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Federal Direct Tax Services Coupon

Yukon Basic Personal Amount Formula

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The Yukon Basic Personal Amount formula mirrors the federal Basic Personal Amount .


Additional tax calculated on taxable income
YAdditional provincial tax reduction amount based on the number of eligible dependants used in the calculation of Factor S
YTDYear-to-date, not including current pay period

All factor definitions appear only in the Glossary unless further details are required in specific situations.

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Tax season is one of the few certainties in life. Paying taxes is an annoyance, and even just preparing your taxes can be an overwhelming prospect. Especially if you receive income from numerous sources, youre preparing your taxes for the first time, or youve had costly missteps in the past, its a good idea to get someone to help. The thing that keeps many people from utilizing tax preparation software is the cost. Although these services do their best to help you maximize your refund and minimize your effort, it can still be daunting to pay for them. With coupons and promo codes, you can get your taxes done professionally at a great discount.

Many people weigh their options and decide to go with a free tax preparation service. This can be a great choice. To keep the business running, however, most of these free tax services also offer optional upgrades, usually for a few dollars more. In addition, youll often have to pay an extra fee to file your state return alongside your federal return. With, you can minimize those additional costs. When you file with a company such as FreeTaxUSA, make sure you check to see if you can get those extra services for a reduced fee.

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Taxslayer Return & Payment Options

TaxSlayer allows you to pay preparation fees with a debit or credit card. Additionally, you can use your federal return to cover the cost, if you dont want to pay out-of-pocket. The refund will be deposited into your bank account, minus the preparation fees.

If you need to get your return done as quickly as possible then we recommend getting a direct deposit into your checking or savings account. You have the option of receiving a check in the mail, but this process takes longer. TaxSlayer also offers refund advances as a $500 or $1,000 loan on a prepaid debit card.

Same Day Refund Options

Use our professional tax preparation software and put tax refund dollars in your clients’ hands the same day! That’s right, the same day! Up to $3,000 can be available in advance of your clients refund. Low fees, High approval rates, and access to everyone! Federal Direct’s refunds programs put your tax office on a level playing field with the national franchise offices in your area. Offer the same of better options to your clients, on your terms, with your superior customer service!

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There are 5 versions of TurboTax that you can download: Basic, Standard, Premier, Home & Business, and TurboTax Free. TurboTax Home & Business is the most robust option, with exclusive features useful for self-employed individuals. To compare the different products and see this year’s prices, click the “” tab on the TurboTax website.

Turbotax Guarantee

If you’re used to getting your taxes prepared by an accountant or at a tax service company like H& R Block, doing taxes yourself using TurboTax software might seem like a giant leap of faith. If you’re feeling unsure, consider the company’s 3 guarantees:

  • Maximum Refund Guarantee

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Much like preparing your taxes with TurboTax, redeeming the company’s promotional offers is easy. Here are the steps to applying any coupon at

  • Once you’ve chosen the TurboTax version that’s right for you, follow the steps to fill out your profile and enter your tax info.
  • When you’ve filled out all the applicable areas and are ready to review and file your return, you will come to a checkout window that has your order summary and the amount owing.
  • Click “Apply rebate“.
  • Turbotax Premium Service

    Turbotax Help

    Why Choose Turbotax

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    Understanding the Principles of Individual Taxation: Business Expenses

    Get the surprises and the stress out of filing your taxes when you use FreeTaxUSA coupons to calculate and file tax returns. FreeTaxUSA is a part of the IRS Free File Alliance and has been helping taxpayers for quick, secure and easy file accurate tax returns. The organization puts additional effort into maintaining security like SSL encryption and applying the use of DigiCert, TRUSTe and security Metrics so that you know about your private information which stays private.

    Use FreeTaxUSA promo codes from CouponsFox to diminish the charge and complete your taxes in a quick and efficient way. With the free tax filing system at FreeTaxUSA not only the website does the process step-by-step, but it also includes a refund maximize tool that will ask some questions. You will get back some discount as possible.

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    Formula To Determine Cpp Contributions For Employees Who Were Transferred By Their Employer From Quebec To A Location Outside Quebec During The Year Paid By Commission

    C = The lesser of: $3,499.80 0.0570 × If the result is negative, C = $0.

    * No rounding required for this factor.


    For these formulas, round the resulting amount to the nearest $0.01. The maximum amount for the year will vary according to the rules in the section called Special CPP Situations.

    Each employer needs to deduct CPP contributions based on the employees pensionable income, without regard to any other earnings the employee may have had with another employer in the same year. Accordingly, you must use the maximum above even if the employee works for you less than 12 months. Similarly, you are not entitled to a refund of the employers share of CPP if the employee works for you less than 12 months.

    For payments where the employee receives remuneration such as a bonus, retroactive pay increase, vacation pay when vacation is not taken, or accumulated overtime pay, and the payment is not included with the regular remuneration for the current pay period, you should introduce a code or use the factor B with the record. Also do this if a non-periodic payment is made and no regular remuneration is paid in the pay period. You do this to avoid allowing the basic exemption for the pay period in the formula described above.

    The basic exemption amount used to determine the employees contributions for the pay period has to stay the same throughout the year, regardless of whether an employee has worked in each week of the pay period.

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    Is This Guide For You

    Tax Office Marketing

    Use this guide if you are a payroll software provider or a company which develops its own in-house payroll solution.

    This guide has the formulas you need to determine federal, provincial , and territorial income taxes, Canada Pension Plan contributions, and employment insurance premium deductions. The formulas also let you calculate payroll deductions for income sources such as commission, pension, bonuses, and retroactive pay increases.

    The formulas used in this guide to calculate statutory deductions have been approved for purposes of the Income Tax Act, the Canada Pension Plan, and the Employment Insurance Act, as well as their related regulations and any amendments proposed to these acts.

    For more information on income amounts that are subject to payroll deductions, see the publication T4001, Employers Guide Payroll Deductions and Remittances.

    If you have questions about the formulas in this guide, contact your tax services office or tax centre. For the address and telephone numbers of your tax services office or tax centre, see the listings in the government section of your telephone book or visit

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    If youre looking for another tax service, you can checkout TaxSlayer! TaxSlayer is an online planning tax planning service thats easy to use and affordable with their low-cost filing options. You can choose from four filing options that fits your needs. Continue reading below to see what TaxSlayer has to offer as well as comparing it to other tax service providers!

    Editors Note: TaxSlayer is also partnered with various cash back shopping portals like Rakuten.

  • 5 Bottom Line
  • Formula To Calculate Provincial And Territorial Tax Payable

    We have not repeated the entire explanation for the provincial and territorial variables. Effective January 1, 2022, the variables for Option 2 are the same as for Option 1, except for factor K2P, which is as follows:

    K2P = * If the result is negative, enter $0.

    Replace the lowest provincial or territorial tax rate with the appropriate rate for the province or territory that applies to the employee or pensioner.

    Only for Quebec:

    Only for outside Canada or in Canada beyond the limits of any province or territory:

    T2 = $0

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    Get Tax Advice For Next Year

    In addition to free tax preparation, you can also use a TurboTax coupon code for free tax advice. For any questions about filing taxes, they have all the experts and agents on hand to answer and questions or issues – from CPAs to tax attorneys. You’ll feel confident that you are filing your taxes properly.

    Use a TurboTax coupon from to access an easy, user-friendly platform with free support and resources when you need to file.

    About Federal Direct Tax Services

    Understanding the Principles of Individual Taxation: State Returns
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      Calculation Of Tax For The Pay Period

      For Option 2, you calculate the tax on the projected income for the year, and then find the tax amount that is proportional to the number of pay periods that have occurred . Compare the result to the tax deducted in the year-to-date. The difference is the tax payable on the current income.

      Continuing the above example, if the total federal and provincial or territorial tax on $25,380.95 is $3,560.17, the proportional year-to-date tax is $2,875.52 . If the total tax deducted year-to-date is $2,736.40, the tax on the current income of $500 is $139.12 . The tax values used in this example are fictitious.

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      Formula To Calculate Basic Federal Tax

      T3 = K K1 K2 K3 K4If the result is negative, T3 = $0.

      Only for employees in Quebec:

      T3 = K K1 K2Q K3 K4If the result is negative, T3 = $0.

      R and K are based on 2022 index values for A see the Rates , income thresholds , and constants for 2022 Table 8.1 in Chapter 8.

      A = Projected annual taxable income

      K1 = 0.15 × TC

      K2 =

      Only for employees in Quebec:

      K2Q =


      * If the result is negative, enter $0.


      PI = Pensionable income for the pay period, or the gross income plus any taxable benefits for the pay period, plus PIYTD

      IE = Insurable earnings for the pay period including insurable taxable benefits for the pay period, plus IEYTD

      The above has to follow the rules in Chapter 6 Canada Pension Plan and Chapter 7 Employment Insurance of this publication and the instructions contained in Guide T4001, Employers Guide Payroll Deductions and Remittances.

      K4 = The lesser of: 0.15 × CEA

      CEA is an indexed amount. See Table 8.2 Other rates and amounts in Chapter 8.

      * For the Canada employment amount, A is the annual gross income from office or employment before deductions. Only include the amounts from office or employment, this is the same amount you normally report in box 14 of the T4 slip .

      Federal And New York State Taxes

      Tax Office Marketing

      When you first associate with UB, complete the federal and New York state withholding tax forms so that UB can withhold the correct tax from each payment.

      • If you are considered a Resident Alien for tax purposes, complete these forms the same as a U.S. citizen
      • If you are considered a Nonresident Alien for tax purposes, complete these forms as follows:
      • Check the Single box in step 1c on the W-4 and sign
      • Check the Single box on the IT-2104
      • Enter the number 1 on line 1 of the IT-2104 form and sign

      Submit completed forms to your supervisor.

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      Which Tax Preparation Service Is Right For You

      With the help of online tax software preparation services, like those mentioned above, you can file your own taxes like a pro. Many services allow you free account access to start, only paying once you actually file. Why not take advantage of the convenience and support found with online tax software? Youll gain a better understanding of the entire tax filing process and save money at the same time.


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