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Google Chrome Extension For Coupons

The Best Browser Coupon Extensions To Help Save You Money

Automatic Price Comparison and Coupons Extension for Chrome

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What Browser Promo Code Extensions Do

Browser cash back and promo code extensions are plug-ins that you add to Chrome, Firefox, Safari or almost any web browser and most are free. Some of the best coupon extensions scour the web for discounts, coupons and deals to bring you the lowest prices every time you shop.

Whether these plug-ins compare prices, track down promo codes or offer cash rebates, they all help you snag a good deal. Here are some leading browser extensions for shopping online from the Honey browser extension to Coupons at Checkout.

Rebatesme Cash Back Button

The RebatesMe Cash Back Button lets you earn money and score savings when shopping at your favorite online retailers, including Overstock and eBay. When you check out, this browser extension will show you available coupon codes, and itll alert you if the site youre visiting has any cash back offers.

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The Best Chrome Extensions For Shopping

There are generally three ways to save money with a Chrome shopping extension:

  • Chrome Coupon Extensions: These extensions apply coupon and promo codes at checkout so you can get certain discounts.
  • Cash-Back Extensions: These extensions let you earn cash-back rewards for buying products from specific retailers.
  • Price Comparison Chrome Extensions: These extensions compare prices between retailers/sellers or look at historical prices to ensure youre buying at the right place and time.

The very best chrome shopping extensions often offer several of these features. But, depending on your shopping habits and how expensive the product you want to buy is, different extensions might be better than others.

With that in mind, lets jump into the best shopping extensions for Chrome you can use to save more money!

Whats The Best Coupon Chrome Extension

9 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Coupon Hunters

In my opinion, Capital One Shopping is the best coupon extension for Chrome.

The reason for this is that Capital One Shopping automatically applies coupon codes and lets you earn free gift cards, so its the best of both worlds.

The price comparison tool is also nifty, so this is one of the more comprehensive extensions out there.

The only downside is that its only available in the U.S., so if youre an international shopper, use Honey instead!

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Final Thoughts On Browser Shopping Extensions & Privacy

I hope this list of shopping browser extensions can help get you started with saving more money whenever you shop.

However, I also want to point out an important factor to consider: as the saying goes, if youre not paying for it, youre the product.

I believe the majority of these browser extensions and cash back apps make a great deal of their money by partnering with merchants to earn referral revenue. While there is nothing wrong with this, you also have to consider just how much data these companies are collecting on user shopping habits and preferences.

You can read privacy policy after privacy policy that state that none of these browser extensions or tools sell your data to third parties, but the fact remains, your data is always being collected.

It might be anonymous, never sold, or completely irrelevant to you. However, you need to do your due diligence and read privacy policies, terms of agreement, and decide what you are comfortable with.

Personally, I use Honey, Rakuten, Paribus, Drop, and several receipt scanning apps right now. This is as much data as I am comfortable giving up, and I dont feel the need to incorporate more apps into my life.

If you want to try out every single extension or app out there, just know what you are getting into and how you want to be compensated.

For more money saving tips, be sure to check out my post on money saving tips for college students for more nifty ways to save!

Catch you guys in the next post!

Browser Extensions And Apps That’ll Save You Money This Holiday Season

From the Honey extension to OctoShop, these tools will slash your online shopping bills.

Honey is one of the many browser extensions that can save you some money while shopping.

The dust and pixels from Black Friday and Cyber Monday have settled . And it’s only the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Is your wallet ready?

According to a recent survey from the National Retail Federation, people plan to spend almost $1,000 on gifts, holiday items and non-gift purchases this year despite supply chain issues. If reading that number awakens your inner Scrooge, we found 11 apps and browser extensions to make sure you don’t start the new year with an empty bank account.

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A quick privacy note: The extensions on this list work by scanning every site you visit for potential coupons, which could potentially expose you to some security issues. Before installing any of them, it’s worth your while to check out its privacy policy.

Be the first to know the newest hot deals from CNET.

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How Can A Browser Extension Help With Online Shopping

How To Save Your Money Getting Free Coupons | Honey Chrome Extension | Xero Stuff

There’s a Chrome extension out there for just about everything, including online deal-hunting. While specific functionality varies from plugin to plugin, they all work by following you around while you shop online and doing the “thinking” for you whether that’s by comparing prices across retailers, tracking items’ price history, setting price alerts, or even scouting out coupons and cash-back offers.

As with anything you download from the internet, be sure to read the fine print and play around with your browser’s permissions before installing a shopping extension it’ll be able to read and change the data on the websites you visit once it’s up and running.

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The Camelizer By Camelcamelcamel

The Camelizer is the brainchild of CamelCamelCamel, an Amazon price-tracking website. CamelCamelCamel tracks the price history of items sold on Amazon so shoppers can get a sense for any given products regular price and thus judge when a sale is really better than the ordinary selling price.

The Camelizer extension provides users with price history charts without having to leave a product page on Amazon. So while youre scoping out that Beats Pill speaker, you can quickly pull up how much it was selling for last month or earlier this year.

The browser add-on is supported by Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Safari.


Do You Always Find Discounts

We can’t guarantee that there are always coupons working because that depends on Shein. There are times when Shein doesn’t have a single active discount code.

However, we can assure you that we have the most complete and up-to-date coupon database: if there is a working Shein coupon, it is in the extension.

That’s why we recommend that you always click on Check them all. You’ll only waste a few seconds and you’ll be sure you’re getting the best price.

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Best Coupon Extensions For Google Chrome

Experience the most fun and exciting online shopping with some best coupon extensions for google chrome. These extensions will save you money and precious time. Just install them on your chrome and enjoy all the features for life.

Are you even fond of shopping at 2 am in your pajamas at home? The collection of the best coupon extension will help you save precious time and valuable money during your shopping.

Isn’t it is incredible, how your browser can help you save lots of money on online shopping? Almost everyone loves online shopping, and mega sales and attractive coupons make it more exciting and fun. These unique chrome extensions have the best deals and coupons for you to shop in a better way. You can save your money while only shopping in two ways:

The first way is to compare each product’s prices on many shopping sites to select the best price for you.

The second way is to go for some websites that offer coupons and deals to save a significant amount of money on your shopping.

Both of the ways are meant to help you save your money, but this can consume extra time while accessing multiple websites. However, People refer to saving their time instead of cash and ended up shopping at actual prices. But these extensions will make it easy for everyone. They save lots of time and money on your purchases by automatically applying the best coupons and deals available at that time. Just simply add the extension to your Chrome and there you go.

Wikibuy From Capital One

Google Chrome extension that save you money: The Honey ...

Wikibuy Chrome extension for coupon is one of the best way to maximize your savings using coupon codes, loyalty rewards & better offers from retailers. It is powered by a community of over 1 million users who share prices and coupons found in real-time while shopping for the best brands.

Best Features of Wikibuy:

  • The product search feature of Wikibuy helps find better prices while still considering shipping times and cost
  • On Amazon, Wikibuy feature is built right into the site
  • With Wikibuy local offers, you can earn credits or free gift cards on select purchases
  • With Wikibuy watchlists, you can add your favorite products and have Wikibuy automatically monitor for price drops

You can simply download and install these on your Chrome browser and save yourself from all the hassle. So, to save your valuable time and effort, there are a number of extensions and add-ons available on , coupon codes that work for anything. These extensions will notify you and show you all the deals and coupons available by searching across the web with only a few clicks.

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With Grabon Chrome Extension Do More Than Just Browse

Industry First Auto-Apply Feature

You need not waste any time searching for the right coupon and copying the coupon code to apply during checkout. The best coupon available on the store gets applied automatically on the total cart value, courtesy the Auto-Apply feature.

All About The Auto-Apply Feature

Aren’t There Other Extensions That Do This

Yes, there are some extensions that search coupons for thousands of stores, but after using them for quite some time we’ve found that with Shein they fail quite a bit.

Their whole process is automated: they massively scan the internet looking for codes, and dump them in their database without checking them. This means that they end up storing a lot of fake codes and, even worse, they miss several real codes.

With Shein Coupon Finder we have opted for the opposite strategy: we focus on a single store, but we have the most complete and up-to-date list of coupons. We update it every few hours, and check each coupon manually before adding it.

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Stay Focused With These 5 Google Chrome Extensions

Nowadays, working from home is pretty darn common. While remote work definitely has its perks , it has its downfalls too. Do you ever find yourself getting absorbed in a juicy Twitter thread or being sucked down a wormhole of countless dog-themed TikToks? If Google Chrome is your browser of choice, then youre in luck. Weve rounded up the best Chrome extensions to help keep you on track.

The best part? Theyre all free to download on the .


How Does The Piggy Chrome Extension Work

How to get FREE $15 boyshorts at ThirdLove using the FatCoupon Google Chrome extension

Piggys Google Chrome extension works to provide online shoppers with automatic coupons and cash back upon checkout at over 5,000 global stores. To start saving, just add the Piggy extension to your Google Chrome browser and proceed with shopping at your favorite store websites. The Piggy Chrome extension will activate automatically when it detects a participating store it can provide a coupon code or cash back for. If Piggy finds a coupon that works for your order, it will apply the best discount to your shopping cart automatically when youre preparing to check out. If the store has a cash back offer for your purchase, then theyll report your purchase to Piggy within 7 business days. If you are signed into your Piggy account when you made the purchase, then we will automatically add your cash back earnings to your Piggy account.

The Piggy Chrome extension is free to use, so youve got nothing to lose! Install the Piggy Chrome app with 2 clicks by visiting the Chrome Webstore now.

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Wont These Mess Up My Browser

Some browser extensions could potentially mess up your browser. If you download an unverified extension that contains spyware or some other malicious software, you could end up with software that tracks what you do online.

Some browser extensions could also contain bugs that harm your browser.

But, the extensions Im mentioning here have all proven to be trustworthy, and many are ones I use myself and can vouch for.

I do recommend, however, not to overload your browser with extensions. Doing so can cause a super slow internet browsing experience. The more extensions you have, the likelier it is that youll run into some problems with clashes between extensions, too.

Plus, its not necessary to have two extensions that do similar things, like a few of these do.

Instead, try out a few of them and see what ones you prefer. You can always go back and delete an extension if you find that it isnt right for you.

Now, on to the browser extensions that can save you money!

Some Final Things To Know About Coupon Extensions

These cash back and coupon extensions search thousands of online retailers for deals and discounts so you dont have to. To start saving, you just need to download the plug-in for your browser.

And in case you were wondering: The makers of these tools usually earn their money by receiving a small payment from the companies issuing the coupons in exchange for driving customer traffic to them.

Of course, these promo code extensions shouldnt cause you to change your shopping habits. Sales can trick people into spending money on items they normally wouldnt have bought in the first place.

As long as you stick to your budget, these browser extensions will help you save. Then you can put your extra money to good use by paying off student loans faster or saving for retirement.

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Rakuten Cash Back Button

Similar to Honey is Rakuten, a cash-back website that calls its browser extension the Cash Back Button. Members can use the button to activate cash back directly at store sites and automatically apply coupon codes at checkout.

Unlike Honey, cash-back percentages arent a surprise at Rakuten. The store has rotating offers of various cash-back percentages from a wide selection of retailers, so you can compare exactly how much youll get back depending on where you shop and choose accordingly. For instance, at the time of this writing, Rakuten is offering 1% back at Target and up to 6% at Walmart.

The Rakuten extension is compatible with Chrome.

Is It Worth It

AliExpress Coupon Finder â Browser addons â Google Chrome ...

Ultimately, thats a question you need to ask yourself. I would always encourage someone to try and find a coupon, but I wouldnt recommend installing a plugin or app that tracks you as aggressively as these sites do, especially when you dont need a coupon at all.

Pretty well every website you visit certainly every e-commerce website tracks your info. Plenty of partnerships between companies have been forged based on sharing customer data. Its not like these coupon plugins invented data foraging. Whats more, they can be a decent way to save money.

Its the eternal struggle of the internet age: how much value do you place on privacy?

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