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How To Do Digital Coupons At Kroger

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How To: Digital Coupons | DIY & How To | Kroger

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  • Introduction To The Kroger Digital Coupon

    Hi there! Im glad you made it here. This page is going to help you set up your Kroger account and take advantage of those electronic Kroger digital coupons you see in the Kroger weekly ad. You either found my card with a page link on it, or I handed you one while you and I were shopping. We might have even got into a conversation about how challenging it is with new technology, but you want to get in on the Kroger digital coupon savings. While you can watch Kroger videos on how to use the system, its challenging to go step by step.

    This blog post singles out Kroger digital coupon savings because Walmart already has the lowest price. Kroger is targeting grocery delivery as it moves its electronic commerce strategy forward. They will increase the number of enticing marketing schemes to get customers engaged on a digital level so that they can take over the world with grocery delivery. Hey, we all have to have goals. In fact, at the time I drafted this post, they had a $20 digital coupon for new customers!

    Hey, dont leave yet, I dont like just throwing some instructions on how to do things without context and background! Keep reading!

    Kroger Digital Coupon Restrictions

    There are some catches to using Kroger digital coupons in addition to the inability to use the same paper coupon on the same item.

    Consumers can only load up 150 digital coupons on the Kroger app at any one time. It is possible to remove a coupon to make room for another, but do keep the limitation in mind.

    Unlike paper coupons, Kroger digital coupons do not double. Keep this in mind when you decide which coupon you want to use.

    If something is suspect, the store manager can decline or limit any digital coupon or offer.

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    Why Kroger And Other E

    Before we get to the steps, lets make it clear that digital consumerism has changed the landscape. When you walk into any grocery store the end-cap units, weekly sales ad, signage, in-store taste tests, and shiny bright objects are meant to get you salivating and buying more groceries. When you shop using your phone or computer, the same thing occurs only in a digital way. Consider this: when you walk into the grocery store the marketing objects that surround you have no idea what you are looking for, but when you shop online, they know exactly what you are looking for. Your Kroger loyalty or plus card tells Kroger what you buy when you buy it, and how long and since you bought it, so they probably send you paper coupons to nudge you now and then. One of the best features of the Kroger loyalty program is the points savings on gasoline. As your points build up, so do your gasoline savings. Just this past week, I saved .50 cents on every gallon of gas I filled up i.e.

    Although I bought most of my groceries at Kroger, I sometimes splurge at Whole Foods because Im waiting with baited breath to see if Amazon will genuinely bring the prices down versus fake news about it.

    Redeem Even More Discounts With Rebate Apps Like Ibotta And Fetch Rewards

    Loading Digital Coupons to your Kroger Card

    While rebate apps dont fit neatly in categories like store coupons or manufacturer coupons, they offer savings that have been known to rival traditional coupon savings, plus theyre so easy that even the laziest couponer can get excited.

    Plus, you can redeem these offers even if youre using coupons because rebate apps offer savings after you make a purchase, after the cashier has taken all your coupons, after you get into your car and breathe a sigh of relief .

    Pull out the receipt from your shopping trip and take a picture of it or upload it to the rebate app of your choice go ahead and use one receipt to redeem offers from multiple rebate apps if you can.

    Youll earn either cash back that goes into your PayPal account or youll earn points you can redeem for gift cards to stores like Amazon .

    Get all of these rebate apps:

  • Catalinas for a dollar-off amount
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    When Does Kroger Release Weekly Ad

    Kroger releases its weekly ad every Wednesday at midnight EST. In select areas of Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, it is released Thursday at midnight EST. The Kroger weekly ad starts on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday. You can also preview the Kroger weekly ad for next week, and some holiday ads last longer than a week.

    The Kroger weekly ad displays all the available discounts each week. The weekly ad run starts on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday.

    However, in most of Indiana , Illinois, and eastern Missouri, the weekly ad starts on Thursday and runs until Wednesday.

    Kroger runs other ads during the holidays. They are usually separate from the regular weekly ads, and they can last for longer than a week.

    You can also preview upcoming ads. To preview the upcoming weekly ad, you can go to the Kroger website or app.

    On the website, select a preferred store and then click on Weekly Ad. Then, you should be given a selection of ads to choose from, including the next weekly ad.

    Choose the next weekly ad to plan your shopping list for the following week.

    You can create a Kroger digital account and save your preferred store to access the weekly ad easily.

    The Kroger website will remember your preferred store when you shop online, as long as you are signed in to your digital account.

    How To Use Kroger Cash Back

    You can cash out the Kroger Cash Back you earned with PayPal or your Shoppers Card. If you transfer your balance to PayPal, you can use the money towards anything. If you transfer the balance to your Shoppers Card, the funds will be used toward your next Kroger purchase .

    Once you complete a Cash Back Offer, it will take about a week for the actual cash to be added to your account. Then, you can cash out in one of two ways.

    First, you can cash out via PayPal. The money will be transferred from your Kroger digital account to your PayPal account.

    You can then accept the money and choose how to use it from PayPal. Note that you cannot initiate a transfer to PayPal until you have at least $20 in your Kroger account.

    The second way to cash out is with your Shoppers Card. You can select any amount of the cash back earned to be loaded to your Shoppers Card, and these funds can be used during your next shopping trip.

    However, theres a limit for how much cash you can get at one time.

    You can only cash out up to $99.99 every 24 hours, and this applies both to the PayPal or the Shoppers Card method.

    You should also be aware of the other limitations of using your Kroger Cash Back Rewards.

    First, cash back loaded onto your Shoppers Card cannot be used for fuel, gift cards, alcohol, or tobacco products. They also cannot be used at the Kroger Pharmacy or to purchase lottery tickets.

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    Sign Up For Kroger Digital Coupons

    If you already have a Kroger Plus account or Kroger Plus credit card youre already halfway to bigger savings. Now you just need to sign up online and link your digital coupons to your Kroger Plus card. If you already have a Kroger account online, you will need to use this account to login. Go to the Kroger Digital Coupon site and sign up to link your Kroger Plus card with your digital coupons. You can even use your alternate ID to sign up with your phone number if you dont remember your Kroger Plus card number.

    Earn Cash Back With Kroger Cash Back Rewards Program

    how to use Kroger digital coupons

    Krogers Cash Back Rewards program is essentially a rebate program through Kroger and their affiliates. Just like with a rebate app, you load Kroger cash-back offers in the Kroger app, buy the items, then choose if youd like your rebate money through PayPal or as in-store credit.

    Heres how it works:

    Log in to your store account and load qualifying offers to your shoppers account. Purchase the qualifying items, and scan your shoppers card. Transfer the cash to your shoppers account to spend or wait until you have $20 and transfer to your PayPal account.

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    Works On Kroger Fuel Points

    Many of the digital coupons at Kroger are for grocery items, but you can also clip coupons for more Kroger Fuel Points.

    Make sure you maximize your Kroger Fuel Points with digital coupons.

    Currently there is a Kroger digital coupon for 2X Fuel Points that is good every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the next two months.

    You dont always need to download a digital coupon at Kroger to get the fuel point bonus. Some special 4X Fuel Point bonuses are automatic, but the 2X bonus is one you need to clip at least once.

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    Kroger Launches Digital Coupon Center

    The Kroger Co. has unveiled its all-new digital coupon center, a combination of manufacturer, Kroger brand and Web-only exclusive coupons.

    At, customers can load offers directly onto their Kroger Plus Cards or loyalty cards for stores Kroger operates, including City Market, Dillons, Fred Meyer, Frys, Jay C, King Soopers, QFC, Ralphs and Smiths.

    This new digital coupon center makes it even easier for our customers to save money, said Evan Anthony, VP of corporate marketing and advertising for Cincinnati-based Kroger. Our customers asked to make online coupons easier for them to use, and we listened. The time and money they can save is just the latest way Kroger delivers more value to its customers.

    Customers visiting the site will be asked to link their Kroger Plus Card information to their account. They can select up to 150 coupons, and then click the Load Coupons to Card option to digitally clip each coupon and add them directly to their Kroger Plus Cards. Coupons will be available one hour after theyre loaded onto a customers card. Each digital coupon loaded to the site is subject to an expiration date, generally within six weeks of being loaded to the digital coupon center.

    Kroger operates 2,470 supermarkets and multidepartment stores in 31 states under two dozen local banner names.

    The Ins And Outs Of Krogers Digital Coupons


    Kroger is Americas largest grocery chain, with stores numbering more than 2,600 and a presence in 34 states. With that kind of coverage, it would be crazy for Kroger to mess with its tried-and-true every day double coupons policy, right? Well, Kroger is taking that gamble, recently discontinuing double coupon savings and working to make everyday prices lower and enhance its mobile strategy. And while Kroger is no longer in the business of duplicating your savings on paper coupons, customers can still save more by taking advantage of many of the supermarkets latest online deals. Kroger will still accept your paper coupons, but theyll now be rung up at face value. Understanding Krogers digital coupons is now key to take advantage of the biggest deals.

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    Download The Couponscom App For All The Digital Manufacturer Coupons

    While some stores offer digital manufacturer coupons inside their store apps, you can also access them through the app.

    When you link your account to your store loyalty cards, youll get access to digital coupons to use at your favorite stores.

    Enable location services on your phone so can list all the stores in your area. Tap a store youre interested in and then tap Link Card so you can see all the digital offers for that store.

    The Kroger Loyalty Program Aka Plus Card

    You dont need a computer or phone to do this. You can just tell the cashier or customer service associate that you want a Kroger Plus card. You dont have to have an e-mail account for this step, but you will need one for the next. You could save some time on step two if you do. Just use your name and phone number in this step. Use a phone number that will never change! Remember: You can also call Kroger at 1-800-KRO-GERS. NOTE THAT YOUR ALTERNATE ID IS YOUR PHONE NUMBER this means you dont have to have the card, you tell the cashier your phone number as you are checking out. This is also the number you would enter at the Kroger gas pump for your point savings. And you will do that, trust me its worth it.

    You might already have the Kroger loyalty card or keyring fob that you use to scan each time you shop. If you do, thats great, youll need it for the second step.

    Bonus: What to do in the meantime: If you are waiting to link your account with e-savings, tell the cashier you want to use your existing or new Kroger card and the e-coupon. They will apply it at checkout. I know what you are thinking, why dont I do this every time? Because you dont know what other good e-coupons are out there lurking. Not yet anyway, keep reading.

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    Use Digital Coupons Up To Five Times In A Single Transaction During Special Events

    You can read the fine print by opening the offer and clicking more details. From there youll be able to see any limitations to the coupon.

    Most of the increases in limitations happen during Krogers special digital savings events, where there is a limit of five coupons, increased from their usual three. These digital savings events happen about once every couple of months.

    Best Sites About How To Get Kroger Digital Coupon

    How to Use Digital Coupons at Kroger

    Enjoy the discount up to 70% on your order with CouponsDoom! Take advantage of how to get kroger digital coupon today to save as much as you can. CouponsDoom is a great choice if you want to find a place full of the latest deals and hottest coupon codes, with none of invalid codes like some of the other coupon sites.

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    Use The Kroger Search Feature To Find Items And Coupons:

    When you look through the page youll see the item price, sale price , and if there are any coupons you will have to check the Load Coupon: Save $ under the item as shown:

    While I like Peets better, I cant beat this price. You have to click Load Coupon for it to be used when you checkout at a Kroger store OR on the Clicklist site . There is one small catch though the coupon might have special rules. To understand how the coupon works, just click on the item and read the details.

    Its here that I can see more details or use the More Details link to understand the rules. Many times customers misunderstand how coupons are supposed to work so make sure you get what you need for the savings. In this case, all I need to do is load to card to activate the e-coupon and buy Gevalia 12 count coffee pod box or 12-ounce bag of coffee! I also see in the details I can use this coupon five times! Easy!

    If you know exactly what you like, type it into the search field and see if 1. the item is on sale and 2. if there is an e-coupon.

    As an aside: if you do use a mobile phone and are okay with the installation of iPhone or Android apps, you can install the Kroger app, associate your e-mail and Kroger Plus Alternate ID, and use it while you shop! Not only is it good for last minute coupons, but you can find out which aisle products are located!

    Happy shopping!


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