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Coupons In Paper This Week

Need A Newspaper With A Coupon Insert Deal

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Need to start really saving money? The only way to get these great savings is to get newspapers in bulk. Why? Because that is where the coupons are in the inserts. Here are some of our A Thrifty Mom newspaper deals in California, Nevada, Utah and Idaho. Is your state not listed? Or your local paper isnt listed?

How Many Coupon Inserts In The Sunday Paper


Posted February 19, 2022 8:00 a.m. EST

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How many coupon inserts will we have in the Sunday paper this week?

On Sunday, Feb. 20, 2022, there should be 2 total inserts including 1 SmartSource and 1 Save!

Head to for a preview each week of many of the specific coupons we should get. We won’t receive all the same coupons on this list each week, but we will get many of the same ones.

2022 Coupon Insert Schedule: See the weekly scheduled inserts in the annual list HERE. Keep in mind that they may be different if the insert providers make any changes during the year.

If you buy the paper at a store on Sunday , make sure you look inside the paper before you buy it so you can see that the coupons are in there.

You will find that sometimes, the papers at the stores and in the paper boxes do not have coupons. The newspaper may run out of coupon inserts and because the home delivery papers are usually the first to get the coupons, the papers that go to the stores may not always have all the coupons.

Coupon Preview: October 17 Save Insert #1

$5.00/2 TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner 28oz$4.00/2 TRESemme Hair Styling Products$2.00/1 REfresh Scalp Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo or Conditioner$2.00/1 REfresh Scalp Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo or Conditioner$5.00/2 Nexxus Product $2.00/1 Dove Men+Care Hair Care$2.50/1 Dove Men+Care Body Wash 18oz or larger$1.00/1 Dove Men+Care Bar Soap 4ct or larger$1.50/1 Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant or Deodorant$3.00/2 Dove Hair Care (excluding DermaCare Scalp, Men+Care,trial/travel size$2.00/2 Dove DermaCare Scalp Anti-Dandruff Products$2.50/1 Dove Body Wash Product 22oz or larger$2.00/1 Dove Body Lotion Product$1.00/1 Dove Beauty Bar Product 4ct or larger$0.50/1 Breyers Product 48oz

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Coupon Preview: September 12 Smartsource Insert #2


  • RedPlum was rebranded as RetailMeNot Everyday in March 2018. And then RetailMeNot was rebranded to Save in February 2021.
  • Check your local dollar store they may still be selling papers for $1.00. Some locations have stopped carrying them, but many Dollar Tree stores still have them available . Always check that the papers include coupons before buying. Recently, Dollar Tree Sunday papers have not always contained coupons.
  • Ask your friends, coworkers and family members for coupons theyre not using.
  • Find a friend willing to trade coupons with you.

Dont forget to check the printable coupon sites as well. New savings are arriving daily:

How Can I Get Newspaper Coupons In The Mail

» Big Coupons on Todays Paper: Hannaford and ShopRite
  • Please fill out this form to request a RetailMeNot Everyday Coupon Book
  • You can sign up for Proctor & Gamble coupons by mail.
  • You can subscribe to your local newspaper for as low as $5 per month
  • You can reach out to your favorite brands
  • You can follow the products you like on social media by following the products you like.
  • Get in touch with us by signing up for our newsletters and mailings.
  • of 07.
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    The Krazy Coupon Lady

    If youre new to couponing, head over to The Krazy Coupon Lady site for expert coupon tips in addition to both printable and online coupons. The website also offers weekly deal matchups by stores, which can be especially helpful when youre first starting out with couponing.

    Deal matchups are helpful guides to the best combination of sales and coupons for a particular store. For example, if a store has General Mills cereal for sale, the coupon matchup for that store will show what available coupons can be used in combination with the sale. Theres usually even a link leading to the coupon so you can print it out.

    How Do I Get Coupon Inserts Mailed To Me

  • Wed like to invite you to sign up for Sunday coupon inserts.
  • Become a member of a birthday club.
  • You can subscribe to our e-mail newsletter.
  • You can fill out surveys by filling them out
  • You can earn rewards and loyalty points by joining loyalty programs
  • You can receive flyers or weekly ads by clicking here
  • You can get store grocery cards at your local grocery store.
  • Companies can be contacted directly.
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    Here Is This Weeks Sunday Coupon Preview 1/30/22

    Every week there are great Smartsource, P& G and Save coupons inserts in the Sunday Newspaper! Make sure to check back weekly to see whats coming in this Sunday Coupon Preview 1/30/22 and plus the list of expected coupons. You can always check our Coupon Database here as more coupons are added daily!

    But First The 411 On Sunday Newspaper Coupon Inserts:

    5 BEST WALGREENS DEALS (2/20-2/26) Hot Deals on Dove, Schick, Tide, & more!

    Inside each Sunday paper are coupon booklets, also known as freestanding inserts. There are three different inserts that come out on a regular basis: Smart Source , Save, and Procter & Gamble , and newcomer Unilever Super Saver . Here at KCL, you can learn exactly how to use coupons from each of these inserts in order to score huge savings on each product.

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    Here Is The Sunday Coupon Insert Preview For 12/26/21

    Here are the coupons we are expecting nationally. Coupons vary by region so this is just a guide of what should be coming out in most areas. If you are looking for a discount newspaper subscription- I have used this site before and was happy with the price. If you have access to two different newspapers you could get 1 of each!

    Kroger Ad & Coupon Deals: Baby

    $7.49 Luvs Diapers, jumbo pack-$3.00/2 Luvs coupon Ibotta offer: Get $3 back when you buy Luvs Diapers, limit 1 $4.49 each after coupon and cash back

    $17.49 Luvs Diapers, 64-100 ct-$3.00/1 Luvs coupon or$14.49-$15.49 after couponIbotta offer: Get $3 back when you buy Luvs Diapers, limit 1 $11.49-$12.49 after coupon and cash back

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    Ways To Find Coupons Without Buying The Sunday Paper

    If you are new to couponing or, if you have couponed for a long time, chances are you have gotten coupons from the Sunday newspaper.

    Usually thats one of the first things people do when they start to coupon. If you already have a subscription to the newspaper Id say keep it at this point, it makes more sense to continue that subscription than to let it go.

    But if you dont yet get the Sunday paper, I would wait for a while its not that I dont believe IN the paper .. its just that there are SO many alternatives TO the Sunday paper where you can get coupons for free.

    Its been a LONG time since we have gotten a Sunday paper we dont even have a subscription to the paper . I am not telling you to take my route, but we really just dont find it necessary to pay for a paper because we have other bases covered in abundance!

    There are so many ways you can score FREE coupons without buying the paper ~ here are just a few ideas to help you get started:

    Kroger Ad & Coupon Deals: Grocery

    Publix Coupon Sheet in Today

    $1.25 Oreo Go Pak, 3.5 ozIbotta offer: Get $1.25 back when you buy Oreos, limit 1 FREEafter cash back

    $1.25 Lenny & Larrys Complete Cookie, 4 oz Ibotta offer: Get $0.50 back when you buy 1 Lenny & Larrys Complete Cookie, limit 5 Kroger Cash Back: Get $0.50 back when you buy 1 Lenny & Larrys Complete Cookie, limit 5, exp 3-2$0.25 after both cash back offers

    $1.00 Red Gold Tomato Love Diced Tomatoes, 10 oz can Checkout 51 offer: Get $1 back when you buy 2 Red Gold Tomato Love, limit 2, exp 3-2 000$0.50 each when you buy 2 or 4 after cash back

    $1.79 Prime Hydration Sports Drink, 16 oz

    $1.86 each when you buy 2 with coupon and sale

    $1.99 Kroger Orange Juice, half gallon

    $3.49 Pearl Milling Pancake Mix, 32 oz or Syrup, 24 app offer: Get $1 back when you buy 2 Pearl Milling products $2.00 each when you buy 3 after 1 coupon or cash back and sale

    $3.99 Yoplait Yogurt, 8 ct, Go-Gurt, 16 ct or Smoothie, 4 packs$2.16 each when you buy 3 with coupon and sale

    $2.49 Smithfield Power Bites, 4 oz

    $3.99 Egglands Best Eggs, 18 ct$0.50/1 Egglands coupon $3.49 after coupon

    $3.99 Nut Pods Creamer, 25.4 oz

    $4.99 Danimals Smoothie, 12 ct

    $4.99 Quaker Life or Capn Crunch Cereal, 23.9-25.7 oz

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    Coupon Preview: October 3 Save Insert

    $3.00/1 Zyrtec Soothing Face Wipes 25 ct$4.00/1 Zyrtec Adult 24-60 ct $2.00/1 Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel 3.53 oz/100 g+$1.00/1 Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel 1.75 oz/50 g only$3.00/1 Vazalore 81 mg or 325 mg$2.00/1 Tone Body Wash$1.00/1 Suave Professionals Shampoo or Conditioner$2.00/2 Suave Professionals Shampoo or ConditionerB1G1 Suave Natural Hair Care buy 1 get 1 free up to $5.99$2.00/1 Suave Natural Hair Care$1.00/1 Suave Mens Hair Care$3.00/1 Schwarzkopf Hair Color$5.00/1 Osteo Bi Flex One Per Day 60 ct$10.00/1 Osteo Bi Flex 70 ct+$1.00/1 Natures Bounty Vitamin or Supplement product$4.00/1 Natures Bounty Sleep3 Supplement$2.00/1 Natures Bounty Optimal Solutions Vitamin or Supplement product$3.00/1 Natures Bounty Brain Health or Stress Comfort Supplement$4.00/1 Mederna Quick Dry Oil 60 ml$9.00/1 Mederma $1.00/1 Iams ProActive Health Dry Cat Food any$1.00/1 Grain Berry Cereal any$3.00/1 got2b hair color$1.00/1 Golden Blossom Maple Syrup$1.00/1 Giovanni Rana Pasta Sauce$1.50/1 Giovanni Rana Family Size Pasta 18 oz+$2.00/1 Ester C tablets 60 ct or less$1.00/2 Dial Foaming Hand Wash, Hand Soap Refills or Bar Soaps 3 ct+$2.00/2 Dial Body Wash or Bar Soap 6 ct+$5.00/1 Cosequin Joint Health Supplement for Dogs$2.00/1 Cosequin Joint Health Supplement for Cats$5.00/1 Compeed Advanced Blister Care 9 or 12 ct$4.00/1 Compeed Advanced Blister Care 8 or 10 ctBuy 1 Axe deodorant or body spray, get 1 AXE body spray FREE max value $7.25

    Finding The Coupons You Need

    • Jill Cataldo | Super-Couponing

    How do you find coupons for the items you wish to buy? Its a simple question with a variety of answers. While coupons are available in printable and electronic forms, our primary source of coupons is still the weekly newspaper. Despite embracing many digital things during my life including digital coupons I still prefer the convenience and abundance of coupons that show up in my newspaper each Sunday.

    Subscribing to, or purchasing, the newspaper each week ensures I have an ongoing supply of coupons for a variety of brands and products my household needs. One advantage to getting coupons from the newspaper is during weeks when the coupons are particularly attractive, you might decide to pick up an extra paper or two to increase the number of similar coupons you have to use. This allows you to stock up on larger quantities of the relevant items more quickly, as youll have a coupon for each one you want to buy.

    Getting the newspaper coupons is only the first task, though. How do we find the coupons inside once weve accumulated stacks of inserts? Fear not! You wont be clipping and managing hundreds of little loose pieces of paper. I recommend keeping your inserts in an expandable accordion file and using one pocket for each month of the year. Label the cover of the coupon inserts with the date they arrived in the paper. Then, you can use one of many free coupon websites or databases to help you locate the coupons you need.

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    Coupon Preview: September 12 Save Insert

    $5.00/2 TRESemme Pro Pure and Botanique Shampoo or Conditioner$4.00/2 TRESemme Pro Collection Shampoo or Conditioner 20oz$4.00/2 TRESemme Hair Styling$2.00/2 Suave Professionals Shampoo or Conditioner$1.00/1 Suave Professionals Shampoo or Conditioner$1.00/1 Suave Men Hair Care$1.00/1 Suave Kids Hair Care$0.50/1 Suave Deodorant$1.00/1 St Ives Face Care, Body Wash or Hand and Body Lotion$5.00/1 Nexxus product$2.00/1 Dove Men+Care Body Wash 13oz or larger$2.00/1 Dove Men+Care Bar Soap 6pk or larger$1.50/1 Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant or Deodorant$3.00/2 Dove Hair Care $1.00/1 Dove Body Wash 22oz or larger OR Shower Foam 13.5oz$1.00/1 Dove Body Polish$0.75/1 Dove Beauty Bar 4ct or larger$1.25/1 Dove Advanced Care Deodorant$1.00/1 Caress Body Wash 18oz + or Beauty Bar 6 pk +$2.00/1 Axe Hair product

    Kroger Ad & Coupon Deals: Meat & Deli

    SSC CHSL English Previous Year Question Paper | Last 10 Years SSC CHSL Question Papers |Ananya Ma’am

    $2.97 Jennie-O 93% Lean Ground Turkey, 16 oz with Kroger 5x digital coupon

    $3.99/lb 90% Lean Ground Sirloin

    $3.99/lb Pork Back Ribs

    B1G1 Bottom, Top or Eye of Round Roast

    $14.99/lb Wild Caught Snow Crab Clusters

    B1G1 Chuck and Daves Salsa, 16 oz

    B1G1 Garden Fresh Salsa or Chips, 14-16 oz

    B1G1 Lantana Hummus, 10 oz

    $6.97 Kroger Frozen Butterfly Shrimp, 32 oz with Kroger 5x digital coupon

    $9.99 Wright Bacon, 24 oz$0.55/1 Wright Bacon coupon $9.44 after coupon

    Buy 3 participating items listed below, save $2 off each. Mix & match.

    $3.69 Palmolive Dish Soap, 32.5 oz-$2.00 when you mix/match 3 participating items$1.69 after instant savings

    $7.99 Snuggle Fabric Softener 95-100 oz, Dryer Sheets 230 ct, In Scent Booster, 19 oz or Scent Pacs, 56 ct-$2.00 when you mix/match 3 participating items$2.00/1 Snuggle In Scent Booster coupon or-$1.50/1 Snuggle coupon $3.99-$4.49 after coupon and instant savings

    $7.99 All Laundry Detergent, 88 oz-$2.00 when you mix/match 3 participating items$1.50/1 All coupon $4.49 after coupon and instant savings

    $10.99 Gain Laundry Detergent, 92 oz or Flings, 35 ct-$2.00 when you mix/match 3 participating items$2.00/1 Gain coupon $6.99 after coupon and instant savings

    $11.99 Tide Laundry Detergent, 92 oz or Pods, 25-42 ct-$2.00 when you mix/match 3 participating items-$2.00/1 Tide coupon or-$3.00/1 coupons $6.99-$7.99 after coupon and instant savings

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    Tuesday Tip: Know Which Coupons Your Paper Carries

    Each week we have similar questions about the Sunday newspaper coupons. The inserts you receive sometimes have differences from what we post on Thursday afternoons in our coupon previews, depending on where you live and which newspapers you buy. Unfortunately, the only way to know exactly what youll get in the Sunday paper is to look, but here are a few guidelines to help you know whats coming and when to buy extra papers.

    • The coupon previews are a great guideline. There may be differences in your local paper, but the coupon preview should give you a good idea of what brands to expect.
    • Metro papers tend to have a better Smart Source insert than smaller cities or rural areas. This accounts for many of the differences between the coupon preview and your local paper.
    • The Red Plum inserts are direct-mailed to some cities, including Akron and Cleveland in Northeast Ohio. This means that the newspapers for those areas will not carry the Red Plum coupons. If youre not sure about your paper, check before you buy to see which inserts they carry.
    • As a general rule, there usually arent coupons on a major holiday weekend. Well let you know on Thursdays whether the following weekend will be a week off. You wont want to buy a bunch of extra papers if there arent any coupons!

    If you have something to add to the list, please leave us a comment. Any other questions about newspaper coupons? Ask in the comments, and well do our best to answer them!

    Kroger Ad & Coupon Deals: Frozen

    $4.99 Simulate Plant Based Chicken Nuggets, 10.4 ozbotta offer: Get $5 back when you buy 2 Simulate Nuggets, limit 1 $2.50 each after cash back

    $2.97 Kroger Party Pail Ice Cream, 128 oz or Private Selection Ice Cream, 48 oz with Kroger 5x digital coupon

    $4.00 Red Baron Pizza$3.34 each when you buy 3 with coupon

    $5.50 Freschetta Pizza

    $3.00 Tropicana Orange Juice, 52 oz

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    How To Get Extra Copies Of Coupon Inserts Delivered To Your Home

    You can receive these weekly Sunday coupons without buying extra newspapers.

    Coupon subscription services, like Sunday Coupon Inserts, deliver your choice of coupon packets to your front door. You can enroll in their Weekly Subscriptions program to receive coupon packets every week, without purchasing a newspaper! These services save you time and effort.

    Best of all, you are in complete control of your subscription. You can choose to continue to receive coupons, or cancel your order at any time.

    Not ready to subscribe? Place a one-time order anytime! Sunday Coupon Inserts always has current and past weeks coupon inserts on hand for your convenience.

    Sunday Coupon Inserts 2/27/22

    Check Your Mid Week Paper

    There will be 3 Inserts in this weekends paper!

    Take a look at the Sunday Coupon Preview for this week for a full list of the inserts!

    View the 2022 Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule Here!

    Remember this list may not be the exact coupons you will receive in your inserts as they do change from region to region and even from newspaper to newspaper.

    Looking for Deals?: Now that you know the new coupons coming out this weekend, head over to the Grocery Price Comparison Tool to match up the new coupons with deals at your local stores.

    Find out how to find the Coupon Inserts in Your Newspaper.

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    Still Cant Find Free Newspaper Coupons Dont Fret Get Printable Coupons For Free

    Check out KCLs database of free printable coupons. We list coupons from,,, and more.

    So even if you refuse to get a newspaper subscription or are afraid your neighbor is going to think youre a weirdo for digging through their trash, you can still score amazing savings by printing coupons from home for free!


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