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High’s Chimney Service Coupons

We’ve Spent More Than 30 Years Building The Perfect Chimney Company Take Two Minutes And See If You Don’t Agree

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At Highs Chimney Service, we strive to serve our clients by offering competitive masonry and chimney lining repairs and cleanings. We are dedicated to our craft and customers, which is why we offer superior services that you can trust. Our experience and dedicated employees set us apart from the rest, allowing us to provide you with safe and effective chimney repairs. Whether you are looking for a gas fireplace repair in Prince Georges County, MD or a wood burning stove in Fairfax County, VA, we are sure to provide you with honest services that better your property.

If you are interested in learning more our comprehensive chimney services, such as our chimney sweep in Washington, DC, contact our company today at 519-3500. Our specialists would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your upcoming appointment. We proudly serve clients throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

Highs Chimney 8045 Snouffer School Road Gaithersburg MD 20879Phone: 301-519-3500 or 703-550-5115 Admin & Marketing Office No Public AccessHighs Chimney Service of DC 1200 18th Street NW, Suite 700 Washington D.C. 20036Phone: 289-2750

How We Clean Your Chimney

We lay down drop cloths in front of the hearth and use industrial-sized vacuums to ensure your home remains dust-free and clean as we clean the inside of your chimney. We use a chimney brush on the end of chimney rods to brush your flue, either from the hearth or the roof, depending on the job. Where possible, we inspect your chimney with a closed-circuit Chimney Cam. This shows any hidden problems we might not be able to see with a visual inspection. We go to the roof to inspect your crown, cap, flashing, and mortar joints. When this is all done, we give you a written chimney condition report. Remember, all of our chimney technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and/or the National Fireplace Institute to ensure the highest level of quality and professionalism.

Contact us to learn more about our chimney cleaning services. We proudly serve clients throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

Highs Chimney 8045 Snouffer School Road Gaithersburg MD 20879Phone: 301-519-3500 or 703-550-5115 Admin & Marketing Office No Public AccessHighs Chimney Service of DC 1200 18th Street NW, Suite 700 Washington D.C. 20036Phone: 289-2750

Chimney Lining Installation In Gaithersburg Md

Some of the most common problems with chimneys are cracked, broken, or otherwise faulty chimney linings. Flue linings are one of the most important parts of your chimney. If the liner is damaged, your chimney may not operate properly.

Highs Chimney is, without question, the most experienced chimney lining company in this area and very possibly in the entire country. We estimate that in a few years we will have installed over one million feet of chimney liners in over 35,000 chimneys.

Highs Chimney uses only UL-listed chimney liners and we stand behind our work. We dont have many problems, but when we do, we do whats necessary to deal with them. You dont go wrong hiring Highs Chimney.

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Chimney & Fireplace Service Area

Rockvilles Choice for Certified Chimney Sweeps

With a wealth of history and some of the nations best employers, we understand the pride that Rockville residents feel. In the same way, A& T Chimney Sweeps is proud of the legacy weve created and the continued superior service we bring to every job we do. From our Rockville office, were happy to serve Gaithersburg MD, Redland MD, Norbeck MD, Aspen Hill MD, and many other locations in the surrounding area.

For all of our clients in the Rockville region, we offer a diverse array of high quality services, including not only chimney and fireplace cleaning and repair, but also masonry work, power washing, vent cleaning, and other custom home improvement tasks.

Give A& T Chimney Sweeps a call at 793-9090 to inquire about our affordable power washing, masonry repair, or other services in Rockville.

How Often Should I Have My Chimney Swept

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Your chimney sweeping needs will depend on how often you use your fireplace, its age and condition, and other factors. If youre following the rule of getting annual inspections, you wont have to worry about whether or not youre overdue for a chimney sweep. In some cases, cleaning is required annually or even more than once a year.

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Highs Chimney Service Of Gaithersburg Md Provides Chimney Sweep Chimney Inspection And Chimney Repairs For Our Customers In Colesville Md Cloverly Md Olny Md Fulton Md And Other Communities In Maryland Virginia And Washington Dc

Every chimney needs some TLC, and the best way to supply it is with CSIA- and CCP-certified technicians who are experienced in all manner of chimney services.

We provide what homeowners need to keep their chimneys clean, safe and fully operational.

Professional chimney sweep services accomplish two primary objectives:

Does Insurance Cover Chimney Fires

Every case is unique, but just like your roof, your plumbing, etc., your chimney is a part of your home that insurance companies expect you to maintain. If you can prove youve made a reasonable effort to clean your fireplace and chimney, youre more likely to have a claim approved if something ever goes wrong. For more answers to MA home insurance questions, call our expert team: 508.339.2951.

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Chimney Cleaning Repair & Installation Specials

Founded in 1978, Rooftop Chimney Sweeps has grown to offer many chimney sweep services that homeowners, property managers and inspectors often request. We offer a bigger and better selection of products and services than ever before. From day one, weve performed high-quality work at a fair price, and that hasnt changed with our growth.

We understand the importance of having your homes chimney inspected, cleaned and repaired. Its an essential home service that keeps you and your family safe throughout the colder months of the year. Thats why we offer chimney installation deals, chimney repair coupons and other specials that help our customers afford our services.

If you see a special on this page that youd like to learn more about, reach out to our team for expert and friendly help. Remember that we regularly update this page, so check back often to make sure youre getting the best deal possible on your next service. Contact Rooftop Chimney Sweeps to schedule your chimney inspection, cleaning or repair. We look forward to providing you with the best home service experience that youve ever had.

We Accept

Chimney Repair Services In Gaithersburg Md

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Many things can go wrong with chimneys–from holes in the mortar, cracks in the lining, deterioration due to exposure to weather, etc. Usually, youll notice something wrong when your chimney stops venting properly, but you might not know exactly whats wrong. Highs Chimney professionals quickly diagnose the problem and fix it.Highs Chimney was started by Gary High, a mason by trade. We have been repairing chimneys from the very start. All of our guys are qualified masons. These men have seen everything chimney-wise. There are other chimney companies, but nobody can come close to the experience of Highs Chimney. Our men are all top-notch and every one of them is approved by our founder.

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What If We Dont Use Our Chimney Do We Still Need To Inspect It

When moneys tight or life gets busy, its easy to neglect home maintenance items like chimney service. In the meantime, maybe youve decided not to use your fireplace, or use it very sparingly. Still, you should keep in mind that your flue may be in use any time you activate the furnace, boiler, or water heater. Youll want to know that its working properly .

About A& t Chimney Sweeps Of Rockville Md

Bringing Superior Customer Service to Rockville

If youve ever dealt with subpar chimney cleaners, then you know just how difficult the experience can be. Not only do they take forever to finish the job, but its also not done right when they leave. With A& T Chimney Sweeps in Rockville, youll never have to worry about our efficiency or effectiveness. Well be in and out before you know it and your homes chimneys and fireplaces will be flawlessly clean.

Because weve been working on chimneys and fireplaces in the greater D.C. area, we know exactly what Rockville residents like yourself need as well as how to deliver. From a standard annual cleaning to a one-time fireplace design and our other services, A& T Chimney Sweeps will show you a higher level of professionalism:

  • Inspections – fireplace, furnace & wood stove chimneys.
  • Cleaning – fireplace, furnace, dryer vent, wood stove & pellet stove chimneys.
  • Repair, rebuilding and replacement – chimneys, brick fireplace, crown seals, chase tops, leaky roofs. Free Estimates
  • Masonry work Free Estimates

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A Word About Maintaining Chimney Liners

Some homes already have older chimney liners installed from previous owners. Chimney liners in old houses are typically made of fireclay. These chimney liners can occasionally crack or fissure as the house settles and the surrounding chimney moves. This allows gases and smoke to escape. Inspecting and possibly replacing old chimney liners is a common necessity and yet another service Highs Chimney offers. Make sure that even if you have a chimney liner already installed. you arent missing this crucial maintenance step.

Visit Our Showroom On Ritchie Hwy Pasadena

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Whether you need a new fireplace or wood stove installed, services from our chimney sweeps in Baltimore, MD, air duct cleaning solutions, high-quality chimney cleaning services, or any other type of related service, we are the go-to source in Stevensville, Severna Park, Annapolis, and Baltimore, MD. In addition to repairs and installations, we also offer a range of products and accessories that include, but are not limited to, chimney caps, dampers, heater grates, liners, and glass fireplace doors. You can also rely on us for gas fireplace service in Pasadena, MD. We offer our customers the best products on the market made by the industry’s top manufacturers so you can be confident when you come to us for all of your chimney-related needs.

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What Our Customers Say

To whom it may concern, I just wanted to take a minute to express my COMPLETE SATISFACTION with Complete Chimneys. I have dealt with you for the past 4 or 5 years, after I was ripped off by a well-known competitor. From the first time Matt came out, and repaired by chimney problems, I knew I was a committed customer. Matt is very professional, courteous, responsible, and really knows his stuff. As far as office personnel, I have always been treated kind, with courteous help in any matter. As far as honesty is concerned, on my first encounter with your company, I was over-charged by $300.00. A mistake I wasnt aware of. HOWEVER, the owner immediately sent me a check, with an apology. What more can you ask of anyone?? To surmise it all, I would totally recommend Complete Chimneys to anyone looking for a reputable, honest, professional chimney service. Yes, feel free to put this on your web site. Thank you so much for the services you do in keeping my family safe by keeping my chimney is great working condition.

Sincerely, and totally committed customerMacey G

Blue Ridge Chimney Services Shenandoah Valleys Premier Chimney Sweeping Services Provider

Blue Ridge Chimney Services is a family owned and operated chimney care provider located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. We are proud to offer high-quality chimney cleaning, chimney repair and masonry work to Harrisonburg City and the surrounding counties. Our licensed, bonded, insured, and Chimney Safety Institute of America certified technicians travel throughout the Shenandoah Valley, providing comprehensive chimney care at affordable prices.

At Blue Ridge Chimney Services, your familys safety and well-being is our number one priority. Thats why we work so hard to keep the fireplaces and chimneys of the Shenandoah Valley in tip-top shape. From annual cleanings & inspections to installing a new wood stove, our expert technicians have the expertise and knowledge to deliver top-of-the-line service.

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What Other Chimney Services Should I Ask About

Ask your chimney service provider about cleaning your dryer vents, too. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, nearly 3,000 home fires occur each year as a result of clothes dryers. Failure to clean the dryer vent is a leading cause of these incidents, which tend to peak during cold-weather months. Remember that many homes have long vent ducts . Rather than do it yourself, its a good idea to ask your chimney service professional about cleaning and inspecting dryer connections along with your annual chimney inspection.

Chimney Sweeps & Chimney Repair In Rockville Md

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From running in Rock Creek Park to ice skating at Rockville Town Square, we know just how much the outdoors are appreciated in Rockville. However, when the weather turns cold, we also know how great it is to sit by a roaring fire inside.

As the premier chimney cleaning specialists in Rockville, A& T Chimney Sweeps is proud to provide a full suite of chimney and fireplace services, from standard once-a-year cleanings and inspections to full designs for new fireplace builds, both indoor and outdoor.

While were best known for our immaculate Rockville chimney cleanings, A& T Chimney Sweeps is also your local team for all sorts of home improvement and maintenance jobs, such as paving stone installations, deck building, and much more.

A& T Chimney Sweeps of Rockville | Find Us on


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Why Chimney Cleaning Is Important

  • Proper chimney maintenance ensures:
  • The fireplace continues to properly heat your home efficiently .
  • Animals are deterred from entering your chimney, which prevents disease, damage, and smoke backup.
  • Excess heat is prevented from being transferred into the house structure.
  • Better draft, leading to better efficiency of your fireplace or furnace and less smoke in the house.
  • Cleaner smoke because your furnace or woodstove burns more efficiently.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact us.

Chimney Service With The Option Of Video Inspection

One of the essential additional services we provide is a video inspection of the inside of your chimney. Even when newly cleaned, it is difficult to see damage to the clay lining deep inside the walls of your chimney. With this technology, we can identify what and where the problems are, and recommend appropriate fixes. If you would like to have a video inspection performed at the time of your chimney cleaning, for a small additional fee, be sure to request it, so our technician is prepared.

In addition to chimney repair and rebuilding, we offer masonry services that include grouting, as well as patio and sidewalk repair and installation. We repair your concrete driveway and install a sturdy cement crown to prevent water from getting inside your chimney and causing damage. We want you to know that you can rely on us for comprehensive chimney services that protect your home and your family.

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for chimney sweep services. We serve customers in Washington, DC, Alexandria, and Annandale, Virginia, and Hyattsville and Silver Spring, Maryland, as well as the surrounding areas.

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About Our Chimney Sweeping Company

The CEO of our chimney sweep service has more than 43 years of experience. With his expertise, you can count on him and his team to diagnose problems accurately and perform repairs professionally. We strive to keep our customers happy with our courteous service and quality workmanship. Here is what Dave Myers says about the way he runs his business:

“For many years I’ve worked very hard to provide the kind of service I hope for when I call someone to work at my home. I am also a perfectionist and expect the same of my employees.

I attempt to run this business like Home Depot or Sears, in that if a customer is not satisfied, I will redo, fix, credit, or refund whatever it takes to make them pleasednot just feel OK, but really pleased. I want every customer to feel that we go the extra mile and give them the consideration they deserve. We depend on our customer’s high regard and word of mouth to promote our business.”

Dave Myers, CEO of American Professional Chimney & Masonry Service

Chimney Sweep Services In Washington Dc

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Choose our chimney sweep services in Washington, DC, for solutions to problems with water, smoke, and odor. The CEO of American Professional Chimney & Masonry Service offers expertise that comes from long years of experience in the chimney sweeping business. Ask our skilled and knowledgeable professionals for a free estimate on chimney repair and rebuilding.

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Keep Your Chimney Free Of Obstructions

Any kind of blockage in your chimney can lead to dangerous operational conditions. Blockages can include:

  • Nests of small animals like birds, mice, squirrels and chipmunks
  • The small animals who have died in there
  • Twigs, leaves and small broken branches from nearby trees
  • Various dust and grime from the air
  • Obstructed chimneys can cause smoke to draft poorly and back up into the house and with smoke, theres deadly carbon monoxide.

Creosote is formed when wood smoke condenses in the flue. Its a sticky substance thats very flammable. Certified chimney sweeps have the equipment and training to remove creosote safely and thereby prevent one of the thousands of chimney fires caused each year by excess creosote.

Avoid Fires & Health Hazards With Our Chimney Sweep Service

Often the need for chimney service goes undetected, which is one of the reasons we recommend an annual cleaning and inspection. It is essential for your chimney to operate correctly to avoid fire danger and health hazards that result from a blocked or deteriorating chimney. Problems with this simple but essential structure can cause water leaks inside your house, smoke to draft downward and inward, and odor to sink into the furnishings and drywall. Request a free estimate for service, and we respond promptly with a truck full of tools, parts, and equipment.

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