupons With Cash

Coupons usually provide a percent discount or certain dollar-off amount to let you save. But if you want to save even more on your weekly grocery haul, you can use cash-back rewards apps to earn rebates for buying certain products.

Just like searching for coupons, you can research rebate opportunities before heading to the store to earn cash back for products you were going to buy anyway. Popular rewards apps you can use include:

  • Ibotta. Earn cash back for buying specific products from Ibotta partners and uploading your receipt to the app for proof of purchase. Ibotta works with over 1,000 brands, and there are always offers on groceries and everyday essentials. You can redeem cash back through PayPal, Venmo, or free gift cards when you reach $20. Read our Ibotta review for more information.
  • Fetch Rewards. If you like Ibotta, Fetch Rewards is another must-download app. With Fetch Rewards, you earn points for buying products from dozens of popular brands. An advantage of Fetch Rewards is that you can redeem many free gift cards once you reach $3, which is possible in a single shopping trip. Read our Fetch Rewards review for more information.
  • Checkout 51. Checkout 51 is similar to Ibotta. Download Checkout 51, select offers to shop for, and upload your receipt to earn rewards. Checkout 51 works at stores like Aldi, Albertsons, Costco, Kroger, Meijer, and Walmart. You get a check when you earn $20 in cash back. Read our Checkout 51 review for more information.

How To Start Couponing At Walmart

Its important to be aware of the limitations and guidelines in place for using coupons at Walmart.

If you understand Walmarts coupon policy, then you wont take in the wrong type of coupons or try to use them in the wrong way at the store.

It saves you so much time and effort, making the whole process of couponing at Walmart easier.

Please note, however, that stores sometimes change their policies, and while certain coupons might have been accepted at the time of writing, they might not be in the future. So, always check back to see if there are any amendments.

Here is the link to Walmarts coupon policy where you can see everything in detail.

Now that weve covered what you cant do with coupons, you probably want to know that you can do with them.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that you can use coupons at Walmart for maximum savings.

Heres what you should do.

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Dont Pay For Shipping Ever

Amazon Primes two-day free shipping ruined me for paying for shipping ever again. And these days, theres no reason to.

Plenty of online stores offer straight up free shipping. With others, you have to work the system a little.

Lots of other stores offer free site-to-store delivery, which just means youll have to take a quick trip for pickup.

Check your stores shipping policy before you check out. You may have to hit a minimum purchase total to get free shipping , or you may have to throw in a certain item .

Step : Learn The Basics

News, Coupons, Savings, &  More.

In the first step togetting started using coupons, youll learn the basics of couponing, such as how to redeem coupons at a store, how to read coupons, how to understand coupon policy, how to power up your savings by doubling or tripling the value of a manufacturers coupon, and many other couponing tricks. Once you understand thesebeginners tips, youll be able to find deals and start saving.

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Combine Manufacturer & Store Coupons

You can indeed use more than one coupon on a product.

In fact, this is how extreme couponers save so much money!

Many stores will allow you to use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item. This is how extreme couponers use multiple coupons.

This can really open up a lot of savings! In fact, you can double your savings instantly.

And if you have a high value coupon, youll save even more!

Manufacturer coupons usually have the words manufacturer coupon printed on them.

Youll need to make sure that the coupon you have for the store, and the coupon you have from the manufacturer are for the same product color, fragrance, size, etc. if applicable of course.

Of course, if the coupon is broad, like get $2 off any Clorox cleaning product, then this wont be a factor.

When you get to the checkout, use both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon and youll save more!

Lets say that you have a Target Cartwheel Coupon for $3 off. But you also have a Tide manufacturer coupon that gets you $3 off. You save $6, rather than $3. So you could get a $20 pack for just $14.

Do Stay Organized To Maximize Savings

Organize coupons to keep them easily accessible when you shop. The last thing you want is to miss a coupon when checking out or even worse forget your coupons at home.

Your organizational system doesnt have to be complex or expensive. For casual couponers, a coupon wallet on Amazon costs around $10 and comes with dividers to group coupons into different sections, like meat or produce.

If you prefer managing everything from your smartphone, you can also use the free SnipSnap app to transform paper coupons into digital ones. Once you snap a picture of a paper coupon, Snip Snap uploads it to its database so you can use it while on the go. The app also tracks expiration dates and sends reminders about expiring coupons.

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What Is Walmarts Coupon Policy

Couponing at Walmart Tips you need to know is a great starting point. Find lots of money saving tips!

I hope I didnt overwhelm you. Take a few minutes per day to read up on some of these posts so you can become an extreme couponer and save a ton of money.

Stacking coupons is an art that once you master, you will really be able to start saving money. Learn how to stack coupons effectively to save money.

Extreme Couponing Is Possible

Get It Free’s Extreme Couponing Tutorial : Example Process
    • Massey Junior College

    Couponers were excited when the TLC program Extreme Couponing was aired and it motivated a lot of people to try their hand at scoring hundreds of dollars in food for next to nothing.

    The thought of spending almost no money for rooms full of grocery and personal products would appeal to anyone who is concerned about saving money. But unfortunately, the scenarios that we saw by some of the profiled couponers were scripted stores’ coupon policies were adjusted just for the program, and unethical coupon practices were utilized to create the concept of what can be achieved by extreme couponing.

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    Couponing Tips For Beginners:

    Start Small Work Smart. Dont just grab any deal thinking its a good one. Just start out by taking a few coupons, into the store to redeem. Dont attempt a huge shop right away, unless you are confident in your skills,

    Also, some products you should be aware of are not Overstocking in your stockpile. Examples: Deodorant , pantry items do have a best before the expiry date. Hair Products, you should only do a max store of 12 each, but really you can get away with 3 shampoos and conditioner,

    Health products such as vitamins, Advil etc, you dont really need to stock up more than 2, as they will sit in your pantry and expire if you are not careful.

    It is Tempting to be an Extreme Couponer and have a store built in your basement. but in reality, it is not necessary to be Extreme, you can save the same amount of money with smaller stock. Remember it costs money for shelving, and fancy pegboards you see on social media.

    Stock Up On Sale Items When Shopping

    You dont always need coupons to do a stockpile. If you find a great price on an item, buy a few of them, after all, you cant find coupons on every single item you purchase.

    Example: I will pick up an extra turkey or ham during the holiday season, and throw it in the freezer. Or picking up Halloween chocolate bars for Christmas stocking stuffers,

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    Know Your Stores Coupon Policies

    If youre eager to start getting into couponing, it may be tempting to just dive right in. However, you may need to complete some prep work in order to truly be successful in saving money.

    First of all, you need to understand your stores coupon policies. Not every store has the same policies when it comes to doubling coupons, taking competitor coupons, stacking coupons or other practices that extreme couponers employ.

    Usually, your store will have a page on their website detailing their coupon policy. Knowing this information before you begin piling on the coupons will help you save time, and a potential headache, come check out.

    Before jumping in, be sure to familiarize yourself with your local stores policies. Once you know the rules of the game, you can start playing.

    Is It Possible To Be An Extreme Couponer In Canada

    Pin by im4lettering on Extreme Coupon Deals

    Yes, but dont expect to get the same types of deals as those you see on Extreme Couponing.

    Many of the people on the show have stores in their community that will double the value of coupons. They also have catalinas that print on your receipt, which are coupons you can use for future purchases .

    In addition, they often have better in-store promotions than those of us in Canada .

    So, yes, you can be an extreme couponer in Canada. Just dont expect to go to the store every week and buy $600 worth of groceries for $10. Its near impossible.

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    What Happens When A Bogo Coupons Not

    When you have a BOGO coupon, you can purchase one item and get an identical product for free or discounted depending on the coupon. The only issue is when the fine print states not to exceed $X or Up to $X or Maximum retail value $X and the shelf price is more than that amount. At most retailers, youll be responsible for the difference.

    Heres an example:

    You have a BOGO coupon for Colgate Optic White toothpaste and the fine print says not to exceed $2.97. So you go to Rite Aid and find that the shelf price is actually $3.17. At the register you present the one BOGO coupon, and see the total without tax is $3.37. You were charged the regular Rite Aid price for one Colgate Optic White and an additional $0.20 for the second tube.


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