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Food Coupons Mailed To Me

Land O Lakes Sent Me Three Coupons Including One Kozy Shack Coupon


Land O Lakes sent me three coupons by mail, and said we can request coupons twice a year, with 4-6 months between requests using their contact form.

Land O Lakes is a sister company to Kozy Shack, so they sent me one of those coupons as well.

What I received:

  • $0.55 off any one package of Land O Lakes butter product
  • $0.55 off any one package of Kozy Shack product

Amys Sent Four Coupons Worth $450 Total

Although I didnt get a response to my email, Amys sent me a little coupon booklet! They also included a card which was a nice touch.

What I received:

  • $1.00 off any two Amys Burritos or Wraps
  • $1.00 off any two Amys Soups, Beans, or Chili
  • $1.00 off any one Amys Entree
  • $1.50 off any one Amys Full-sized Pizza

Get More Printable Coupons From Coupon Websites

When you think of coupon websites, you probably think of promo codes and digital coupons that you use when youre shopping online.

While coupon websites certainly do feature digital coupons, many of them feature printable coupons as well.

All you need is a printer and some paper, and you can get tons of paper coupons that you can use to save money.

On the websites below, you can find printable coupons for a huge range of products and stores.

These websites are easy to navigate and they have coupons available for a huge range of brands and companies, which is great.

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Brands That Sent Me Coupons In The Mail

After I whispered sweet nothings in their ears, 26% of the brands mailed me coupons. Even better: Most of these manufacturers coupons wont expire for nearly a year.

  • The clear champions were my friends at SC Johnson, who make basically every product in your house. The company mailed me a bonanza of 17 $1 off coupons for products by Drano, Fantastik, Glade, Off!, Pledge, Raid, Scrubbing Bubbles, Shout, Windex and Ziploc.
  • Runners-up were my good buddies at Unilever, a massive multinational consumer goods company with 400 brands. After I wrote to several of its brands, Unilever mailed me 11 coupons for a total of $11 off products by Axe, Country Crock, Dove, Hellmanns, Lipton, Magnum Ice Cream, Ponds, TRESemme Hair Care and Vaseline.

Unilever! Who knew?

Several of these companies said I could contact them again in six months to receive additional coupons.

Alka Seltzer Sent Me Four $1 Coupons


Alka Seltzer said that although they dont send out coupons, they do have an Alka Seltzer Original coupon page AND an Alka Seltzer PLUS coupon page! You can print up to two of the same coupon at a time.

You will have to create an account and log in to print the Alka Seltzer Plus coupon, but you dont need an account for regular Alka Seltzer.

What I received:

  • $1.00 off any Alka Seltzer product
  • $1.00 off any Alka Seltzer PLUS product.

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Be Cautious Of Freebie Websites

Many sites claim to offer tons of freebies, and some advertise coupons too. Be cautious with these types of sites, however, as they don’t always have legitimate offers and you may end up with a lot of unwanted spam or junk mail. It’s often best to go the more direct routes like those mentioned above.

Is Imperfect Produce Worth It

Youre paying a bit for convenience here with that $4.99 delivery fee, but I was actually pleasantly surprised with the amount, quality, and variety of produce I received. I generally spend $30+ a week on produce anyway between a couple of different stores, and the convenience of it coming right to my door couldnt be beat. Everything here was fresh, many items were fairly local, and some of the produce in my box was organic.

My box here ended up at $24.23 plus that $4.99 delivery fee, for a bit over $29 delivered. Could I have found the same items slightly cheaper? Possibly, but not without going to multiple stores so weigh the savings in your time and gas money against the ease and convenience here.

And, if you generally one-stop-shop at a large national grocery chain rather than bopping around between smaller stores to save on produce, Imperfect will likely be cheaper for you.

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How Imperfect Is This Produce Anyway

Most of the produce I received in this first Imperfect Produce box was actually fairly perfect! A couple of the apples and the broccoli had a few little spots, but nothing unlike what Id see at my local produce market the potatoes ran small, but who cares the pears were hard, but pears are always hard and thats nothing a little counter time in a paper bag didnt fix.

The organic rainbow carrots, curly green kale, onions, organic purple garlic, organic ginger, eggplant, organic leaf lettuce, and red cabbage? All pretty darn perfect! And, everything weve tasted so far has been great.

Out of this entire box, the only items I wouldnt have picked up for myself in the store were the avocados small and unripe) and one of the organic lemons . Theyre usable, but dare I say imperfect.

Update: You know whats interesting? Although I wouldnt have picked these avocados, after they ripened up on my counter they were some of the best Ive ever had despite their smallness.

How To Get Coupons Mailed To You: 5 Easy Methods Of Saving Money

Companies That Mailed Me Coupons 2020

29th May 2019by Katie

You may be asking, How to get coupons mailed to you? These days, a lot of companies have switched over to digital coupons on smartphone apps, but paper coupons are still very valuable and widely accepted at stores.

You also want to receive your coupons for free, without having to subscribe to a newspaper that you dont have any interest in reading.

If you want to save while you shop, you need to make the most of couponing. But how can you find the coupons that you need?

Fortunately, there are many ways to get coupons into your postal box! Heres everything you need to know about how to get coupons mailed to you.

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So Whos Giving Imperfect Produce A Try

Such a great way to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, and I love the idea of real food straight to your door. What do you guys think of this concept, now that youve read this whole Imperfect Produce review?

And, be sure to use Imperfect Produce coupon code mashup for 50% off your first box!

How To Get Free Grocery Coupons Mailed To Your Home

One of the biggest areas where you can improve your personal finances is cutting back on your food spending. This doesn’t mean cutting out all dining out or living on rice and beans.

Using smart shopping techniques, including redeeming coupons, can help you cut your monthly food spending by 50 percent or more.

Video of the Day

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How I Buttered Up Companies And Sang Their Praises

During this process, I never mentioned I was writing for The Penny Hoarder. I just gave my name, and email and mailing addresses. Thats me Joe Blow, Average Citizen.

I followed the example of the diligent couponers over at Couponers United, who have made an art of this. Heres their advice on asking companies for coupons: When you email them, try to stay positive, offer them advice, or simply tell them how much your family loves their products.

Couponers United maintains a list of nearly 200 companies that its members have gotten coupons from this way. I tried the same technique, but I didnt have quite the same success.

Of the 100 brands I reached out to, 26 mailed me coupons. Another 16 directed me to webpages where I could print out their coupons.

Once I navigated to each companys website, I would find its Contact Us page. There, I would type in some version of the following:

Dear ,

Our family loves and we use it in our home nearly every day. Do you ever put out coupons that could help offset the cost of your fine product?

Thank you!

What The Process Was Like

MyMagazine Sharing Network sent me 9 coupons to get free ...

I found all of this to be surprisingly time-consuming, even though I was writing basically the same praises to each brand. Contacting 100 brands took many, many hours.

When asking for my feedback, every brands website wanted to know my age and gender. They all wanted my name, address and email address. Over and over again, I had to pass online CAPTCHA tests to prove I wasnt a robot.

Seriously, brands, Im not a robot.

My suggestion: Limit yourself to contacting brands whose products youre absolutely, positively, definitely going to use. Anything else is a waste of time.

Here are the results of my inquiries broken into categories.

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Brands That Said Hey Sign Up For Our Special Club

While we do not have coupons available upon request, responded the people at Kashi cereals, we encourage you to join our online community.

It was the same story with Ball Park Franks, Clorox, Crayola, Dole, Johnson & Johnson, Kelloggs, Neutrogena, Stonyfield Yogurt, Uncle Bens, Welchs and Viva Paper Towels.

I was repeatedly invited to sign up for each brands insiders club or newsletter, which proposed to send me a stream of product updates, recipes, corporate-generated nutrition news and the possibility of downloadable coupons.

My inbox got a lot of emails like the following: We invite you to join Folgers® Wakin Up Club for special promotions.

Please join Welchs Grapevine Insider newsletter.

Sign Up For Loyalty Programs

In addition to letting you download digital coupons via their apps, some grocery stores will send you personalized paper coupons in the mail when you sign up for a loyalty card. For example, Kroger sends its members personalized coupon booklets every six weeks or so with coupons for items each member personally buys. In some instances, Kroger offers you free products to get you into the store. Kroger is part of a parent company that also runs 15 other stores, including Dillons, Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter, Fry’s and Ralph’s.

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Register For Birthday Clubs

Another method for how to get coupons mailed to you is to register for a birthday club!

A birthday club is a program offered by a restaurant or a retailer, where, once your birthday month comes around, they send you a coupon in the mail!

For example, Designer Shoe Warehouse will send you a money-off coupon good throughout your birthday month. Petco offers a coupon program for your pets birthday!


Birthday clubs are easy, low-commitment programs that reward you for simply making it through another year!


It may go without saying, but birthday club coupons are only good for your birthday month, and not the rest of the year.

Additionally, most restaurants and retailers are moving to digital coupons these days, so youre unlikely to receive a birthday coupon in the mail anymore.

Sign Up For Email Lists & Rewards Programs


The companies above have a contact form or an email address that you can use to get in touch and request free coupons.

But, this isnt the only way that you can get free coupons in the mail from companies.

Some manufacturers, brands, and retailers have an email list that you can sign up to and receive coupons to your email address.

Some of these coupons will be printable too.

Its a good way to get some extra coupons you might not get them to your mailbox, but youll still get them to your inbox.

Also, some brands have rewards programs that you can join for free coupons.

Some of these brands will even mail these coupons to you, whereas others will offer printable and digital coupons.

So check out these email lists and rewards programs to get even more coupons.

111. Enfamil Family Beginnings

Enfamil offers up to $400 worth of gifts!

Thats an impressive amount of free stuff, which includes coupons. As a member of the program, you get free samples, coupons and other special offers.

You also get the chance to win free formula for a year. Plus, you get free nutrition advice.

Sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings here.

112. Similac Strong Moms

Similac Strong Moms is a program that you can join to get up to $400 worth of exclusive benefits. Youll get coupons from the program, as well as free samples and expert nutrition guidance.

Sign up for Similac Strong Moms here.

113. Luvs

Create your Luvs account and sign up for emails from the brand here.

114. Angel Soft Email List

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Ways To Get Free Coupons By Mail


Join mailing lists. Once upon a time I was extremely cautious about sharing my Register and collect rewards. While joining a reward program and a mailing list Write to brands. Love a particular product? They may send you free coupons if you Search on social media. Are you following Facebook, Twitter or other social media Dont write of rebates. Rebates are having their day in the sun again with many Register for new parent programs. Do you have a new baby or have a little one on See full list on dollarsanity.com

You Know Whats Better Than Free Coupons In The Mail

Do you receive any free coupons by postal mail? Any strategies or tips and tricks I havent mentioned? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

tioned? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

For less than 5 minutes of your time, earn yourself a random stock whose value is anywhere between $2.50 and $200. It is possible through an investing app called Robinhood.

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Awesome Companies That Will Send You Tons Of Free Stuff

Many of the products you buy each day come from companies that will send you tons of free stuff — you just have to ask. Keep reading for more details!

Saving money is difficult when you still have a family to feed and bills to pay, sometimes it seems impossible to cut corners as often as you may want. Companies like General Mills, Nestle, and Kraft take a huge chunk of your money every single month. So dont you think its time that they gave back?

Fortunately for us, many of them do! Believe it or not, many of the products you buy every day come from companies that offer anything from free products, free swag to coupons. If you play your cards right, you can score hundreds of dollars of free products!

And if you love getting free stuff, make sure you after to check our list of current freebies available

Heres how to get started:

Think of a few companies youd love freebies from and head to their websites. There is where youll typically find a contact form, where you can provide thoughts and feedback on the companys products. Be sure to let the company know just how much you love their products, and dont be too shy to get specific! Next, let them know that youre a loyal customer, one whos always bought the companys latest products and continues to do so.

Heres a simple example of what your email should look like:

Corona Receive bottle openers, branded beer sleeves & more

Neutrogena Receive shower & bath gel and body oil products in the mail

Aleve Sent Me Five $1 Coupons

Free Subway Printable Coupon November 2014

Aleve replied to my email, telling me to check their coupon page once a month for multiple coupons. I got three that I can print monthly, though I was able to print two of them a second time.

What I received:

  • $1.00 off any one Aleve-D product
  • $1.00 off any Aleve 40 ct or larger OR any one Aleve PM 20 ct or larger
  • $1.00 off any Aleve-X product

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Free Fast Food Coupons By Mail Overview

Free Fast Food Coupons By Mail can offer you many choices to savemoney thanks to16 active results. You can get thebest discountof upto 78% off.The new discount codes are constantly updated on Couponxoo. The latest onesare on8 newFree Fast Food Coupons By Mail results have been found in the last 90days, whichmeans that every 11, a newFree Fast Food Coupons By Mail result is figured out.As Couponxoos tracking, online shoppers can recently get a save of30% on average by using our couponsfor shoppingatFree Fast Food Coupons By Mail. This is easily done with searching onCouponxoosBox.

Michelinas Sent Me Two $100 Coupons

Not gonna lie, I love Michelinas Wheels and Cheese. So when Michelinas said theyd send me some coupons I was excited.

And, since theyre normally $1.00 each at my local grocery store, these coupons basically give me a buy-one-get-one free deal. They sent me a nice note and two $1.00-off coupons. Request these coupons using their contact form.

What I received:

  • $1.00 off any two Michelinas frozen items

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