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How Can I Get Coupons In The Mail

How To Get Smartsource Coupons By Mail

âï¸? FREE COUPONS! How to get free grocery coupons by mail!

Unfortunately, SmartSource will not mail coupons, as they operate entirely online. However, there are ways to get the same coupons you’d find on SmartSource through the mail:

  • Email the company directly: Rather than going through SmartSource, you can take advantage of a direct line to the company of the product that you want a coupon for. Just email them, explain that you like their product, and ask for coupons they may have available.
  • Sign up for the Sunday newspaper: Newspapers are a great way to get coupons by mail. By signing up or taking advantage of one automatically sent to your address, you can also get updates on your favorite brands and new items they offer.
  • Use a coupon service: Coupon services help you find better deals by mail. For just a small fee, you can get all the money-saving offers you need brought to your door.
  • Contact Your Preferred Companies Directly

    While not a common practice among free food stamp hunters, among the simplest ways to receive attractive coupons and offers is by contacting the most relevant businesses and brands directly. Think that companies pay a lot of money in surveys and other market studies to find out what consumers think of their products. So, in the event that you freely and voluntarily approach them to make their task easier, congratulations! They may reward you by sending you their free coupon books.

    If you wonder how to get discount vouchers using this trick, you should be aware that you have several options. The first would be by sending an email to the brand with your comments about a certain product or service .

    When companies receive these types of comments, they generally respond in two ways: by sending you athank you and asking in case you wish to subscribe to their news, offers and promotions answer with a bigyes to this question and they will send you your discount vouchers by email when available or even by sending you their product so that you may give it a second chance .

    If you can not find your preferred business email address, dont worry! Most web pages have a contact section that includes a form to complete online .

    How To Organize Your Coupons

    Are you receiving free coupons but arent sure the best way to keep them handy for when youre ready to use them? An inexpensive portable file folder can help you keep paper coupons organized by type or retailer until you have a chance to use them.

    I keep mine in my car so that I can have my coupons handy when I am out shopping, and make sure that I purge any expired savings so that it does not become too cluttered and that I can find what I need. File the coupons in a system that makes sense to you, just make sure they are available so that you can utilize them for the most savings.

    While it is not as common to receive coupons in the mail as in the past, there are still lots of ways to make sure that you are receiving discounts regularly. With a little bit of work and creativity, you can make sure companies are sending you savings for the items you purchase regularly.

    Have a trick for receiving coupons we missed? Leave it in the comments below!

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    Hostess Sent A Coupon For A Free Snack

    When I contacted Hostess, they didnt respond to my email, but I got a letter from them a couple weeks later with a coupon for a free snack. Here comes a Twinkie.

    What I received:

    • FREE any Hostess single serve product worth up to $2.00

    To get in touch with Hot Pockets, use their contact page.

    Apparently, they used to send out paper coupons by mail if you asked. Hot Pockets responded to my request with an email linked to a single coupon, so they must not do paper coupons anymore but I was able to print the coupon multiple times.

    What I received:

    • $0.55 off one package of Hot Pockets Sandwiches, 2 ct or larger.

    But Not Every Company Will Send Coupons For Asking

    I received Some Buca Coupons FREE in the Mail Today! What ...

    Some companies gently discourage you from emailing for coupons right on their Contact page.

    Bigelow Tea has a very apologetic and genuine statement on their site about why they cant give coupons or free samples to everyone who asks. Heres what they have to say about sending coupons:

    We continue to experience an astonishing amount of requests for coupons and/or samples. We are delighted you enjoy Bigelow Tea and want to thank you for that, but we are no longer offering any coupons or samples. We wish we could honor all requests, but as a small family company our ability to accommodate all of the wonderful consumers that contact us is beyond our means. We hope you understand.

    I dont have Bigelow on my list, but after I read their Contact Us page, I dropped them a note just to let them know theyre awesome. I appreciate hard work plus their Earl Grey is pretty good.

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    How To Get Free Coupons

    Because of certain laws, companies need you to sign up for their newsletter and contact them in order to get promotional items sent to you.

    Keep this in mind if you wonder why not a lot of companies send you free things anymore. Take the time and contact them to let them know youre interested in getting coupons.

    How To Make Direct Mail Coupons For Your Restaurant

    One of the main reasons restaurants fail to generate a response to their direct mail campaigns is because their coupons arent enticing enough.

    Coupons can directly influence a customers decision on where to eat out and are often the catalyst that leads to a first-time visit. In fact, a 2018 study reports that 30% of people will try a new fast food or casual dining restaurant when mailed coupons, and over 25% said theyd try a new fast casual restaurant or pizzeria with a coupon.

    Its also important to understand that coupons appeal to just about everyone, not just those with lower incomes. In fact, wealthy people, college-educated people, and members of just about every generation on Earth love using coupons.

    But if coupons are so important, why do some restaurants struggle to create good ones? The goal of this guide is to teach you how to make coupons that boost your response rates and bring in more customers. We included restaurant coupon ideas and examples below to make it easier for you to incorporate them into your marketing. Follow our advice, and youll be able to cash in on the large number of diners looking for a deal. Lets get started.

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    Alka Seltzer Sent Me Four $1 Coupons

    Alka Seltzer said that although they dont send out coupons, they do have an Alka Seltzer Original coupon page AND an Alka Seltzer PLUS coupon page! You can print up to two of the same coupon at a time.

    You will have to create an account and log in to print the Alka Seltzer Plus coupon, but you dont need an account for regular Alka Seltzer.

    What I received:

    • $1.00 off any Alka Seltzer product
    • $1.00 off any Alka Seltzer PLUS product.

    Where To Get Free Coupons By Postal Mail

    How To Get FREE Coupons!

    The best places to get free coupons by postal mail is by signing up for coupons or by buying the Sunday paper.

    While paper coupons may be harder to find these days, they are not impossible. Just make sure you keep signing up for those discounts and coupons and you will be getting them in the mail in no time.

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    Register For New Parent Programs

    Do you have a new baby or have a little one on the way?

    Be sure to create a baby registry with major retailers! Not only does this make baby gift shopping easier for your friends and family, it can also make sure you are signed up for some fabulous freebies for babies and parents.

    In addition to signing up with Target, dont forget to sign up at , Buy Buy Baby, as well as for reward programs with Similac, Enfamil and diaper reward programs.

    Can I Get Smartsource Coupons Mailed To Me

    Unfortunately, SmartSource will not mail coupons, as they operate entirely online. However, there are ways to get the same coupons youd find on SmartSource through the mail: Just email them, explain that you like their product, and ask for coupons they may have available.

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    Get Store Grocery Cards

    A huge perk of having a grocery store’s shopper card is that it allows you to take advantage of special discounts and deals. You’ll typically need to visit customer service and provide your name and address. Some grocery stores also mail out paper coupon booklets throughout the year. This may be at times like when the seasons change or when there are special store events. Giant Eagle, for example, often sends out coupon booklets when they have their annual freezer goods sale.

    Household Product Coupons By Mail

    I received Coupons For Subway FREE in the Mail Today! What ...
  • Angel Soft
  • Chances are youve heard of Angel Soft and know all about its soft, durable toilet paper. To get in touch with the company, send them a message through the contact form. They may send you a few money-saving coupons by mail or email.

  • Cascade
  • If you have a dishwasher, you can probably use some Cascade products. Since theyre far from cheap and hand washing dishes is a real pain, you may want to fill out the contact form and let the company know youd like some coupons.

  • Cottonelle
  • Cottonelle is another toilet paper brand that sells flushable wipes as well. Visit the companys site to access the contact form and ask for some coupons. Since Cottonelle is part of the Kimberly-Clark family of brands, youll likely receive coupons for Kleenex, Huggies, Kotex, Viva, and Scott too.

  • Dial Soap
  • You may have some Dial Soap products laying around in your bathroom. The company makes bar soap, hand soap, and body wash to clean, hydrate, and nourish your skin. To save money on Dial Soap, go to the handy contact form and put in your coupon request.

  • Energizer
  • Every household needs some Energizer batteries as they can come in handy in a variety of situations. Make sure yours is stocked with them without paying a premium. Let Energizers support team know youd like some coupons via contact form and youll likely receive them.

  • Glade
  • Oxi-Clean
  • Persil
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    Where Can I Get Free Coupon Books

    In addition and with globalization the Internet has become a terrific means of dissemination. Some retail stores such as Huggies, for example and others, from fast food restaurants to clothing shops, use websites like to post free printable coupons . Why do you opt for this alternative?

    Well, because 1) they reach more people and 2) the rates they pay for publication are usually much lower than those charged by traditional media. Although it seems like a fantastic assumption, anywhere! Coupons for free food and other personal care products, cleaning products, pets, etc . are the order of the day. You may have already seen them once you turn the page in your favorite magazine or while reading the latest news in the press.

    But without a doubt these means are just the beginning. If you look closely, stores and industrial premises print new catalogs of products and services every week, fortnight or month. These types of advertising magazines also usually contain free coupons with offers and discounts. With the introduction of the smartphone and certain credibility validation mechanisms like the QR code more and more shops and institutions accept these vouchers in digital format.

    Paper Vs Digital Coupons

    In many cases, you can get almost all the coupons you want or need to be sent to you digitally. This is especially true if you sign up for a grocery store loyalty program. Check the websites of your favorite foods to look for coupons or look for couponing sites that let you choose and download digital coupons for free or for a small fee.

    After the TV show “Extreme Couponing” debuted, supermarkets realized their generous couponing policies were being taken advantage of and they changed many of their couponing rules.

    For example, today, many stores won’t let you combine a paper and a digital coupon on the same item. Some stores won’t let you use coupons on items that are marked as “manager’s specials” or closeouts. In any case, check out both paper and digital coupons if you want to save the maximum.

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    Sample Email Or Letter Asking For Coupons

    Heres an example email asking for coupons Ive sent to companies in the past:

    I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much my family enjoys . My asks for it by name every time I go shopping.

    really loves the ! That came as quite a pleasant surprise since is normally very picky about .

    Weve tried other brands and were very disappointed. Im thrilled to have finally found something my adores so much that is also .

    Do you ever make coupons available for your products? Were big fans so if we could offset the cost even a little bit wed love you even more.


    Simple as that. Getting free grocery coupons isnt exactly rocket surgery. Tweak my example and make it your own.

    Real people are going to read your email then hopefully send you some excellent high value coupons. Personalize the message and include details so it doesnt look like a form letter. Real people hate form letters.

    If youd rather write to companies for coupons using actual paper and stamps instead, you can go to your target brands website, find their mailing address, and use my template as a sample letter. Again, take the time to make it look like you wrote it, not me.

    Check Out Coupon Inserts And Booklets


    Another place to find paper coupons is in coupon booklets and inserts.

    Many stores offer them, as do a lot of local and national publications.

    You can often find pretty high value coupons too.

    Here are a few places where you can get coupon inserts for free as well as free coupon booklets.

    133. Sunday Newspapers

    While coupon websites are great for finding printable coupons, for paper coupons, Sunday Newspapers are still one of the best sources.

    This is because they often contain high value coupons these can save you a lot of money.

    What puts people off getting coupon inserts from the paper is the cost.

    Most people dont want to spend money, if only a few dollars, to save money.

    Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can get Sunday paper inserts for free or at a much lower price, such as:

    • Asking friends and family
    • Visiting your local library and asking if they have any coupon inserts available.
    • At the Dollar Store. While the Dollar Store might not have free papers, it does sell them for just a dollar, meaning you can get a paper at a third of the price.

    134. Store Flyers

    Many supermarkets, grocery stores, supercenters, pharmacies, and drugstores offer coupons on flyers in-store. Some provide coupons in booklets and on bulletin boards in-store as well so its definitely worth taking a look.

    Here are a few examples of stores that offer coupons in-store on flyers and booklets etc.:

    Youll likely find great coupons that will save you lots of cash in-store.

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    Horizon Organic Dairy Sent Me Two $055 Coupons

    Horizon Organic replied to my contact form saying they no longer send out paper coupons, that all of them are digital now, and that I should create an account with them to receive coupons when they release them a couple times a year.

    However, they were kind enough to send me coupons in the mail as a one time courtesy while you get set up on our website. They sent me two coupons and a card.

    What I received:

    • $0.55 off any one Horizon Organic product

    How Can I Get Free Coupons In The Mail

    HOW TO GET COUPONS BY MAIL E-mail to praise or complain. E-mailing companies is the easiest way to get free coupons by mail. Sign up for newsletters. Take time to sign up for lots of newsletters! Get on birthday lists. Follow companies on social media. Request samples by mail. Purchase a coupon service.

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    How To Get Free Grocery Coupons Mailed To Your Home

    One of the biggest areas where you can improve your personal finances is cutting back on your food spending. This doesn’t mean cutting out all dining out or living on rice and beans.

    Using smart shopping techniques, including redeeming coupons, can help you cut your monthly food spending by 50 percent or more.

    Video of the Day

    Bonus Idea: Try Sunday Coupon Inserts

    I received Jersey Mike

    If youre still trying to figure out how to get coupons mailed to you, you should check out Sunday Coupon Inserts.

    Instead of searching through various brands websites to find the coupons you want, Sunday Coupon Insert offers a Weekly Subscription program. You’ll receive the coupon combo pack that you choose, delivered right to your house, every week!

    You are completely in control of your subscription, what coupons you receive, and when you start or stop receiving the coupons.

    With just a few dollars in shipping cost, you will reliably receive hundreds of dollars in coupon savings each week to save big while shopping. a Weekly Subscription today!

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