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How To Extreme Coupon At Publix

Coupons For Competitor Gift Cards Are Welcome Too

How to extreme coupon at Publix and other stores as seen on TV

Publix will even accept coupons for competitors private label brand items.

Example: You have a Target coupon to receive a $5 Gift Card when you buy $20 of Meat or Seafood. Heres what you do to use the coupon at Publix:

  • Make sure your store considers Target a competitor by calling your local store or checking this master store competitor list.
  • Choose $20 of Fresh meat or seafood. The details on the coupon state it can be Fresh, Frozen, Deliso choose something from those areas at Publix.
  • At the register, hand over the Target coupon. The Publix Cashier will give you a $5 Publix Gift Card to use on your next shopping trip.
  • Pretty neat, right?! This is one of my favorite Publix saving tips!

    Publix Store Brand Items:

    Publix has their own store brand items and they are manufactured by leading national manufacturers.

    If you need something but dont have coupons, youll want to check these items first. You can get a hint of who made it by looking at which national manufacturer it is stored beside.

    For example, if the store brand is stocked on the shelf beside Del Monte, theres a high likelihood that Del Monte packaged the store brand as well.

    So as you can see, here are all my best Publix coupon tips so you can save more money this year.

    Plus, these Publix saving tips will help you know where to find the best savings.

    And, these couponing at Publix tips and tricks will help you learn how to save more at Publix.

    Happy saving more at Publix!

    Does Publix Accept Competitior Coupons

    In addition to store coupons, Publix accepts competitor coupons. Each store accepts different competitors. Usually, it is stores, within a few miles of your Publix they are in competition with. They want your business, rather than you purchasing the items at Target, so they will accept the Target coupons you have on matching items in their store. The store usually has its competitors listed on a sign near the door. If you can not find the sign you can ask customer service which competitors coupons they accept. You can also call your store, if you are planning a trip and ask Customer Service.

    The Publix Policy allows you to use either a Publix store coupon or competitor store coupon on an item, not both. The max coupons you can use on one item is ONE store coupon

    and ONE manufacturer coupon. Remember to check for the LU# and bar code to determine the type of coupons you are using.

    Publix accepts competitor store brand coupons for their own Publix brand items. For example, Up & Up is a Target brand. A Publix store, which accepts Target as a competitor, will accept an Up & Up coupon on a Publix branded item.

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    Whats The Publix Checkout Promise

    The Publix Promise is that if you scan an item during the checkout process and its more than the advertised or shelf price, Publix gives you one of those items for free!

    Additionally, if you have more than one of the items, youll get the remaining items at the stated lower price.

    However, this Publix Promise doesnt include tobacco products or alcohol.

    Best Sites About How To Extreme Coupon At Publix

    Publix Extreme Couponing haul

    how to extreme coupon at publix at CouponsDoom is always available and free to access, up to 70% saving amounts are waiting for you! We work hard everyday to bring you all the latest discount codes, as well as hottest deals at the moment, s o you won’t miss any chance to minimize the cost of your orders. Visit us now to shop and save!

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    How To Extreme Coupon

    • Store Loyalty Cards
    • Gather Additional Coupons


    Only you know what stores are in your area and closest to your home. Once you see how much you can save, youll be on a Shopping High! You might want to scoop up every deal at every store, every week. Uh uh uh Slow your roll, cowpoke! It cant be done. Many of us in the beginning have tried and failed. It would consume your life to try and do this at 3 Grocery Stores and 3 Drug Stores. You must limit yourself to one Grocery Store and 1 Drug Store and master those first. Then you can branch out. Pick ones that youre comfortable in, near your home, where the staff is not too harsh about couponers. After a few trips to different stores, youll find the right ones. Ive narrowed mine down to Walmart Publix CVS and Dollar Tree . I confess that I would shop at Target more often, but they are not close to my home.


    • Find out if your store has a written Coupon Policy. Check our listing to see if your store has a written Coupon Policy. If it is not listed, visit their website. If they do not have one, send an email or letter similar to the one shown at the bottom of this page asking specific questions regarding their policy.
    • Find out if the store has a Price Match policy.
    • Ask if they accept competitor’s coupons, and if so, which stores.


    How to Extreme Coupon


    Does Publix Do Overage

    Publix does do overage, which is when the coupon value exceeds the cost of the item youre buying.

    Furthermore, if the total value of your coupons exceeds your entire grocery bill and you end up being owed money, then Publix will load the value onto a gift card.

    That said, this occasionally happens if youre using several coupons where overage occurred, and its gained in popularity due to the television show Extreme Couponing.

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    Practicing Proverbs 31 Couponing 101 Lesson 5 Publix

  • 1. PracticingProverbs31Couponing 101Lesson 5
  • 2. Couponing 101Lesson 5Publix Where Shoppingis a Pleasure
  • 3. Publix Where Shopping is aPleasure Founded in WinterHaven, FL in 1930by George W.Jenkins. Largest employeeowned grocery storein the US. Pride themselves onexcellent customerservice. There are 181 Publixlocations in Ga.Publix location at Tom Hill Sr.Blvd, Macon Ga.
  • 4. Publix Coupon Policy Publix has their coupon policy online. You can find a copy here. Its a good idea to keep a copy of the coupon policy in your couponbinder.
  • 5. Publix How to make the mostof Publix shopping BOGO Double ManufacturerCoupons up to .50 Store Coupons CompetitorsCoupons Digital Coupons Store Magazines Store Programs Publix Upromise Penny Item Pharmacy Savings Senior Discount Price ScanGuarantee Buy Theirs Get OursFree Gas Card Deals Rain Checks Rebates Employee
  • 6. Publix Publix Website At you can review weekly sales ads,print coupons and shopping lists, load digitalcoupons, get recipes, etc.
  • 7. Publix Publix app With the Publix smart phone app youcan review weekly ads, make lists,refill prescriptions and even seerecipes.
  • 9. Publix Double ManufacturerCoupons up to .50 Most Publix storesdoublemanufacturerscoupons up to .50. Coupons dontdouble in the stateof FL.
  • 14. Publix Weekly Ad Coupons Publix usually hasseveral couponsthat can be foundin the weekly salesad. These couponscan also be printedfrom Publix.comwhen you reviewthe ad online.
  • Publixs Instacart Grocery Delivery Charges Higher Prices And A Delivery Fee

    Publix | How To Coupon ( Make Money Couponing At Publix)

    On the inflated prices, Publix states, The increased price covers the costs of Instacart providing the overall service and in-store shopper. Publix is not attempting to profit from this service and is not collecting additional fees from customers to use it. Instacart costs $3.99 for deliveries over $35, and $7.99 for anything under that, or $99/year for unlimited delivery on orders over $35.

    Paper coupons are not redeemable through Instacart, but you can use any digital coupons on the Instart/Publix site. Not all Publix deals and promotions are available, but most BOGOs are. Shop Publix online.

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    Storing Your Finds On A Budget

    When you start extreme couponing, you begin to stockpile merchandise quickly. You get the best savings when you take advantage of deals when theyre available rather than waiting until you need something. So you need space to store everything.

    But purchasing a bunch of high-priced shelving units and stylish Crate & Barrel bins starts to add up fast. And that says nothing of the purchases you need to make to store scores of meat and other freezable foods you get on sale.

    Several affordable storage ideas you can consider include:

    If your house begins to resemble a grocery store and youre constantly forgetting what products are in your stash, take a step back from extreme couponing and get your organization down to a science.

    Savings only matter if products see use, so dont coupon just for the sake of couponing without an organization system in place.

    Use Coupon Apps To Score Freebies And Moneymakers

    Walmart doesnt allow you to stack coupons like some stores. They have a strict one-coupon-per-item policy. But you can still use rebate apps, like iBotta and Checkout 51 to save more. Just look for opportunities to pair a coupon and a rebate for the same item, and youll score all sorts of freebies and cheapies. You can even make money, if the combined value of the coupon and the rebate exceeds the purchase price of the item. Thats lots of fun!

    Another neat thing about rebate apps is that they often have offers for produce and milk. Since Walmart strives to have the cheapest price in town on these items, its a simple way to save even more on these must-have items.

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    Overage Is Not A Bad Word

    Overage happens when the valueof your coupons is higher than the products you are buying.

    Let me explain the photo above, which was a deal that happened last year. Each product cost for $2.99 and the manufacturers coupon was for $4.99.That means for each $2.99 product that you purchase, and use a $4.99 coupon, you have $2 extra to spend on other things.

    In other words, the store will be reimbursed by the manufacturer $4.99, so they are passing that full amount on to you, the customer. But you are choosing to purchase an item for $2.99 and using the other $2 towards other groceries.

    A more common example you will see is when you buy a product for $2.49 and you have a store coupon for $2 and a manufacturer coupon for $1, that means you have $3 in coupons to pay for a product thats $2.49. You have 51¢ in Overage

    In other words, the store is paying you 51¢ to try that product.

    Winning and keeping you as a customer is so important to Publix, they happily recognize and give you overage when you use coupons that equal a higher total than your grocery bill!

    As a courtesy, I try to always spend something because it helps to reduce confusion at the cash register.

    However, on occasion we have gotten down to the last coupon to be scanned and ended up with a negative balance, meaning they owed me money, and with no questions asked, they simply load the amount on a Publix gift card, hand it to me with my receipt, and say thank you with a kind smile.

    Who doesnt like FREE MONEY?

    Digital Couponing At Publix

    How to extreme coupon at Publix and other stores  as seen ...

    Lots of retailers have started offering digital coupons. These are manufacturers coupons that are deducted from your total at the register.

    Just set up an account on the Publix website and clip the coupons to add them to your account. At the register, simply enter your phone number into the keypad where you swipe your debit/credit card and the register will automatically deduct any coupons that apply to your order.

    The bonus of digital is if you happen to run into the store to purchase one of something that you dont have a paper coupon for, but there is a digital coupon. Youll reap the savings without ever having touched a pair of scissors!

    Learn exactly how to use Publix Digital Coupons. I love seeing that extra dollar or two magically come off my total at the register from the digital coupons that I had clipped. Win!

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    Shop When It Isn’t Busy

    Its a lot easier to match coupons to products when you arent elbow to elbow with other shoppers, and your cashier is bound to be a lot nicer about your fat stack of coupons if there arent 14 people waiting to check out behind you.

    You also wont have to wait as long for a supervisor if your transaction requires approval, which is something you should get used to if youre an extreme couponer. Walmarts register system is programmed to require supervisor approval when you:

    • Use four or more like coupons in a transaction
    • Have a coupon for $5 or more
    • Redeem $50 or more in coupons in one transaction
    • Have coupons that give a percentage off of the total sale

    For the smallest crowds, avoid shopping at the beginning of the month. Thats when social security checks and food stamps go out. Also, avoid Sunday afternoons.

    How To Extreme Coupon At Publix And Other Stores As Seen On Tv + Free Coupon Database Free Money

    If you want to learn How to extreme coupon at Publix for your shopping listfree coupon databaseupgrade this week to Enlightened Shopping and save $200 THIS MONTH!

    That’s a savings of 87%

    Ajax Dish Liquid 12.6 oz CVSRetail: $1.39Sale: $0.88Use this coupon: .25 on 1 AND .39 on 1 SavingsAngel price: $0.24That’s a savings of 83%

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    Barilla Plus, Collezione or Gluten Free 12 or 14.5 oz. Assorted varieties. Publix

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    How To Extreme Couponcouponing For Beginners

    A free beginners and Resource Guide that teaches you how to Extreme Coupon, Couponing 101, and provides Free Printable Grocery Coupons as well as Coupon Policies, Coupon Lingo & much more! Even experienced couponers may use this as a refresher course and/or to learn new techniques. Using coupons will save you tons of money on groceries, and Ive got the information and the resources to get you on your way. Whether you just want to purchase 2 newspapers each Sunday and do it on an average basis or youve been watching Extreme Couponing and youre ready to stockpile to the extreme or something in-between the two, the techniques are basically the same. By the end of this course, you will know how to start extreme couponing or regular couponing and you will begin to put a major dent in what are most people’s second highest expense… Groceries! Ready to go? Let’s learn how to coupon and save!

    Silk Oatmilk Only $1 At Publix

    Extreme Couponing | Publix | 8/26

    Silk Oatmilk, Only $1 at Publix

    Snag a half-gallon of Silk Oatmilk for just $1 at Publix when you shop in stores. Simply download the Publix store app and clip the Silk digital coupon. At checkout, enter your phone number to redeem the coupon. This offer has a limit of one.

    Please note that the oatmilk is on sale, 2 for $6, but you only have to purchase one to get the sale price.

    New to Publix digital coupons? Learn how to coupon at Publix before heading to the store.

    Text HOT DEALS to +1 266-4466 and be the first to know about the hottest deals each day.

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    Will Publix Take Competitors Coupons

    Yes, Publix does accept competitor coupons for private label brands as long as Publix has the identical item in stock under the Publix label.

    Further, Publix accepts competitor coupons, so you have a chance to try the Publix brand, and hopefully, youre impressed enough to switch to the Publix brand instead.

    Also, this deal includes buy-one-get-one-free and buy-one-get-two-free competitor coupons!

    Stacking Coupons At Publix

    Publix Policy: We only accept a manufacturer coupon and either a Publix or a competitor coupon on the same item. Maximum of two coupons per item.

    Stacking coupons using more than one coupon on an item.

    Stacking coupons seems to confuse new couponers, but its really quite simple. As the policy above states, you may use one store and one manufacturer coupon per item. Max two coupons. One coupon is a manufacturer the other is a store coupon

    We will go through a few of those scenarios in more detail below.

    Publix Coupon Policy: For a buy-one-get-one-free offer, each item is considered a separate purchase.

    This means if there is a BOGO sale you may use a manufacturer and store coupon on the free item as well.

    If there is an auto-deduct sale you may use the store and a manufacturer coupon on top of the auto deduct sale.

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    Go Grocery Shopping & Save

    Once you prepare your coupons for a shopping trip, its time to put your extreme-couponing abilities to the test.

    For your first shopping trip as an extreme couponer, pursue only one deal. Keep it simple and get comfortable at the register. Once youre familiar with the process, you can reach for bigger deals and more of them.

    But there are a few things you have to do to prepare, which become even more critical as you increase the number of deals you grab in a trip.

    Check Store Coupon Policies

    Check your stores coupon policies. Every grocery chains coupon policy is different, so its good to stay in the know on these topics:

    • Does your store ever double the value of coupons?
    • Do they limit the amounts of double coupons?
    • Do they have a limit on how many coupons they double per trip?
    • How do they treat coupons used with a BOGO sale?
    • Do they have special discounts for seniors, students, or veterans?
    • Do they accept competitors coupons?

    Check them periodically for changes. Often, cashiers are unaware of policy changes, so they might let you use your coupons today, but a different cashier may reject them tomorrow. Some look the other way on expired coupons.

    Its best to keep a copy of each stores policy with you in case an employee is unaware of the guidelines. You can find coupon policies by searching online for the name of the store plus coupon policy. Then print the policy or save a link to it on your phone to have on hand.

    Set Price Limits

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