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Crevier Bmw Oil Change Coupon

Bmw Oil Change Coupons And Cost Estimation

How to Change Your Oil: BMW Z3

Luxury cars have a swag of their own. And, they have a cost of their own. The upfront cost aside, their maintenance cost can be ground-breaking as well. As drivers of BMW cars may already know, even a small dent can create a big hole in the wallet. The short version of this car story is that you should be prepared to spend more than usual for car maintenance. The same goes for an oil change. Of course, the cost wont be outlandish for an oil change. But then, it wont be the same as what one pays for non-luxury cars, despite the fact that the labor involved may be the same.

When Is Right Time To Change Motor Oil On Your Bmw

The good news is that most of the modern BMWs can last up to 15,000 miles, which means that you can trust your car to run tens and thousands of miles in between oil change intervals. Keep in mind that most regular vehicles average 3,000 to 7,500 miles, which means that you dont have to change the engine oil as frequently as you would with other non-luxury cars. In essence, the extra cost goes a long way due to the decreased frequency of oil changes. Roughly speaking, you can expect one driving year before an oil change. Of course, this also depends on the year, model, and driving history of the car because some older BMWs dont offer a lot of mileage between oil changes.

Crevier Bmw Service Department

As for service advisors, I would recommend seeing SONNY 2 reviews

It took a day to fix the misfires on my 6 series but they were able to provide me a loaner 3 reviews

Brought my car in for its 50,000 mile service las weekend and had the pleasure of working with Eric Li as my Service 7 reviews

Location & Hours

Yelp users havent asked any questions yet about Crevier BMW Service Department.

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Crevier Bmw In Orange County

Anyone in southern Ca have any luck dealing/negotiating with Crevier in Orange County. They seem to have plenty of service loaners.

It depends on who you contact there. Some of their internet sales advisers are clueless and some will offer great deal. I know someone who got a great deal because they dealt with the right guy. I happened to email them and was in touch with their internet sales guy, who sabotaged the deal because he wanted $450/month on a lease when folks were getting close to $300-$350/month.

They are not easy to negotiate with, especially if its a loaner.

Yeah Ive been in there a couple times and they dont seem to be compelled to making negotiations. Maybe because they do well enough without it?

McKenna is by far the worst BMW dealership in So Cal – so Crevier isnt that bad to negotiate with!

Like all others have said, it mainly depends on the person youre talking to. I went in there once and the guy showing around all the cars was really friendly and made a nice talk. However, the guy that I was talking numbers with had zero interest in making a deal and made it seem like he is forced to work there. Had a really bad first impression there. You can try the Irvine BMW also if you like. Good friendly folks there.

McKenna is by far the worst in So Cal

What does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

I leased 3 cars from Crevier and I worked on few deals for my friend/family . All from 1 awesome sales manager who no longer is there. =(

The Old Rules Don’t Apply

BMW Service Specials

Cliff Banks | Jul 01, 2007

Judy Williams, director-parts and service for Downtown LA Motors, spends much of her time trying to find ways to streamline the department’s operations to provide service advisors more time to sell to customers.

The Mercedes Benz store’s service department is the 27th largest with $11.6 million in service revenue, according to the inaugural Ward’s Service 150, a ranking of dealership service departments based on service revenue data from the Ward’s Dealer 500, published each June.

Williams is at the front of what is a quickly changing tide in service departments today. The old rules don’t apply any more especially for dealerships that have relied on warranty work to carry their service departments.

Overall service revenue generated by franchise dealerships declined by nearly $5 billion in 2006. Much of that is due to warranty work that is quickly disappearing as quality continues to improve, according to Wayne Phillips, a Twenty Group director for the National Automobile Dealers Assn.

The old days of hoping service doesn’t lose money are gone, he says. And that is true for brands such as Mercedes, whose vehicles sometimes require a lot of repairs especially in the area of electronics.

The factory has never condoned us relying on warranty work, Williams says. For us, the focus is on customer retention now.

Service advisors leave a lot of money on the table when they don’t fully evaluate the vehicle with the customer.

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Penske Buys Crevier Bmw In Santa Ana

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Auto retailing giant Penske Automotive Group Inc. has bought the Crevier BMW and Mini franchises in Santa Ana.

The acquisition, announced Tuesday, represents a move by the dealer chain to increase its presence in Southern California and in the luxury segment of the auto business.

Over several decades, the Crevier family has built the dealership into one of the nations largest BMW centers and recently set off a local advertising war by trumpeting the stores amenities, especially a putting green that customers can use while their vehicle is serviced.

The prominence of the putting green, a restaurant and a BMW car museum in Creviers advertising campaign prompted other Southern California BMW centers to snipe back, saying in their ads that they are focused on cars rather than golf.

But the marketing banter didnt dissuade Penskes interest in Crevier, which is near Penskes Audi and Volkswagen franchises in the same auto mall. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

These franchises represent an outstanding opportunity to grow our footprint in Orange County, said George W. Brochick, executive vice president of Penskes western region.

Penske has a good track record of buying and improving European luxury auto franchises, said Jeremy Anwyl, chief executive of auto information company

Last year, Crevier BMW was the fifth-largest seller of BMWs in the U.S. and one of the biggest sellers of used BMWs.

Crevier Bmw Oil Change Coupon

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BMW of Westchester 543 Tarrytown Rd, White Plains, NY Service: 761-5555

$89 for BMW M-Series model synthetic oil change up to 6 quarts ####Synthetic Oil: Sending Petroleum the Way of the Dinosaurs. Before the invention of synthetic motor oil in the 1930s, machinery was protected with not only petroleum, but also rendered fat, vegetable oil, and even whale oil. Read on to learn how synthetic oil got …

The latest regular BMW oil change prices How to save money on your BMW oil change: low prices with coupons More about BMW Oil change is the regular and usual thing that owners of vehicles do for their whole driving career. But it is considered to think that all oil and as a result oil Continue reading…

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BMW VALUE SERVICE OIL CHANGE. Offer Expires 5/31/2021. Print Coupon *Oil service utilizes premium synthetic BMW oil. Oil viscosities may vary by model. Prices include oil, parts and labor. Topping off diesel emission fluids is not included. Applies specifically to certain BMW models included in the Value Service Program.

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What Is The Best Oil For Your Bmw

The primary difference-maker over here is the type of oil used in the car. The older models used conventional motor oil. On the other hand, the newer BMWs use synthetic motor oil because the newer models cant tolerate cheap oils. Not to mention that they are built better than the older models. So, they deserve better oil. As vehicle owners may already know, synthetic oil is a class apart from the rest. Containing few impurities and added protection features, synthetic oil adds new life to the cars engine like no other comparable oil out there, enabling a vehicle to perform far better than usual. Of course, this special oil will come at a hefty price per quart. Keep in mind that some BMWs can consume 7 or 9 quarts of engine oil, which means added cost on your wallet.

  • Improved engine performance
  • Prevention of unnecessary car breakdown
  • Increased vehicle lifespan

Is There A Difference Between An Oil Change And The Bmw Oil Service

BMW F30 328i Oil Change DIY!

Is there a difference between an oil change and the bmw oil service? Crevier wants $148 for the “oil service”. I looked at the website for Pacific bmw and they have a coupon for $58.88 for an “oil change”. Is there any difference between the two? I can’t justify $148 for an oil change. $58 is worth it to me. Thanks in advance.


oil change – change engine oil and filter.oil service – change engine oil and filter, change interior microfilter, check brakes, grease wheel centering hubs.The oil service is the one that is done when your service indicator zeroes out. The oil change is for when you want oil changes besides what the service indicator tells you.

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well at this time my car is due for an oil service. my indicator is just about to hit 0. I just wondered if anyone here knew if the oil change that Pacific bmw offers for $58 is the same thing as the $148 Crevier Oil Service. I was going to call Pacific and ask but they were closed for the Holiday.Anyone know?

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7qts of synthetic oil cost about $28. The filter is $7. The microfilter by itself is about $40. So you have $75 in parts alone. So, if you do it yourself, it will cost more than $58. Can’t see how an oil service at a BMW dealer can cost $58. Besides, I don’t think even the oil change at Pacific BMW cost only $58. It’s probably for an oil change with conventional oil. Check your coupon. Does it say “synthetic oil additional” or “synthetic oil extra” on the coupon?

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