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Exchange Coins For Coupons Aliexpress

How To Exchange Coins On Aliexpress

How to use AliExpress coins to exchange with coupons,free trick to buy on AliExpress

There are three ways to spend coins on AliExpress:

  • Exchange coins for coupons in the mobile app.
  • There is a list of products you pay for with coins . It means that you can use coins almost like any other normal currency.
  • During the sales, both the website and the app offer special conditions to spend the coins.
  • NB: normally you cant obtain and spend coins on the AliExpress website. This can only be done in the mobile app.

    Also, keep in mind that for every session in the Land of Games you spend from 1 to 5 bonuses.

    What Are Aliexpress Coins And How To Become Their Owner

    You have to go to the platform’s mobile application every day, open and then click on the coin’s image.

    You must do this every day, as the number of prize coins depends on how many days you use the application. If you miss at least one day, then the accrual of coins will start from the very beginning.

    A new day on the Aliexpress platform begins at 9 am. Remember this important point… We suggest you study the main rules of the daily bonus:

    • You can get unique coins once a day if you click on “Get coins”.
    • If you want to receive a lot of coins, you must log in every day, for example: the first day – one coin, the second day – five coins, three days – eight coins, four days – ten coins, and so on. If you do not miss a single day, then on the eighth day you will receive sixteen coins.
    • The second method of obtaining unique coins from Aliexpress is you must take part in the prize round:
    • This game was added to the mobile application quite recently. You can get coins through this game only through the application, and you can exchange them only through it.

    The meaning of this action and its main rules are as follows:

    Aliexpress Coupons: How To Obtain And Use Coupons When Shopping Online

    While we enjoy the convenience of e-shopping, we all want to save some money when purchasing products online. Very often, you can enjoy discount codes and coupons when shopping from a specific retailer. But did you know that these are available when you shop from the huge marketplace AliExpress? Yes, there are coupons that allow you to save some extra money. If you regularly shop on this site, you must have looked for a coupon on Google before. Indeed, if you conduct a quick search, several links claiming to offer discounts going up to 80% and 90% pop up. Pretty cool right? The problem with these is that they are often expired and you cannot use them.

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    How To Exchange Coins For Coupons At Aliexpress

    You can exchange coins on the Aliexpress platform for special coupons in the same place as the “Mobile bonuses” section. If you are interested in the question of how many coins can be exchanged, then you should know that their number is limited.

    It is advisable to pick up the desired coupon in the first minutes of a new hour, since quotas, which are updated at the beginning of the hour, are sorted out very quickly. If suddenly you see the following inscription: “Not available”, then the coupons have already been sorted out.

    The main rules for exchanging coins for coupons are as follows:

    • Every time you receive coupons, coins will be deducted from your total.
    • You can exchange coins for coupons after you collect the required number of coins.
    • You can exchange Aliexpress coins only for coupons that are valid in the mobile application.
    • You can use all received coupons within one week, after their accrual.

    If you decide to change coupons, you should also know what kind of discounts they provide:

    • You can exchange a coupon that provides a one dollar discount for an item whose price is at least ten dollars.
    • You can exchange a coupon that provides a discount of three dollars for an item whose price is not less than twenty-five dollars.
    • You can exchange a coupon that provides a discount of eight dollars for an item whose price is not less than fifty-nine dollars.

    How To Use Store Coupon On Aliexpressaliexpress Coupon Codes

    Freebies and coins in AliExpress: How to use them to save ...

    AliExpress has pages dedicated to the three leading coupons used on the site: AliExpress coupon, Seller coupon, Select coupons. AliExpress coupons go with any regularly priced product on the site. Seller coupons get discounts on items sold by the relevant seller, and Select coupons are applicable to select sellers and items. Aug 12, ยท Download the Aliexpress app from Google Play or App Store and log into your account. Go to Account > Wallet. Tap on Coins. Check in daily. Starting from day 1 to day 7, youll be able to get 65 coins in total. However, if you miss one day, youll have to start the process from the very beginning. To get more coins, finish the Daily Tasks. One coupon can be used per order. You can get Store Coupons for free on the store page or product detail page, or by exchanging your coins for coupons. Select Coupon Select Coupons can only be used in selected stores. Check your items product detail page to see if you can use a Select Coupon.

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    What Are The Daily Tasks

    You can check for coins for only once a day.Check everyday to collect more coins.For example, on day 1,you will get 1 coin, On day 2 you will get 5, day 3 5 coins -and the coins will go up to 16 coins. On day 8 onward you will get 16 coins everyday.If you miss to check in for any particular day, you will have to start from Day 1 again, i.e 1 coin.

    If you check in everyday, you will earn 433 coins in total in a month.

    Video: How To Make Coins On Aliexpress

    • When you visit the section with this promotion daily, you will be credited with mobile coins: 1st day – 1 coin, 2nd day – 5 coins, 3rd day – 8 coins, 4th day – 10 coins, 5th day – 12 coins, 6th day – 14 coins, 7th day – 15 coins, 8th day and subsequent – 16 coins. However, keep in mind that if you miss at least one day and do not go to the application, you will have to collect coins again from one piece. With a daily visit for a month, you can earn 433 coins, which is almost enough to get a coupon.
    • When playing roulette, the Wheel of Fortune. One game costs 10 coins, and you can win from 5 to 500 coins. One person can play roulette no more than 5 times per day.
    • Awesome outfits game. It is also in the same section, along with the Wheel of Fortune. It is a few funny animals that are dressed in garments. The essence of the game: you need to shake the phone to move the pictures. Then we wait until they stop and see what happened. It is necessary to dress animals as fashionably as possible. For each successful match, coins are also awarded – from 2 to 50. One game costs only 1 mobile coin and you can play an unlimited number of times.
    • The new update allows you to play cards and win new coins or coupons from various sellers. The essence of the game: you need to open two identical cards… The first game is free, but for further games you have to pay coins.

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    How To Get Aliexpress Coins By Completing Tasks

    The same section Mobile bonuses contains tasks for the completion of which coins are credited to your account. Nothing complicated. Heres what and how much you can get:

  • Try search by photo 2 coins are credited.
  • Swap coins for coupons. For each such operation, you are given 3 coins to your account.
  • Like the post in the feed. Also get 1 coin.
  • Note. Tasks must be completed from this section of the application. That is, if you just like the post or search by the picture, you will not get the coin. But if you click on this task in the application, and then complete it, then you will be given a reward.

    How To Win Aliexpress Coupons

    How to get Maximum Aliexpress coins and exchange coins for coupons in 2021

    You don’t need to log into AliExpress Website everyday to win or collect coins.Instead,you can just do it by clicking a few times from your app. If you don’t have it yet,you can simply from here.You can also download it by clicking this QR code as well.

    Don’t miss the new user coupon for downloading the app.The offer generally shows on the top of the app page.

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    How To Exchange Coins For Goods

    Your coins can be exchanged immediately for goods offered by sellers. They are also located in the mobile application in the section with the game. Therefore, you do not need to search for them in all sections.

    Each item contains the required number of coins plus $ 0.01. It turns out that you will only pay one cent for any product, you will additionally give the seller your coins:

    • When buying such a product, coins are debited after placing an order.
    • You can buy one product only once.
    • If you change your mind about ordering a specific item, the coins will not be returned to you.

    Mobile coins are an opportunity, without doing anything special, to get the opportunity to purchase a discount coupon or buy a product you like. Happy shopping!

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    Where Are The Aliexpress Coins

    To find out how many coins you have, open the app and go to the Mobile Bonuses section. The number of your coins will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

    To find out the history of receiving and spending coins, click on this number. You will see how you received AliExpress coins and how you spent them.

    Please note that the coins you earn will expire on December 31st of the following year. For example, you have 100 coins in your account received in 2018. Then on December 31, 2019, 100 coins will expire.

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    Exchange Of Coins For Coupons

    You can exchange coins for coupons on the main page of the application.

    Since the number of coupons is limited, and there are a lot of applicants, they are sorted out in a matter of seconds. The inscription on the coupon “Not available” means that the coupons of this denomination have already expired. Before proceeding with the exchange of coins for coupons, read the rules, as there are also some restrictions. For example, during the month you can receive only a limited number of coupons of each type.

    How To Wind Up Coins In Aliexpress In Russian

    Freebies and coins in AliExpress: How to use them to save ...

    Many users are wondering if it is possible to wind up coins using various programs. To the disappointment of such people, on this moment there are no confirmed facts about successful manipulations. Therefore, we can safely say that coin wrapping is nothing more than a myth invented by dishonest people to attract users.

    Thus, you are unlikely to be able to get more coins than provided by the site rules.

    In this article, you will learn how to earn and use coins on Aliexpress. But first, let’s still define what kind of coins they are.

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    How Do I Redeem My Coins For Coupons

    To redeem your coins for coupons, you have to log in here.

    Every hour there is a new batch of coupons available that you can redeem depending on the coins you have:

    • 200 coins = $2 discount
    • 600 coins = $6 discount
    • 700 coins = $7 discount

    You can only redeem the coins from the app, so if you enter from the web, when you click on Redeem coupon, AliExpress will redirect you to the app.

    Keep in mind that these coupons are limited and the ones that run out first are usually the ones with lower value.

    We recommend to keep an eye out for the next round in case the coupon you want is currently sold out. Make sure to click on Redeem coupon when there’s a few seconds left to start the next round.

    How To Exchange The Received Coins For Aliexpress

    At the moment, coins can be spent on goods with a surcharge of 1 cent or exchanged for coupons .

    Exchange coins for Aliexpress coupons

    On Ali, coupons are divided into 2 types: and coupons of sellers.

    Coupons from Aliexpress appear at the beginning of every hour and if you have the required amount, you can exchange coins for coupons.

    Available denominations and their exchange rates.

    Be careful, before sales, coupons for coins are taken apart in the first seconds, so try to make an exchange quickly.

    You can apply such a coupon in any store, the main thing is to collect the required amount to activate it. The validity of such a coupon is 7 days

    Coupons from sellers. You can exchange this type of coupons at any convenient time. You can find the coupons of sellers just below the coupons from Ali. Products and shops here are collected both in a general category and broken down into different ones.

    Look through, maybe you are interested in something. Interested? Make an exchange and go to the purchase of goods and get yours.

    How to exchange coins for goods on Aliexpress or how to buy with coins

    There are 2 types of goods that you can get for these bonuses:

    • goods that can be exchanged for coins with a surcharge of one cent. They are taken apart instantly, so you need to be faster than other users in order to have time to purchase it. These things appear once a day, at 11 Moscow time.

    Review the proposed offers, perhaps you will find an interesting and profitable option for you.

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    How To Exchange Coins For Aliexpress Coupons

    You will find a list of coupons available for exchange in the AliExpress app. Go to Mobile Bonuses> Exchange Coupons> Exchange Coins for Coupons. Your coins will be deducted every time you exchange them for coupons. A limited number of coupons are available every day. Coupons are issued on a first come, first served basis. Make sure you get yours on time!

    Please note you will receive a bonus for the exchange. Every time you exchange coins for coupons, 3 coins are credited to your account.

    Dont forget that AliExpress coupons can be used to pay for goods in full or in part. But only if the conditions specified in the coupon itself are met.

    Can You Use Multiple Coupons On Aliexpress

    How to use AliExpress Exchange Coins for Coupons for discounts | Hindi | Urdu

    Since there are so many types of coupons for you to enjoy, you might be wondering whether it is possible for you to use various coupons at the same time, for the same purchase, to maximise on benefits. Most of the time, this is possible. You just have to verify whether all conditions are met. For instance, you have to check whether the total amount of your order is over the minimum limit that suits several coupons in sum. If that is case, feel free to apply several coupons. You can also check if there are any promo codes that can be used.

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    How To Use Aliexpress Coins For Payment

    If you are wondering how to use AliExpress coins to pay, the easiest way to do it is to cash them for coupons as we have explained above. The coupons can be used as discounts on any product of the online store you want, so that by meeting the minimum order you will not have any limitation on your purchase.

    There are also sellers that offer you the possibility to get discounts or even get free products if you exchange them for coins. The problem is that these types of offers only apply to specific products, and not to everything you can find in the online store. Therefore, coupons are usually the easiest way to use your coins.

    How Do I Contact Aliexpress Support

    You can access support through AliExpress’ contact page. It will walk you through the process of resolving your problem. If you’re unable to resolve a problem with a seller, you can open a dispute by going to your order under the “My Orders” link and clicking on “All Orders.” Click on “View Detail” after you find the order number and then click on “Open Dispute” to get AliExpress to intervene.

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    How Long Will It Take For My Dispute To Be Resolved

    AliExpress dispute resolution doesnt have a set time frame because it is dependent on seller behavior. The seller is notified of the dispute and has to reply in 5 days. If the seller accepts the terms of conflict or fails to respond to the dispute, AliExpress automatically dispatches your refund, which should get to you in 315 business days.

    Kickback Is Offering 3% In Cashback + $5 Bonus On Your Sitewide Purchase At Aliexpress See T& cs Below

    Freebies and coins in AliExpress: How to use them to save ...
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