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Best Car Rental Coupon Codes

The Easiest Way To Find Budget Discount Codes

How To Find The Best Car Rental Coupons and Deals

Finding Budget car rental discount codes is just the first step. The hard part is figuring out which ones yield the biggest savings for your specific rental request.

Let AutoSlash Track Your Car Rental for Price Drops

AutoSlash does the heavy lifting for you. When you ask AutoSlash for a quote, we factor in all the information for your desired rentalpickup and dropoff locations, number of days, days of the week, and so onas well as your membershipsAAA, USAA, AARP, Costco, BJs, figure out the very best deal for you for this particular rental request.


Disclaimer On Using Car Rental Corporate Codes

There’s inherent risk in using car rental coupon codes that belong to companies you don’t work for.

Corporate discount codes are generated for employees to use and by using them as a non-employee, you expose yourself to some risk. Here’s what could happen:

  • They ask for your ID and you don’t have one They could cancel your reservation which leaves you to make a new reservation on the spot which will be many times more expensive.
  • They discover fraudulent use of a code during your rental Since you haven’t returned the car and they haven’t billed you yet, they could revoke the code which means paying regular price.
  • You get into an accident and your code includes insurance coverage Whether it’s LDW, CDW or something else, if they find out during the claim process that you’re not an employee, they could null all coverage.
  • You get into an accident and you leverage your own insurance There’s no proof of this but in theory your own insurance company could null coverage if they find out your use of a corporate code.

Simply put, you should know what you’re getting into when using one of these corporate coupon codes. Whether it’s ethics or risk, you need to make a calculated decision and be okay with the outcome. If you’re not comfortable using corporate codes, look for promotion codes that aren’t tied to a company and you won’t expose yourself to any risk.


Make sure you head to the travel deal portal.Take me to the deals

About Avis Rent A Car

Avis is a popular car rental company with over 5,200 branches in 165 countries. In addition to car rentals, provides car sales, mini leases and a variety of business programs. With headquarters in New Jersey, Avis partners with hotels, airlines and other companies for added customer savings. It also provides an accessibility program for disabled drivers and LATCH system child seats for your travel convenience. Depending on your budget, needs and style, you can choose from a large and versatile fleet of vehicles. From the simplest compact car to luxury vehicles in the Signature Series, provides a great overview of each car with thorough details. Whether youre car shopping for a two-month trip across the country in an all-wheel drive SUV or a chauffeur-driven night out on the town in a Cadillac, has the right choices and solutions for you. You will enjoy the vehicles availability and accessibility as well as the companys customer service excellence that lives up to its mission in providing you with a safe and stress-free trip wherever you destination may be. When looking for Avis coupons and deals, Giving Assistant has plenty of offers available that will make renting a car even more affordable. Avis promo codes can give you price discounts, upgrades and even free days

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Find A Car Rental Promo Code

Renting a car is a very convenient way to travel, but it can be an expensive cost in your budget. Whether you need a vehicle for a business trip or vacation, you can save money by using a car rental coupon from The Wall Street Journal. There is a selection of car rental companies available as well as ride sharing services that you can browse to find the best deal for you. You can find car rental discounts for Hertz, Avis, and more.

Car Rental Voucher Codes And Promo Codes

Find the Best Thrifty Car Rental Coupon Codes

When you are going through the different cars available on rent, look at the hire car promo and coupons. Click, copy, and save the car rental voucher code and discount coupons to use them later. Once you are done selecting the car that you want to hire, you need to activate the deal by providing the verified and valid car coupons codes. Apply the car rental promo code at the checkout. At other times, the car rental companies may provide you with automatically generated discounts, which will be applied directly at the time of checkout.

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Are There Codes In Other Countries

There are many local providers around the world and while most don’t have specific coupon codes, I’ve managed to find quite a number of discounts in Iceland so make sure to check out where and how to rent a car in Iceland for all the details.

What I learned from doing my research here is that codes are out there, you just need to look for them!

Hertz Discounts And Bonus Points

Hertzs $250 in travel credits work out great for long road trips and one-day rentals alike. Right now is not the time to be attending live events, so that portion of the credit wont be particularly useful. However, the restaurant credit can come in handy if youre hitting the road or even just supporting local restaurants during a staycation.

As for the double points promotion, keep in mind that it applies to Pay Later rates only.


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Best Car Rental Coupon Codes In 2021 To Save You Money

This article may contain affiliate links where we make a small commission for purchases you make from links that you click from this article. For more details, read the disclosure page.

You probably don’t want to hear this but car rental companies have been milking you for years. The industry secret in travel is that the listed rates are grossly inflated. This is where discount codes come into play which can come in the form of official ones and corporate ones.

Over the years, I’ve been keeping my own list of codes that I’ve used that worked and this has ended up expanding to a large collection. If you’re looking for a deep discount, look no further, these are seriously the best car rental coupon codes organized in one spot.

If you love deals you should read these

Where do I get the best deals on hotels?

  • For the best prices on hotels and flexibility, I’ve been a huge fan of With their Genius program, which most people don’t know about, I can get instant savings of 15% with many properties in their inventory. They also sporadically send out coupon codes to their members which is pretty sweet.

Alternative To Car Rental Coupon Codes

Avis Rent A Car Coupon Code 2013 – How to use Promo Codes and Coupons for

If you’d rather not use coupon codes, make sure to try Discover Cars or

These are search engines similar to Kayak and Skyscanner but for car rentals. They look at all car rental companies and provide the best rates so you don’t have to look at each one, one at a time.

This is also highly recommended as a great starting point for your search because then you have an idea of what else is out there before trying out one code at a time.

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How Can I Save Money When Renting A Car

There’s a few ways to help you save money on a rental car. Depending on your destination, it is a good idea to not rent your car from the airport. It may be convenient, but you’ll be paying a lot more for it. Try to get a car farther away from the airport, and take an Uber or Lyft to the rental location. Another way to save is to request an economy car, have your own insurance and don’t add any extra frills in the reservation. Shop around online, and book early, if possible. Having flexible travel dates is a great way to save on a rental car.

How Budget Car Rental Coupons Work

Budgets seven-digit coupon codes have a mix of letters and numbers, and either appear as Budget Customer Discount Codes or coupon codes. Budget offers several types of discounts. Here are some of the main types of offers:

Base rate discounts

These discounts deduct a percentage or amount off of the base rate of your Budget rental, which is the price before adding taxes, fees and charges for extra services. Sometimes you have to spend a certain amount to redeem the offer. For example, Budget may offer coupons to save $25 off of a $175 base rate or 10% off of base rates in general.

Length-based discounts

These discounts kick in when you make a Budget reservation for a specific amount of time, such as five days or a month at a time.

Upgrade offers

These coupons allow you to upgrade your vehicle for a nicer one at no extra cost.

Pay Now discounts

Budget often provides enticing deals when choosing the Pay Now option for its vehicles, which sometimes offer discounts as high as 35%. However, keep in mind that these rates have stricter cancellation policies than standard rates where you pay at the counter, which may cost you more in the long run.

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Avis Promotions And Coupon Codes

Avis has a huge line-up of discounts and promotional offers. In fact, there are so many that we decided to break them down into categories. You can save up to 30% on summer rentals or opt for cash discounts based on your total rental price. If youre feeling generous, you can even take advantage of Avis partnership with several non-profit organizations that allow you to save money while supporting a great cause.

Avis is currently disinfecting all vehicles using EPA-certified disinfectants and minimizing contact during check-in and vehicle return.

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Book A Car Or Hire Car Rentals With Rental Discount Vouchers

Best deals and coupons for Europcar

Book rented car, luxury car, premium car, National rental car, low budget car rental, one-way rental depending upon your requirement based on the size of the car, weekday or weekend bookings, Saturday night bookings, etc. at the lowest rate with us. Grab car rental promotional codes and promo that help you to save on each ride. Book car rentals easily and enjoy your journey.

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Here Are A Few Of The Best Ways You Can Save Money With Budget Rent A Car Online

  • Book early to give yourself time to find the best rates.
  • Check out the Deals page and get up to 35% discount on car rental and more.
  • Take advantage of military discounts and save up to 25% off car rentals.
  • Save up to 10% off weekly car rental rates when you rent for 5 days or more.
  • Skip the long lines and quickly get your rental car with Budget Car Rental’s reward program Fastbreak.

How To Claim Special Discounts On Car Rentals

Traveling domestically or abroad can be a stressful and costly experience. Though you certainly can use car rental promo codes to save, the good news is there are even more ways to slash your rental costs – especially if you are a senior, student, first responder, nurse, or military.

For example, serval local and international companies offer generous car rental discounts for nurses, including Hertz, Enterprise, Thrifty, Alamo, and Dollar Rent-A-Car. Typically, nurses can get up to 25% off their car hire using their nurse discount. Military can claim discounts on car rental at select car rental companies such as Avis, Budget, and Enterprise, as well.

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How To Get Started:

Fill out the form at the top of this page with your preferred pick-up and return locations, dates, and times. Then enter the coupon and/or AWD code you would like to use on the Discount Codes tab just below the date and time fields.

When you click Select My Car or “Continue” the discount will be applied to your reservation. Discount codes are subject to blackout, but there are always plenty of deals to take advantage of.

Tip: You can stack AWD numbers with coupon codes but cannot add multiple AWD numbers or multiple coupon codes.

Featured Discounts: Learn More & Apply Codes

Winter Savings Event!

Do You Need A Rental Car

Alamo Discount Codes – Best Discount Rental Car with Alamo Discount Codes

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At Walt Disney World, if you are staying on Disney property the extensive Disney Transportation System can get you to any of the Disney resorts, parks, water parks and Disney Springs by bus, boat or Monorail. The system for getting people between the Disney resort hotels and the theme parks is quite efficient, though it can be time-consuming. Some people find it relaxing to sit back and let Disney do the driving. Personally, we dont.

If you want to get from resort to resort at Disney World it can be very frustrating to use Disneys transportation system. In that case, you may well want a car. And if you are staying off-site, a rental car can save you a huge amount of time in getting back and forth to the parks. Remember, youre paying a lot for this vacation your time is valuable!


At Disneyland, everything is very compact. If you are staying at a Disney resort hotel or one of the many nearby hotels and motels, you can walk or use the hotels shuttle service to get to the parks. However, if you want to eat off-site or explore other parts of Southern California, you will need a rental car .

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Should I Rent A Car For My Trip

If youre planning a long trip with multiple stops and destinations, it may be best to rent your own car so that you can have the freedom and flexibility to drive to and from as you please. Renting a car is great for people who may have changing travel plans, meetings, or destinations. A car rental also allows you to carry more luggage and belongings or have additional passengers to accompany you on your trip.

For traveling in the city, a ride sharing service might be a better choice since you simply request a car to take you to your desired location without having to worry about parking or returning the vehicle. Ride sharing will be the easiest and most hassle-free travel option for you.

In either case, The Wall Street Journal has a variety of coupons and promo codes that you can use to shop for the best car rental service that will save you money.

The Easiest Way To Find The Best Enterprise Codes

Finding Enterprise car rental discount codes is just the first step. The hard part is figuring out which ones yield the biggest savings for your specific rental request.

Let AutoSlash Track Your Car Rental for Price Drops

AutoSlash does the heavy lifting for you. When you ask AutoSlash for a quote, we factor in all the information for your desired rental pickup and dropoff locations, number of days, days of the week, and so on as well as your memberships AAA, USAA, AARP, Costco, BJs, etc. to figure out the very best deal for you for this particular rental request.


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Rent Outside The Airport

Airports are always going to be more expensive to rent than going into the city. That’s because airport has additional taxes and fees on top. Rental companies also increase the rates in exchange for the convenience of renting a vehicle right when you land. You might be better off taking a cab into the city and renting from a smaller location.

Research All The Rental Companies

The Best National Car Rental Discount Codes

The big players don’t necessarily always win. This is particularly true when you’re looking for a car rental outside of North America. Sure, companies like Avis, Enterprise, and Hertz have locations internationally but there are many more local-based companies that you most likely haven’t heard of. Many times, these local market companies can be much cheaper than the big brands.

Here are a few examples from other countries that I’ve rented cars from:

  • New Zealand I rented from Jucy my first time to New Zealand and Hitch on my latest 3 week New Zealand itinerary. I managed to find a code with Hitch and saved a ton of money. Other companies to consider are Gorental, Lucky, Apex, USave, Ace, and Omega.
  • Iceland All the big companies were ridiculously expensive and so we ended up booking with Blue Car Rental on our 8 day Iceland Itinerary which was completely unknown to us but had excellent rates. At the time, didn’t have car rental coupon codes but it didn’t matter. The good news is that I’ve managed to source a bunch of car rental coupon codes to use when you rent a car in Iceland.
  • UK The regular players are there but don’t forget to check out Dollar in the UK as they have good rates as well.

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Latest Car Rental Deals

Check back here recently for the newest car rental deals.

ACE Rent A Car: We’ve been able to secure brand-new 15% discounts with them. Use code AC000083B if paying later and AC000083P if pre-paying.

Avis: There’s a new code A519319 that gets you up to 30% off if you pay now. This isn’t a corporate code so anyone can use it.

Avis: A one-time class upgrade when you book through here.

Budget: Code D822119 provides 35% off pay now bookings. Also, this is not a corporate code so it’s safe to use.

Hertz:Save 10% on pre-paid rentals. Add an additional driver for free. Offer available for booking between 1st October and 15th October 2021 and pick up between 1st October and 30th June 2022.

Hertz: Weekend rates start at $12.99/day with code: WKEN1 with Hertz. Heads up that their Black Friday promotion starts Nov 20 29 for travel dates until Dec 15. Car rentals will be an extra 15% off with select suppliers.

Thrifty: Use code 101678 to save 10% on bookings Dec 5 15, 2021. This is valid for pick up from Dec 5 18, 2021.


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