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African Safari Sandusky Ohio Coupons

Dairy Isle Near Perrys Victory & International Peace Monument

African Safari Wildlife Tour (Sandusky, Ohio)

Dairy Isle is a popular ice cream stop in Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island which isnt that exciting for those of us with dairy allergies. However, the week before we visited the island I checked out their Facebook page and couldnt believe it! Someone was holding a beloved Dole Whip which is completely dairy free !

I couldnt find the Dole Whip listed on their website so I was trying not to get my hopes up that weve find Dole Whip in Put-in-Bay but YEEEESSSS! Dairy Isle has Dole Whip! AND it was only a couple bucks! SO YUMMY! We decided to drive our golf cart across the street to Perrys Victory & International Peace Monument to enjoy our Dole Whip. You cant beat the view and theres plenty of room for the kids to run around!

Dairy Isle is located in Put-in-Bay at 213 Bayview Avenue. Its VERY easy to find! From much of the island you can see the tall tower of Perrys Monument, and the Dairy Isle is across the street from the visitor center area towards the lake.

I cant verify for sure but you can usually find smoothies and just ask for no yogurt to be added too!

History In The Making Now

We always think of history as being in the past but creating history RIGHT NOW has a special place in our story. That is what Sewah Studios is doing right now and its worth knowing about. Chances are if youve done any travel in the United States you have seen historical markers that look like these:

Sewah Studios makes more than 75% of the historical markers in our country and high chances are, youve come across at least one! They are all COMPLETELY hand made works of art! Can you believe that?! Its an incredible process started in 1927 by Mr. E. M. Hawes

It was bought in the 50s by the grandfather of the same man running the company right now! They make over 1200 markers each year and claim the trendy title of History on a Stick. Their markers can be found in every state in the US and they create the official state markers for 26 of our US states.

You can see here but I recommend watching the video below too! With NO sales team and NO advertising they clear over $2 MILLION each year with their handmade markers and its pretty incredible!

I took a TON of photos from my tour in Sewah Studios but couldnt possibly post them all here! Below are a few to give you an overview of the walk through.

The first room I walked through was piled floor to ceiling with letters of all shapes and sizes which are used to create the descriptions on the signs! They are pre-laid out for accuracy and spaced.

Other Fun Things To Do In Put

Hop on an original Allen Herschell Carousel built in 1917!

Hike on TONS of nature trails around the island!

Sneak a peek at the historic Benson Ford Ship House .

Discover Put-in-Bays role during the War of 1812.

Attend a local festival! From pirates to clam bakes and even a Jeep invasion theres always something going on!

This past year we explored outdoors in Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island, Ohio for Green Island Week it was amazing! While we were in town the African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton, Ohio invited us to come and enjoy their attraction which was just THE BEST! My family had so many giggles and fun memories here there is so much to do at the African Safari Wildlife Park!

Looking for other things to do in the area? Check out Ohios Lake Erie Shores & Islands!

We absolutely LOVE animals and in a past life I used to care for animals in a college biology lab not to mention the literally 100+ animals weve had at our house since we had kids. I was thrilled to see how well cared for the animals were at African Safari Wildlife Park!

All of the animals straight down to the budgie aviary had access to food and water at all times, no matter if they were fed by guests or not! All animals had access to shelter and non human areas that were roped off for the animals to go if they didnt want interaction with people.

Spend 3 minutes with us for some in person highlights during our trip to the park:

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Interesting Spots To Note Around Town:

Upon our arrival in Marietta we took a walking tour with Hidden Marietta and I cant recommend this enough! In fact they have several tours and I HIGHLY recommend all of them! You will learn SO much about the history in Marietta. Its a spooky delight and a fascinating story woven by era-dressed tour guides.

One ghastly stop was here at the current The Levee House Restaurant. This fine dining establishment is packed with character as it is the very last original riverfront structure here in town. But in the early 1800s this waterfront district had its darker history brewing. If you enjoy living on the spookier side of life you can read about the sordid tale of this formal brothel here.

This eerie spot on our Hidden Marietta tour also left me with the desire to explore the insides of the building! If you look very closely you can see the ghost writing with the words: Chronic Disease Sanitarium.

It was a hospital in the early 1900s, then a funeral parlor, and is now attached to what is known as the Tiber Way Grille a popular hot spot for locals. The entire building is a curved and built so that the railroad could go around it.

For the sake of turning this into information overload there is one more incredible place with a colorful history that is absolutely captivating. So captivating in fact that I want to head back to Marietta some day to explore it!

Can I Walk Through The Safari Park

Michigan Coupons

Yes well some of it! Theres a walk through portion of African Safari Wildlife Park and theres a drive through section I highly recommend doing both! When we first began on the walk through area we arrived at the gibbons area they were SO MUCH FUN!

We visited right when the park opened and these gibbons were swinging all over the place having a blast! Ive been to zoos and wildlife centers all over the country and never seen gibbons having so much fun!

I recommend starting off walking through the safari park and enjoying that area before doing the drive through area. You can purchase food in the gift shop for animals in the walk through area as well as buying food for the animals in the drive through area.

If you drive through PLEASE for the love drive up to the red pole like the employees will ask you to! They try to get the cars to drive half way through the exhibit and THEN let the animals come there to feed instead of being stuck right at an open gate. Trust me if you have food they will come!

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African Safari Wildlife Park

A visitor feeding Bison at the park.
Date opened
100 acres
No. of species

The African Safari Wildlife Park is a drive through wildlife park in Port Clinton, Ohio, United States. Visitors can drive through the 100-acre preserve and watch and feed the animals from their car. Visitors can spend as much time in the preserve as they wish, observing and feeding the animals, before proceeding to the walk through part of the park, called Safari Junction. The park is closed during the winter.

The park is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums , and considers itself to be one of the leaders in conservation efforts for the animals it supports. Current breeding efforts are focused on the alpaca, white zebra, giraffe, and giant eland.

On November 28, 2019, a large fire erupted in a barn where some of the animals were kept, killing 10 animals. An investigation by the State Fire Marshal ruled that the cause was undetermined, but was not from criminal activity. The park re-opened on May 14, 2020.

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The Historic Lafeyette Hotel

Before The Lafayette Hotel stood here the Bellvue Hotel was built in 1892 it was just $2 a day to stay there! In 1916, however, a fire destroyed the Bellvue Hotel which you can see photos of in the Gunroom Restaurant of the Lafayette Hotel.

The Lafayette opened in 1918 and has allowing visitors to enjoy the surrounding area.with perhaps a few ghosts mixed in. You can learn more about this historic hotel, its floods, fire and haunts on the Hidden Marietta Tour which I highly recommend.

The hotel is right off of the river so its a gorgeous walk and view at night. Plus the architecture of the building is pretty cool!

What I love about this hotel, aside from the fact that it has a gorgeous view, is that it is right on the main street in town. If you love boutique shops and just browsing you absolutely must stay in The Lafayette Hotel.

As you would imagine with a historic hotel, the inside is older but nicely decorated with time period replicas and history from the past.

Right near the front desk is an awesome time capsule where you can still walk into an old phone booth. But instead of making a call to someone you can listen into the phone for a historical account of the hotel! It was pretty cool!

I had a fabulous room right off of the elevator which had a nice river view off of the parking lot. Look how ornate the bed frame, lamp, and desk/mirror are! Although I didnt spend much time in the room it was a great cozy spot to work in!

These were two of my favorite signs!

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Benson Ford Ship House Exclusive Access Tour

Recently I attended the Travel Influencer workshop hosted on a unique ship house with the fabulous ladies from Social Influencer Media, LLC. Through this I was offered the incredibly awesome and completely exclusive opportunity to spend a few days on the history Benson Ford Ship House in Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

First of all you need to know it is AWESOME. But secondly it is a PRIVATE residence and is NOT available for rent or tours! So please dont try contacting the owners!

On the bright side, however, I took plenty of photos to share with you a little bit not only about the interesting history of the Benson Ford but also a glimpse inside so that you can see what it looks like today. You can find even more history and images here.

It all started back in 1924 when the Benson Ford ship was built and launched for the Ford Motor Company. It was designed and used for transporting iron ore and other materials across the Great Lakes. Twice in 1959 it ran aground.

It was then sold in 1981 to Frank J. Sullivan, renamed John Dykstra II, after being stripped for salvageable parts. Mr. Sullivan intended to use it as a barge but it never sailed again. In 1992 decided to try and turn into a bed & breakfast. When licensing couldnt be properly acquired it was then resold 5 years later as a private residence.

You can also see it best perhaps by kayaking on Lake Erie directly in front of the ship house. No matter what angle you see it from it is still stunning.

Local Restaurants Fast Food Sports Bars Ice Cream And More

Casa Mexicana Brads BBQ

Copper Top Bake Shop Happy Garden Jenny’s Amsden House Fontana’s Italian Eatery Tracks Inn Twin Lakes Restaurant and Golf Course Bierkeller Pub Cider Mill Carry Out Gilberts Coffee Shop Bellevue Hospital Dining PIZZA: Marco’s Pizza – Pizza Hut – Brancos Pizza House – East of Chicago – Pizza Wheel – Emielio’s Little Italy PizzeriaFAST FOOD: Subway – Wendys – Taco Bell – McDonalds – Burger King – ArbysICE CREAM: To the east of town: Miller’s Drive-In ICE CREAM: To the west of town: Cold Rush Dairy Bar Japanese Cuisine we highly suggest Nagoya Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi located in Port Clinton and an enjoyable 30 minutes drive crossing the Bay Bridge towards Port Clinton.There are many incredible high end restaurants located in Sandusky, Port Clinton, Catawba and Fremont. Just tell us what you love and we’ll give you some ideas.

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African Safari Wildlife Park Coupons Savings And Zoo Park Description For 2021

With all there is to do and see, many visitors tell us they enjoy making a day of it! While youre here, tour the drive-thru as many times as you like and feed the animals from the comfort of your own vehicle*. Some of our animals are more active during different times of the day, so on your second trip through you may catch a glimpse of an animal you didnt see the first time, watch feedings or keeper interactions with the animals, and maybe even witness the miracle of life as baby animals are born daily! Dont miss the unbeatable photo opportunities! Theres always something new at African Safari Wildlife Park!

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$30 Carload Coupon $200 Windshield Repair

The family adventure to African Safari Wildlife Park turned into a financial bust. We were motoring through the wildlife exhibit and, of course, the multitudes of deer were cute, but when we saw the buffalo and other “big stuff” we were really excited. WORDS OF ADVICE…don’t tarry with the big horns. The kids were feeding from the passenger side and I had the driver’s side windows closed up. Apparently one of the South African Longhorns didn’t like being shut out. He stared in my window for a moment and then, wham … bashed his horn into the windshield. Sure, they have the “at your own risk” warning, but when you’re playing by the rules you should fully expect to be safe.I filed a report at the Park, however they would not offer to pay for the damage and no one from the Main Office number they referred me to has returned my call.Think twice before chosing this attraction.


Not enough wild animals that can come up to your car alot of the same animals. if you feed them while driving through the park you will need to sweep out your car they have a vac there and the animals slober over your windows and it gets dirty so you will have to wash it too no car wash. The park was small , we were pushed through by other vehicles beeping very rude and gift shop was very small alot of travel time and money spent for the little amount of time going through.

The House On Harmar Hill

If you prefer to stay out of the heart of town and in a more quieter homey location then stop in to stay with Judy at The House on Harmar Hill. You absolutely will not be disappointed and you wont find a better view in town!

Located on 300 Bellevue Street in Marietta this is a fully restore 1901 Queen Anne Victorian home with a rich history. Please take full advantage of the gorgeous wrap around porch that overlooks the town of Marietta.

Intricately carved woodwork, elegant decor and incredible molding are just a few of the beauties youll discover here. The Innkeeper is incredibly friendly and made some AMAZING fresh scones for us! Her dog Cooper is extremely well-behaved and helps keep the bed and breakfast homey.

My in-laws love bed and breakfast locations and Ive already recommended this one to them!

When you first walk in youll just gasp WOW! Its simply exquisite.

Would you believe that this bathroom upstairs still holds the ORIGINAL bathtub AND toilet! YES running water and an indoor toilet talk about futuristic for 1901! It was just beautiful!

The old maids quarters has been turned into an elegant spacious bathroom look at the size of this!

Thankfully we had a little bit of time to wander around inside and throughout the entire place I found delicate touches of an earlier time like these small shoes.

Or this ancient Bible with metal hinges still in tact! This by far was my favorite photo!

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