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Dollar General Digital Coupon Policy

The New Update Is Garbage

ð?â?âï¸? OVERAGE at Dollar General With Digital Coupon (NLA)

People have been relentlessly asking for a clip all button for your digital coupons. Evidently complaining in the store surveys does nothing so maybe here will work. The new update is slow and glitchy and has made clipping EVEN FREAKING SLOWER and still doesnt have a clip all button. Trash. Family Dollar is run way better. Right now it says that I have $6 in coupons to clip. However, when I go to clip, it shows none. It loads slow, it constantly glitches out and says try again later. Its awful and Im considering taking my business elsewhere where the digital coupons actually work. Like Family Dollar. The entire company is becoming garbage. They dont respond to complaint emails. They dont respond to complaints sent through the surveys on the receipts. They dont respond to the contact us on their website, and they dont respond to phone calls to corporate. This app sent me 36 NOTIFICATIONS IN 20 MINUTES all saying the same thing. I had to file criminal harassment charges on one of their store managers because of an incident in one of their stores and STILL no district manager or anyone from corporate will contact me.And yes, I would like to clip all the coupons available because sometimes there are coupons that I didnt know were there and I get a surprise at the register with an extra coupon discount. Everyone I know with the app, clips all. However, even a clip all for each category would be better than nothing.

The Following Guidelines Apply To Coupons Accepted At Dollar General

  • Coupons must be the original – no photocopies.
  • They must have a scan-able barcode.
  • It is required that an expiration date is printed on the coupon.
  • They accept coupons for items sold only at Dollar General.
  • The exact same item . must match the items listed on the coupons, unless otherwise noted.
  • The coupons should clearly state Manufacturers Coupon or Dollar General Store Coupon.

Cash Back And Coupon Overages

If a coupon value is greater than the price of the item, the difference will be applied to the balance of the total transaction. It will not be given back as cash. The applied balance is only applied to the merchandise being purchased and will not be applied to gift cards, prepaid money cards or phone cards. Other restrictions may apply.

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Get Excited Because They Allow Stacking

The Dollar General Coupon Policy states that they accept two coupons per item. One must be a Dollar General Coupon and one must be a Manufacturers Coupon which is called Stacking. You will be able to get the most savings when you use can use both coupons on one item! You can print Dollar General Store Coupons here.

They will not give Cash Back on an item if the value of the coupons exceeds the value of the item. This mean you will be able to get items for Free, but you cannot get overage. Dollar General also does not accept Competitors Coupons.

It is always a good idea to in case you have any trouble at the register.

Which Types Of Coupons Are Not Accepted At Dollar General

How To Use Digital Coupons At Dollar General

Dollar General will not accept the following coupons:

  • Coupons that cannot be scanned, or have an invalid code
  • Expired coupons
  • Coupons that are not in their original form
  • Coupons for items that do not match the description on the coupon
  • Coupons from other retailers
  • Coupons that can only be used at other retailers
  • Coupons for items that the store does not carry
  • If offers are for supplies that have already run out
  • Coupons without a clear expiration date
  • Coupons that are not clearly labeled either Manufacturers Coupon or Dollar General Store Coupon

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Dollar General All Digital $5 Off $25 Scenarios For Saturday November 21

    Dollar General ALL DIGITAL $5 off $25 scenarios valid Saturday, November 21, 2020.

    I have more information at the end of the post for people new to using digital coupons at Dollar General.

    But a quick reminder to all:

    • Prices may vary. Scan each item at the store to verify the price and the digital coupon is still attaching correctly.
    • You need to be at $25 after instant savings, but before coupons for the $5/$25 to deduct.
    • Use these scenarios as is, or mix and match items based on your needs and available coupons.

    How To Use Digital Coupons At Dollar General

    • Other Apps

    This post may include affiliate links. Go here to see my full disclosure policy!

    • First things first: You need to register for a DG digital coupons account, which you can do here. You won’t receive a card or anything like that — your digital coupons are accessed by using your phone number at check-out.
    • Then once you set up your Dollar General digital coupons account, you can add coupons into your account directly from your computer or your phone. Just click the + sign on the bottom right-hand corner of the coupon to add it into your account!
    • Digital coupons are good for one use per account. So if you see a deal you really like, you’ll need to set up each adult in your household with their own account via their phone numbers, then do individual transactions with each number.
    • When you’re at the store and ready to check out, you’ll wait for your cashier to scan all your items. Then hit the gray button on the right-hand side of the keypad screen that says “DG Digital Coupons” and enter in your phone number.
    • Don’t freak out if you have to enter your phone number in twice — I did.
    • Once you’ve entered in your phone number, the keypad screen will show your total cost drop to include your discounts. Wait for that to happen BEFORE you pay — if you swipe your card before you see your discounts, your cashier will have to void the transaction and start over if your digital coupons don’t load.

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    What Kinds Of Coupons Does Dollar General Accept

    Dollar General accepts a very wide variety of coupons from several sources. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Newspaper coupons.
    • Digital coupons.
    • Text message coupons.

    One thing to note is that Dollar General will refuse coupons that have passed their expiration date or that have otherwise become invalidated.

    Does Dollar General Take Manufacturer Coupons

    DOLLAR GENERAL | Easy ALL DIGITAL $5 off $25 Deals | 4 Breakdowns for 10/3 | New DG Coupon Policy ð¤

    Yes! they do! You will find a ton of printable coupons on our coupons page that you can use at Dollar General. In fact, we match up the best coupons each week in our Dollar General coupons matchup page. We update that page each week.

    If you want to find more great deals to snag at Dollar General make sure you check out our full Dollar General page.

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    Top Dollar General Deals

    Heres the Top Dollar General Deals we have this week youll be able to stock-up on cereal, laundry products and more!


    M& Ms Single Serve 95¢ B3G1 freeFinal price: 4/$2.85

    Lance Crackers or Cookies $1 B3G1 freeFinal price: 4/$3

    Kraft Jet-Puffed or Mini Marshmallows 10 oz. or Creme Marshmallow 7 oz. 2/$2Final price: $1 each wyb 2 must buy 2

    Betty Crocker Favorites Cake Mix White, Yellow or Devils Food 15.25-16.25 oz. or Brownie Mix 18.3-18.4 oz. $1

    Post Cereal 12.5-14.5 oz. or General Mills Cereal Honey Nut Cheerios , Cinnamon Oat Crunch Cheerios , Reeses Puffs, Dunkaroos , Cookie Crisp 10.8-18.2 oz. Lucky Charms Marshmallow Clusters 3/$6 must buy 3Buy 6 General Mills cereals 3/$6Subtotal: $12 Use $1/2 select General mills cereals includes Cheerios, Lucky Charms, & more OR use $1.50/3 General Mills cereals SS 10-3 Final price: 6/$9

    RITZ Original Crispers Cheddar or Four Cheese & Herb 2/$3Final price: $1.50 each wyb 2 must buy 2

    RITZ Original 10.3 oz., Chicken in a Biskit Crackers 7.5 oz., Wheat Thins Original or Ranch 6.4 oz. or Triscuit Original 6 oz. $2 $3.15Use $1/2 DG digital couponFinal price: as low as 2/$3

    Edys Grand Ice Cream $3.50 Use $1/1 DG digital coupon Final price: $2.50!

    Final price: $2.50 each wyb 2 must buy 2

    Maxwell House Coffee Original 23 oz. or Wake Up Roast 30.6 oz. $4.95

    Folgers ground coffee 30.5 33.9oz. $7.95Use $2/1 DG digital couponFinal price: $5.75

    Final price: as low as 3/$10



    Dollar General Coupon Policy 2021

    If you shop at Dollar General, then be sure youre familiar with their current official coupon policy! Because, we have it in full, from when it was updated for 2020. In other words, Dollar General accepts coupons. So, if you want to use coupons there, then you need to know how it works. While youre at it, bookmark our Dollar General Penny Item Master List! And, come back each week to see whats new.

    Of course, whenever you shop with coupons its a good idea to have the stores coupon policy handy. Then, you can refer to it if theres any question. Of course, the store should ahve copies. However, to ensure that you have access we have the full text of the coupon policy here. Additionally, we have a printable PDF version you can print out and carry with you.

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    Official: Dollar General Accepts Coupons

    Dollar General has updated their official coupon policy from 2020. Dont forget, you can get DG store coupons on their website and app! Of course, be sure to see our Dollar General Penny Item Master List for tips & tricks to penny shop!

    This is the official Dollar General coupon policy in its entirety. Additionally, theres a printable PDF version below . As a result, you can save it and keep it with you when you shop. Of course, you can also pull up this page and refer to it on your phone.

    What Kinds Of Coupons Are Accepted At Dollar General

    Dollar General Coupon Policy

    You can stack coupons at Dollar General if they are of the following types:

    • Newspapers
    • From coupon boxes found in STORES
    • Included in product packaging
    • Printed out from the internet
    • Dollar General digital coupons
    • From the Dollar General smartphone app
    • Dollar General mobile website
    • Dollar General Alert text messages

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    How To Add Digital Coupons

    There are two ways to add digital coupons to your Dollar General account from the DG Digital Coupons page:

  • Browse the coupons and click the yellow plus sign next to any coupon, or
  • Click on the clipboard icon in the top right hand corner to view My Shopping List. Once the list is open, type any item into the Add An Item search bar, then click the yellow plus sign or simply hit Enter on your keyboard.
  • All of your selected coupons will now be stored in your Shopping List. Access your list at any time by clicking on the clipboard icon.

    Information About Dollar General

    History of Dollar General

    Dollar General is one of America’s most prominent retail chains. The business has a presence in 43 states and operates more than 12,500 stores across the country. The company has always taken great pride in being referred to as America’s favorite local store. The business is loved by many people because it provides them with an easy-to-shop store with low prices on many everyday products.

    Dollar General was founded in 1939. The business has a colorful and inspirational history having grown from a single store to its current size. The company has managed the robust and steady growth due to its focus on products that Americans use on a daily basis.

    Dollar General has a clear mission of ”serving others” that is at the core of everything it does. In keeping with the times, the business values taking responsibility. As a result, the retailer has fully embraced sustenance and simplicity in all its business affairs. The company has a simple goal of providing communities and customers with a better life and employees with a fantastic working environment that offers opportunities for growth.

    While many stores aim to have huge stores that stock everything, the Dollar General model is different. The company has elected to design small neighborhood stores that stock an assortment of everyday products. Customers can expect a hassle-free shopping experience without feeling overwhelmed.


    Dollar General has numerous departments. Some of the key areas are:

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    Scope Out The $1 Aisle

    The $1 aisle is like being a kid in a candy store for couponers. You can get awesome savings on name brand items. If you pair that deal with a coupon, your final price can end up being very low, making your wallet happy.

    Examples of $1 goods you can find:

    • Large snack size chips
    • Snack cakes
    • Baking mixes

    Make it a point to check out this aisle for every Dollar General shopping trip you take.

    Tips And Tricks To Save Big At Dollar General

    The Order To Use Coupons At Dollar General (digital & paper coupons)

    Can you stack coupons at Dollar General like a pro? With the help of these tips, you certainly will.

    • Check the weekly ad: The weekly ad is a great way to find items that have a discount. Be sure to check every week.
    • Stack coupons on items that have already been reduced: Opt for discounted products over other items wherever you can.
    • Calculate and consider overages: Dont let your overages go to waste. The few minutes it takes to calculate overages is worth the savings.
    • Follow store etiquette: Be a polite shopper. Be patient with your cashier, as well as other customers. Sometimes it is time-consuming for employees to calculate and verify the details of your coupon-stacking.
    • Bring a copy of the coupon policies: Your cashier may be new to the store, or simply unfamiliar with the coupon policies.

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    Dollar General Coupon Policy

    At Dollar General, we are pleased to accept both Manufacturers Coupons and Dollar General Store Coupons at any of our retail store locations. These coupons can be original paper coupons, valid print-at-home coupons, and/or Dollar General Digital Coupons .

    Dollar General Coupon PolicyDollar General WILL ACCEPT coupons that meet the requirements below:Coupons Stacking IS ALLOWED in certain situations:Coupon Overages:Dollar General will NOT accept coupons that are as follows:

    In all situations, Dollar General reserves the right to:

    • Limit purchase quantities to typical retail purchase quantities and to exclude resellers/dealers.
    • Not accept coupons over a certain dollar amount, as well as above a certain threshold as it relates to the total transaction.
    • Remove any coupon or offer for any reason, including both manufacturer coupons and store discounts.

    Please note: Living Rich With Coupons is not associated with Dollar General. The policy stated on the Dollar General official page is the correct and current policy and should be followed. This page is for information purposes only and while we try to keep it as update to date as possible, there are times when Dollar General has made small changes to the policy that we have not adjusted here.

    Tips For Couponing And Saving At Dollar General

    In 1955, Dollar General store opened its doors to customers and offered everything for less than $1. The retailer has changed a lot since the early days, and six decades later, Dollar General became the largest small-box discount retailer in the US with more than 12,000 stores. The reason behind their success lies in their dedication and commitment to helping people save money while shopping.

    They always understood that families were looking for ways to stretch their budgets further. Therefore, they offer competitive prices on national brands and provide a few amazing ways to save money, including Dollar General Coupons and Dollar General Penny Deals.

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    Dollar General Digital Coupons Dg Pickup & More

    Contains Ads. Add to Wishlist. Your favorite ways to save. Now in one place. – Digital Coupons Save on hundreds of items every week. – DG Pickup – Dollar Generals buy online pickup in store program. – Cart Calculator In-store budgeting that helps you save as you shop. – Shopping List Keep your checklist and add coupons. – Weekly Ads See …

    Check Up On Couponing Deals On Blogs

    How To Clip and Use Dollar General Digital Coupons!

    Check these couponing blogs to find out how to stack coupons and get cheap and free stuff at Dollar General:

    If you sign up for notifications, you can get alerted when new deals have come out or glitches happen. A glitch is an error that Dollar General has that provides huge benefit to the consumer. These glitches can result in getting free items, huge discounts, cash back toward your purchase and more! When a glitch happens, in most cases you have a limited time to take advantage before DG realizes the error and corrects it.

    Here are some examples of recent DG glitches that happened, shared on blogs and on YouTube:

    These glitches happen more often than you would think. Those who are lucky enough to benefit from the glitch are usually subscribed or signed up for couponing blogs and social media. If you dont want to miss out on these deals, consider subscribing to your favorites.

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    Available Dollar General Ad Preview

    In addition to the most current latest Weekly Ad Preview above, you can check out all of the other weekly ad previews for all of the other stores HERE! You can also check out the Dollar General Coupon Matchups and all our other posts related to Couponing at Dollar General!

    The Dollar General ad for next week contains many great deals each week. Use these early Dollar General ads and sneak peeks to plan your shopping trip and never miss another great deal again! Dollar General carries a wide variety of products and the Dollar General Sales each week include Health Care items, Personal Care items, Food & Beverages, Makeup, Holiday gifts and many more items!

    Dollar General Weekly Ad Preview

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    Did you know you can you also score most great deals by shopping online at Dollar


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