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How Do King Soopers Digital Coupons Work

Best Grocery Store Deals This Week In Denver

How to Use Digital Coupons at Kroger

Groceries are one of the biggest monthly expenditures for everyone. Thats why bargain hunters are always on the lookout for any way to save money at the checkout lane, whether its from weekly sales, coupons or promos. And were making it more convenient and easier by offering a one-stop shop round-up of the best weekly deals at popular grocery stores in Denver.

Before you go grocery shopping, note the following bargain hunter tips:

Loyalty Clubs Most sales and deals require customers to be a member of the stores loyalty club. You can sign-up online or at the customer service counter.

Sale Limits Many sales have a limit to the number of items you can purchase at the discounted price. Be sure to review and adhere to any stated limits. If you purchase more, expect to full price for the additional items.

Use Coupons When possible, use manufacturer or store coupons for maximum savings. At most stores, coupons can be stacked on top of sale prices. However, be aware of each stores coupon policy, as many have limits and restrictions.

Check Clearance Always shop your grocery stores clearance items. Most stores have a section solely devoted to marked down items or managers specials. Find it at your store and check it every time you shop. You can often find items marked at 75% off or more. The items change often, based on expiration dates, damaged packaging and discontinued items.

You Can Only Use One Manufacturer Coupon Per Item At King Soopers

Most of King Soopers digital coupons are manufacturer coupons, so they cant be used in addition to paper manufacturer coupons for the same item, because a manufacturer coupon is a manufacturer coupon and you cant use two on the same item. Thats the same rule everywhere.

Aside from that, King Soopers coupon policy states you can only use one coupon per item, period. So no stacking, even if you have two different types of coupons for the same item.

If you have a $0.50 off digital manufacturer coupon for an item loaded to your account and you enter your phone number at checkout, you wont be able to use a paper manufacturer coupon on that same item.

The Typical Kroger Pickup Fee Is Temporarily Waived Its Free Right Now

Good news right now Kroger grocery pickup is free. The usual $4.95 fee is waived for everyone. Dont worry about needing a promo code to use, just place your grocery pickup order and youll see the $4.95 fee subtracted when you check out.

Kroger is offering this perk during the coronavirus pandemic, but normally you get your first three orders for free and after that, its $4.95 per order.

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If Your Digital Coupon Doesnt Apply Correctly Dont Give Up

Just like paper coupons, sometimes digital coupons wont apply to your transaction correctly. You can troubleshoot most couponing user errors by asking yourself these questions:

  • Did you purchase the right product as stated on the coupon? Did you get the correct size, brand, and quantity?
  • Did you add the digital coupon to your wallet inside the store app?
  • Is your phone screen bright enough for the cashier to successfully scan the coupon barcode?

I know these seem like no-brainers, but I cant tell you how many times Ive marched up to the checkout and gotten something wrong. Like thinking I had a Buy 1, Get 1 Free coupon when in reality, it was a Buy 1, Get 1 50% off coupon. It happens!

If all else fails, head to customer service to find out why your coupon doesnt seem to apply.

Pharmacy Part Is Absolutely Worthless

King Soopers weekly Ad Nov 18  Nov 26, 2020

Ive used this app for the last 6 weeks. I only use it to refill prescriptions and check to see if the prescription refill is ready. Today it would not let me sign in. It told me I needed to enroll. I tried repeatedly and it kept saying I needed to enroll. I thought maybe there was an app update and I needed to re enroll. I tried to enroll and it told me there was already an account and that I needed to sign in. I tried to sign in and it again told me I needed to enroll. It was a vicious circle. I tried the Live Chat help on the app. I explained the problem and they gave me a number to call. I called the number and they transferred me to another number. I use this pharmacy app for my husbands prescriptions. He has stage 4 liver cancer, is dying, and Im having to manage his care. The woman on the phone wouldnt speak to me, she would only speak to my husband, who is sick, which is why Im the one dealing with this. She didnt need all his information again. The app is the problem, not his information. But she insisted and she wouldnt take the information from me. After 20 minutes on the phone the woman said it was all taken care of and I could use the app. I later tried the app and couldnt sign in. Same problem as before. Unfricking believable! King Soopers has cheaper prescriptions but it is not worth the aggravation of this stupid app and the unhelpful customer service.

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Avoid Wednesday Pickups If Youre Shopping Kroger Weekly Sales

Krogers weekly sale cycle is Wednesday through Tuesday every week, so sale prices on Wednesdays reflect the new weeks sales. Krogers grocery pickup pricing is finalized when you pick up your order, not when you place it. If you place your order on a Monday or Tuesday for a Wednesday pickup, you might be surprised by items you thought were on sale, not actually being on sale.

King Soopers Coupon Policy

Here is the official coupon policy and other helpful information for King Soopers stores in Colorado Springs. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with this policy and abide by it at all times to ensure a great shopping experience for yourself and other coupon shoppers!

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Sign Up For The Store Credit Card

When you shop at King Soopers with the 123 Rewards Visa Card, you get points towards rewards with every purchase. The points system is as follows:

  • One point for every dollar spent anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Two points for every dollar spent at any store within the Kroger family
  • Three points for every dollar spent on items from the Kroger family of brands

Once you earn 1,000 points, you will receive a $5 gift card for King Soopers.

Inside Tip

New cardholders can save an extra $0.25 for every gallon of gas purchased at Kroger family fuel centers after theyve redeemed at least 100 fuel points within the first three months after approval. Additional special offers are periodically available for cardholders, so check often.

Create A King Soopers Rewards Card And An Account If You Dont Have One

How To: Digital Coupons | DIY & How To | Kroger

Download the King Soopers mobile app, because you want to shop from either the King Soopers app or since its a cheaper and better experience, which I will get to in a minute.

If you dont have an account, the app will create one and link it for you. If you do have an account, put your number in and link it to the app.

This way you can clip digital coupons and apply them to your account from the app or website.

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Redeem An Unlimited Amount Of Digital Coupons As Long As Its Only One Per Item

Every store has its own coupon policy, but in general, stores that offer digital coupons inside their app wont place limits on how many coupons you can use in one transaction. Stores like Dollar General and Kroger will let you use as many digital coupons as you want. But other stores, like Target, limit how many digital offers you can use at once.

Dont be confused this is not the same as stacking coupons. When you stack coupons, its multiple coupons applied to a single item. Using unlimited coupons means you can use a single coupon for Tide, a coupon for Clif Bars, a coupon for Colgate, a coupon for Purina dog food, etc.

If you buy the item, you can apply the coupon. In fact, stores are hoping the very presence of coupons will lure you into pulling the trigger on something thats not actually on your list, so watch out for that.

For example, if you stuck to your list and found coupons for everything, party on. But if you didnt plan to buy Clif Bars and got swayed into spending $6 because you saw a $0.50 off coupon, you wont save money overall. Instead, wait until you can stack a sale and a coupon for Clif Bars before you buy them.

Get Discounts At The Pump Your King Soopers Fuel Rewards Add Up Before You Use Your Coupons

You can save up to $1 per gallon at the pump just by shopping at King Soopers and affiliates. Heres how it works:

For every $1 you spend, you get one fuel point. For every 100 fuel points you earn, you get $0.10 off a gallon at select gas stations. But you earn your points before your coupons. King Soopers also offers 2x fuel points when you purchase gift cards everyday and sometimes they drop coupons for 3x and 4x points on gift card purchases.

For example:

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Add Items To Your Cart And Load Coupons To Your Account

Youll see two ways to do this. First, you can browse coupons and click through a coupon to find the qualifying item, add it to your cart, along with the coupon.

Or shop for items in the app and look for the dotted line and coupon wording like Save $1.00 on 2, saying theres a coupon available on that item.

Here Are The Top Deals For The King Soopers Weekly Ad For 10/6 10/12

King Soopers weekly ad October 7

You can load Kroger Digital Coupons to your Kroger PLUS card. These are typically LIMIT 1. Several times per year Kroger will run a LIMIT 5 Digital Coupon Event, but limit will be clear when you load the coupons. Digital coupons do NOT stack with paper coupons. Check out this post on digital coupons for everything you need to know about these.

Search my Coupon Database for more coupons if youre purchasing multiples or items not on sale!

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How Does Kroger Pickup Work

Heres the quick and dirty on Kroger grocery pickup:

  • Place an order through the Kroger app or
  • Choose your pickup day and a one-hour arrival time slot.
  • Add items to your online cart.
  • Load any applicable digital coupons.
  • After you place your order, you can modify it until 11:59 p.m. the day before your pickup.
  • Arrive at Kroger within your one-hour window, follow the instructions on the sign in your parking stall and pop your trunk, then get back into your car. An associate will come out and load your groceries for you.
  • Place your Kroger pickup order up to three days in advance.
  • Download The Couponscom App For All The Digital Manufacturer Coupons

    While some stores offer digital manufacturer coupons inside their store apps, you can also access them through the app.

    When you link your account to your store loyalty cards, youll get access to digital coupons to use at your favorite stores.

    Enable location services on your phone so can list all the stores in your area. Tap a store youre interested in and then tap Link Card so you can see all the digital offers for that store.

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    King Soopers Accepts Paper Digital And Catalina Manufacturer Coupons

    You can clip your King Soopers coupons from the Sunday paper, print them from your computer, or load the manufacturer digital offers onto your King Soopers account.

    Catalina coupons print at the register at the end of a transaction some are for a specific item, and some will be for an amount off your next purchase.

    King Soopers Introduces Clicklist

    King Soopers changing its coupon policy

    Last week, I was invited to a meet and greet event hosted by King Soopers to preview some really exciting changes to how you can shop online for your groceries. King Soopers is one of our local supermarkets, and it just made sense for me to attend because I shop there frequently. Its within close proximity to my home, and I also love the convenience and prices of both organic and non-organic items, so I jumped in my car and drove the over 1-hour journey to hear what exciting new changes were going to take place, and what a change it was, at least for me. It was my pleasure to hear that King Soopers was now introducing a brand new service called ClickList, which would allow me to order my essentials online and pick them up at the store at my convenience. We had King Soopers representatives explain to us how it all works.

    First, you will need to visit to create your free online account. There is no minimum or maximum purchase account, but there is a $4.95 service charge per order. However, your first three order fees are waived. At this time, the only valid forms of payment are credit and debit cards.

    Next, you would select a participating location and place your online order. There are more than 40,000 items to choose from, and theyre not just limited to dry goods. You can order:

    • Fresh Produce
    • Dry Goods
    • Tobacco
    • Beer and Wine

    So here are some questions you may be asking yourself and Im here to provide those answers.

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    Breaking News: King Soopers Ends Double

    Today is the day bargain hunters feared. Its the last day for double coupons at King Soopers. Be sure to check out our How To Get The Best Deals at King Soopers guide tomorrow for money-saving tips! If youre a true bargain hunter and regular coupon clipper, take a deep breath. Are you ready? King Soopers will no longer double coupons. The popular promo will end on Tuesday, August 23. According to the chain, Only a small percentage of shoppers use double coupons and customers are responding favorably to the recent increase in the quantity and value of the digital coupons available. To their benefit, King Soopers promises to invest additional resources in digital coupons.

    If youve ever attended one of our coupon workshops, you know were not big fans of digital coupons for a variety of reasons, namely because it limits access to savings for many populations.

    In addition, for die-hard smart shoppers, customers are typically limited to just one coupon of a particular kind. Whereas, with paper coupons, you can use multiples in a single transaction, depending on a stores coupon policy. Plus, theres the issue of remembering to check and download new coupons every week.

    If you cant pull up your account on site, it becomes very cumbersome and often requires the involvement of a manager. More than once, weve left a store without getting our digital savings only having to return with a print-out at the customer service counter for an adjustment.

    Does King Soopers Give Senior Discounts

    The museum is offering the discount on all of its tickets. The Denver metro area and northeastern Colorado got walloped with snow on Wednesday night into Thursday morning, and it led to icy roads and school closures. CBS4 is Covering Colorado First. School closures and delays were pouring in overnight.

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    Extreme Value Deal Of The Week

    Every week, Safeway offers most of the ingredients for a quick meal or snack at an extremely low-price usually $5. The collective savings are typically around 60% or more.

    Customers must download the digital coupon to their account. Find the coupon under the main category Events. Then, under the sub-category of Extreme Value Deal.

    You must purchase all of the items in a single transaction.

    This weeks deal includes the following items for $5:

    There is no Extreme Value Deal this week.

    The total cost for all the products is $, so, with the digital coupon, its an additional savings of $.

    Take Contactless Shopping To A New Level With Scan Bag Go

    Download your 5x Kroger Digital Coupons TODAY!!

    Okay, now Im going to one-up that last tip. Put your King Soopers app in Store Mode and watch how futuristic this whole thing gets. Bring your own bags and as you pick items, scan them with your app. The app will apply any digital coupon available for that item to your order, and you can put the item right into your shopping bag as you shop. The app gives you a running total for your order. Then, you can pay and check out on your phone.

    You never even need to stand in the checkout line!

    Unlessyou have paper coupons. Then back in line you go. Which is all the more reason to use digital.

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    Hand Over Any Paper Coupons

    If you have paper coupons, give them to the person loading your groceries. Theyll take the coupons into the store and scan them. Next, theyll bring you a revised receipt.

    Also, any digital coupons you applied to your order wont show up when you check out online. Instead, the coupon discounts come off the total when you pick up your groceries.

    Dont forget to get your paper receipt if you want to use it to redeem rebate offers!


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