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Albertsons Coupons Just For You

How Do You Load & Use Albertsons & Safeway Digital Coupons

Albertsons Just For U Coupons | Lunch or Dinner

You will need to be logged into your Safeway/Albertsons app or online account to load digital coupons.

In the app, look for Deals in the bottom center. Online, look for the top tab that says either Safeway for U or Albertsons for U. Click or tap any coupons you want to load.

At the register, use your card, phone number, or the barcode from your app and all the discounts should automatically come off.

What Is The Birthday Treat And How Do I Receive It

At the beginning of each month, qualifying Albertsons for U members will receive a birthday treat offer placed into their Albertsons for U account. Its our way of celebrating our Albertsons for U members birthday!

To qualify for a birthday treat offer, simply add your birthday to your Albertsons for U account and use your Albertsons for U account to purchase an item in-store or online within the last 12 months prior to redeeming your first birthday treat.

Do You Need More Than One Just For U Account

You can use the same Just for U account to browse deals and earn points across any participating Albertsons Companies grocery banner store. Your account will be linked across every participating store.

Simply select a location on the mobile app or website to choose a store to redeem your coupons and Rewards.

All the Points & Rewards you earn through your Just for U account are combined and available to use at any participating store.

However, certain purchased items at all stores are not eligible to earn points and rewards.

Thank you for shopping with us and we are so happy to know you are taking advantage and enjoying your Gas Rewards. We hope you have a great night!


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Why Do I Have To Register For Albertsons For U

Registering makes it easier to save on the items you already love to buy. Albertsons for U provides personalized deals and coupons on your favorite items. All you have to do is add them to your Albertsons for U account either online or in the Albertsons mobile app prior to in-store or online checkout to have your savings applied upon purchaseno coupon clipping needed. Please note that using multiple accounts to exceed limits on offers and promotions is not permitted. We reserve the right to terminate accounts if we believe they are used for such activities.

How Do You Use Safeway/albertsons Ad Coupons

Albertsons Just For U

Some of the deals you find advertised are tied to a coupon you can cut out of the Safeway/Albertsons ad if you prefer to do that instead of loading a digital coupon. If you dont have the weekly ad, they are usually available near the entrance of the store. Some paper coupons are also in their monthly coupon booklet, which can also be found in-store.

Many coupons are shown in the ad as Clip or Click. You could cut that coupon out or digitally load the offer to your account.

There is usually one deal each week that you can only load digitally. You can NOT cut it out of their ad or store coupon booklet to hand to the cashier. They are usually amazing deals that they limit for each account, but they must be digitally loaded.

They usually say limit 1 but that means its limited to one digital download per account. Look carefully since the number you can get for that price is usually more. It will say First 2, or similar. That means you can download the coupon once and pick two up for the sale price.

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What Are The Benefits Of Enrolling Into Vons For U How Do I Sign Up

Becoming a Vons for U member is free, easy, and offers you all-new, all-awesome deals, rewards and perks! As a Vons for U member, you will receive weekly personalized deals, earn points on all eligible purchases, redeem Rewards for discounts on gas and groceries, receive an annual birthday treat, and a free item every month. Also, new Vons for U members will also receive a Welcome offer, good for $5 off their next online grocery order of $25 or more. For more details on the Welcome offer and other perks, visit Vons for U Also visit Vons for U for details on online grocery orders. To join Vons for U program, sign-up to create a free account or download the Vons mobile app.

What Is Safeway Just For U

If youre looking for ways to save money at Safeway and one of the twenty well-known Albertsons Companies grocery banner stores, Safeway Just for U program may be the solution for you.

Safeway Just for U is a free loyalty program that allows customers to get personalized deals and coupons for in-store and online purchases. One Just for U account can be used to shop at all participating Albertsons Companies grocery stores. You can also earn grocery and gas rewards using your Just for U account.

In this article, well cover all the ins and outs of a Safeway Just for U account, from signing up to using Safeway digital coupons and redeeming your rewards points.

Were thrilled you were able to save money through our Grocery Rewards offered through our Just for U program! Your appreciation has also been shared with our Marketing Teams to spread the


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Why Do I Get The Message You Already Have An Account When Trying To Register

You will get this message when the system finds an existing account with the phone number or email address you entered. In that case, you can use the “Sign In” link instead of registering. If you forgot your password, you can try the “Forgot Password” link to have it reset. If you are still experiencing problems, contact our Customer Support Center toll free line at 1-877-258-2799.

Save $100 Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant

Save Money at Albertsons with the Just for U® Program

TWO Secret Fresh, Secret Outlast OR Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant .

expires on 03/12/22 Exp: 03/12/22

Details:Disclaimer: Exp:

  • ONE Vicks DayQuil, NyQuil OR Formula 44 Product .

    expires on 03/26/22 Exp: 03/26/22

    Add + LAddedInfoDetails: ONE Vicks DayQuil, NyQuil OR Formula 44 Product .Disclaimer: Dealer: Submission to Procter & Gamble signifies compliance with ‘Requirements for Proper Coupon Redemption.’ Please visit this link for coupon terms for proper redemption: Limit of one coupon per item. Consumer: Limit ONE coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated. Any other use constitutes fraud. Coupons are not authorized if purchasing products for resale. You may pay sales tax. Not valid in Puerto Rico. Limit of one coupon per household. Digital Coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item. Specially marked items, such as Clearance or Manager’s Specials may not be eligible for Digital Coupons.Exp: 03/26/22

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    Just For U Rewards At Albertsons

    • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent on Grocery and Pharmacy items
    • Earn 2 points for every $1 spent on gift cards
    • Redeem 100 points for an exclusive reward
    • Hundreds of exclusive digital coupons for Albertsons
    • Personalized, special deals on items you already buy, no Albertsons coupon code required
    • Free items that are exclusively available to members

    Save $300 Crest Adult Toothpaste

    ONE Crest Gum Detoxify, Enamel Repair & Gum, Gum Restore, Sensitivity & Gum, Gum & Bacteria Shield, OR Breath Purify & Gum 3.0 oz or larger .

    expires on 03/26/22 Exp: 03/26/22

    Details:Disclaimer: Exp:

  • LAddedInfoDetails: ONE Nervive Product .Disclaimer: Dealer: Submission to Procter & Gamble signifies compliance with ‘Requirements for Proper Coupon Redemption.’ Please visit this link for coupon terms for proper redemption: Limit of one coupon per item. Consumer: Limit ONE coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated. Any other use constitutes fraud. Coupons are not authorized if purchasing products for resale. You may pay sales tax. Not valid in Puerto Rico. Limit of one coupon per household. Digital Coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item. Specially marked items, such as Clearance or Manager’s Specials may not be eligible for Digital Coupons.Exp: 03/26/22
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    How Do You Find Safeway / Albertsons Digital Coupons

    To locate a specific coupon that was in their ad, you can search by the products category or the category Weekly Ad Coupons. If you dont want to scroll through a bunch, use the search box at the top of their website or your app.

    If youre using their app, tap Deals at the bottom. If using their website, make sure youre logged in and in the Safeway for U or Albertsons for U tab first.

    Keep in mind that sometimes coupons arent entered as youd think, especially if there is more than one item included on the coupon.

    For instance, an ad could show a coupon for Sara Lee bread or Skippy peanut butter for the same price. It may only be entered in the Bread & Bakery category. Or, if you search for Skippy it may not come up since it was entered under Sara Lee.

    In those rare cases, scroll carefully through the Weekly Ad Coupons section. If you still cant locate it, you can grab an ad when you walk in or the monthly coupon booklet and cut it out, if available. Or, tell your cashier and they should give it to you.

    One other way you could successfully find a coupon is by going to their website and searching for the product. When you click on the product, it should show if a coupon is available/attached to it, and you could load the coupon from that link. They arent there 100% of the time, but theres a good chance its there.

    How To Sign Up For Safeway Just For U

    FREE Coupons in the Safeway or Albertsons just for U app ...

    Just for U is a free loyalty program that allows you to add additional savings on top of your Safeway Club Card. All deals, coupons, and special offers at Albertsons Companies grocery stores can be found in one Just for U account.

    Heres a step-by-step guide on how to register for the Just for U program online:

  • To create a free account on your computer, head to Safeway or Albertsons website and navigate to the Just for U tab on the upper left hand of the home page. You only need one account to access savings across all the Albertsons Companies grocery stores, so dont worry about making an account for every store you shop at!
  • You will be prompted to sign up for the program and enter your name, email address, and a phone number or Club Card number.
  • Hi! You can use Just for U digital coupons for shopping with Grocery Delivery as well as when shopping in store! Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you!


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    How Do You Get Free Groceries At Safeway/albertsons With The Saturday Sampler

    You can get a free product from Safeway/Albertsons each weekend. On Saturday, they release a coupon for a free product. You need to load the digital coupon on Saturday, but you have through Monday to redeem it.

    Past products have been all-purpose cleaner, nutrition bars, granola, paper towels, cheese crisps, and more so really anything!

    To quickly locate the coupon, sort by New and it should be one of the first shown on Saturday. You can also look for the category Saturday Sampler if you prefer.

    Warning: They consistently run out of whatever the product is. Sometimes, you can even show up on Saturday morning and the product is gone. I wouldnt make a special trip expecting to get the item. For me, I need to have another reason to go and/or I need to drag myself there early on Saturday since theres a good chance it wont be there later.

    BUT, ASK! If your store doesnt have the advertised freebie, ask if theyll substitute for something similar. Ive had luck with that sometimes. One time, the store offered to give me a raincheck , so that I could grab it the next time it was stocked.

    How Do You Get The Safeway/albertsons Birthday Freebie

    Make sure your birthday is entered in your Safeway/Albertsons digital account to get a birthday freebie. If you got an account years ago, you probably dont have it entered since they didnt ask for it. Go here for Safeway. Or, go to Account and then Account Settings. I cant find a spot for it in the app yet, but maybe theyll add it soon.

    They will give you something at the beginning of your birth month. We dont know what that is yet, but it says up to a $10 value.

    Bonus: We have a list of over a hundred birthday freebies that we keep updated. All are in Arizona, many national. Go here to see them.

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    Safeway Classic Or Spiral Sliced Ham

    Safeway Weekly Ad promotes a new deal on two types of ham. One of the lowest prices for a classic ham on the first page.

    You can also find more Christmas meat deals including ham, steak, turkey, etc on these weekly ads or the others. These are just from the popular categories. Subscribe to the newsletter for similar content to be sent to your email inbox.

    All these weekly ads are designed to be the next sale after Thanksgiving. Unlike a regular weekly ad, most of them will start on Friday. And some of them like the Dollar General Ad is already valid. The ads will continue to be important for the celebration doesn’t come to an end after Thanksgiving. You have Christmas, too. And toys like Santa figures, reindeer, holiday gift wraps are also in the supermarket ads. The majority of the sales have some BOGO deals, too. You can save on your favorite candies. Find snacks like those from Harry Potter movies in these ads. Don’t forget that Nov 27 is Black Friday and alongside the department stores, some supermarkets have also great Black Friday deals. If you want to see all Black Friday Ads click here. Check out some of those Weekly Ad Previews Nov 27 deals:

    For Offers With A Minimum Purchase Requirement What Items Are Excluded

    just for U® Just Got Better | How To | Albertsons

    Excluded items are listed on the applicable offer description, but commonly excluded items from the calculation of minimum purchase requirement are: alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, fuel, all fluid items in the refrigerated dairy section , prescription items and co-payments, bus/commuter passes, fishing/hunting licenses and tags, postage stamps, money orders/ transfers, ski/amusement park/event/lottery tickets, phone cards, gift cards/ certificates, bottle/container deposits/redemption values, applicable taxes, and bag fees, if any.

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    Safeway Or Albertsons Coupons Wont Update Or Cant Find An Ad Coupon In Your App

    Every once in a while, the app doesnt seem to update the new weekly coupons, at least not all of them. You can try refreshing the page youre on, but that doesnt always work. If that fails, you may need to sync your app.

    Tap the My List button on the bottom of your screen. Make sure youre in the List tab on the top, then click the three dots under List, and tap Sync.

    Hopefully, with the new app this wont ever be an issue!

    How Do You Find Only Your Personalized Coupons & Deals In The New Safeway/albertsons App Or Online

    Look for your unique coupons, choose the category Personalized Deal online. Its at the bottom of the left column.

    In the app, its not so clear. First of all, make sure youre in the Deals tab. Under All deals you will usually see the best Personalized Deals towards the top. You can also choose the for U tab and then tap See all next to Items you buy. Another way to find a couple of the best deals, without scrolling, is to choose the Categories tab. On that screen, you will see Amazing Deals that you can tap to see a few exclusive offers.

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    Get Better Offers By Adding The Ones You Like To Your Account Inside The Albertsons App

    Looking for diaper sales? Add every diaper offer in the Albertsons app to your account. Desperate for dog food deals? Tap every dog food offer, even if youre not planning to use it this time. These actions help the apps algorithm get more savvy about what you want to see and what you dont care about.

    To do this inside the app, tap Albertsons for U at the bottom and then tap add on the offers you like.

    How Can I Get A Safeway Discount

    FREE Coupons in the Safeway or Albertsons just for U app ...

    The single easiest way to save money at Safeway is to shop the sales featured in the weekly ad and plan your meals around what’s on sale. The Safeway ad runs Wednesday to Tuesday, so you have 6 days to take advantage of the weekly deals. Safeway also offers month-long sales as part of their monthly Big Book of Savings.

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    How Can You Tell If A Safeway/albertsons Coupon Is A Store Or Manufacturer Coupon

    Sometimes, its tricky to determine which are store coupons and which are manufacturers coupons.

    Its almost always a store coupon if:

    • price point is given
    • % off offer
    • limit listed
    • unlimited or Limit 1 per week shown
    • store brand products

    Amount-off coupons could be either a store or manufacturer coupon, so you need to look at the coupon carefully.

    If the offer detail has instructions for the retailer to redeem the coupon, complete with an address, you can be confident its a manufacturer coupon.

    You can not use a digital and paper manufacturer coupon together on the same product. You could use both coupons if you buy enough products to cover the minimum purchase requirement on both coupons unless stated otherwise on either coupon.


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